• Stephan Grisanti ReultsStephen Grisanti

    – High School Teacher

    “I asked the manager of the gym I had just recently joined if he knew a trainer that could help with a herniated disk.  I was scheduled for surgery and wanted to do some exercise because I heard it would help me to recover from surgery faster.”

    “Immediately he recommended Daniel Rold and said he had the special training to deal with my complex concerns.”

    “Dan and I met and did some assessments including Metabolic Typing and a very detailed full-body physical assessment.”

    “Dan immediately recognized some of the potential causes of my injury.  At first we started slow and he taught me how to use my core and made me use muscles I hadn’t used in years.  Believe it or not my back pain started to disappear!  I was able to move without pain and I even postponed my surgery because I was feeling so good!  This was the first time I felt like this in years.”

    “With Dan’s training I was able to add muscle and lose a bunch of body fat.  You can see the pictures do not lie.”

    “Eventually I was able to avoid surgery altogether and have been pain free since training with Dan.  I still use many of the exercises he taught me today.”

    “I’m also much more aware of my food and buy only the best organic foods.  Metabolic Typing fit me perfectly and for the first time I am eating delicious foods until I’m full and I STILL lost weight!  I didn’t know that was possible.  I’m at my goal weight and body fat and I feel great!  I have tons of energy and all my friends and colleges recognized the changes I made. I recommend Dan to anyone trying to change your life around.”

    “I certainly did!  Thanks Dan!”

  • Jelani Remi of the Lion KingJelani Remi

    – Actor, Professional Dancer, Plays Lead Role Simba in the Lion King

    “I met Dan when he was training some other members of the Lion King Cast in Las Vegas.  At the time I was applying for understudy for Simba in the Lion King.  The casting director said I had the talent but I didn’t have the size and physical development to do the part.”

    “When I started training with Dan he warned me about some imbalances I had in my body.  He started slowly and he helped me to understand how to really control my body.  He was concerned that these imbalances were contributing to some shoulder strain I was experiencing.”

    “Through our training I learned how to use my core and improve my posture.  Our workouts were always fun and challenging and my abs and shape really started to develop.  After about 4 months of training with Dan I was given the part of understudy of Simba.  Within another 3 months I would take over the lead role.”

    “I’m glad Dan taught me how to eat right for my Metabolic Type as well as help to to put on the muscle and avoid injury which helped me to land the dream role of my career!”

    Eric Johnson

    – Internet Marketer

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  • Danella Tobler-Hanief, MS

    – High School English Teacher

    “Dan Rold is a trainer who is committed to your personal fitness goals. When I decided to hire him as a trainer, it was mainly because I was bored with my routine and because what I was doing seemed to have lost its effectiveness for my body.”

    “The first six weeks or so training with him, I didn’t feel tired or worn out, but felt that he was slowly building my body from the inside out, so I would be able to handle more difficult workouts later. At least that’s what he kept telling me.”

    “But as he began to increase the difficulty and intensity, I understood that he was right. I needed to do the exercise right to get the maximum benefits from them.”

    “I can honestly say that I began to see changes in my tone and strength within the first few months, and after close to a year of working with him, I feel like a rock star. The exercises he used to show me where I’d look at him like, ‘Yeah right. I don’t think that’s physically possible for me.’ I can now do.”

    “He was always there to positively encourage me to reach my personal best, and he gave me not only the tools to do so with a variety of exercises that definitely weren’t boring, but he also taught me the the reasons why I was doing what he was having me do and how the health benefits would last me a lifetime.”

    “I can confidently say that working with Dan has allowed me to reach my goals and taught me much about my overall health and fitness.”

  • Justen Crews

    -Asst Director of VIP Services
    Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas

    Justen has been uffering from allergies and has been under the care of an allergist for years.

    “So my body has done a 180 in the last 2 weeks… in a good way!”

    “I miraculously have gained back my sense of smell, and all sinus congestion is gone!  I Lost 2” on my waist of bloating!”

    Testing: 401H Stool Test showed Candida Overgrowth (Yeast)
    Program:  Food Pharmacy Software Food List with Yeast Sensitive Foods Removed and a targeted cleanse.


    Dr Laura Jaget

    -Chiropractic Physician

    “I first met Dan Rold when I took his HIIT and Flexibility class at my gym. I am a chiropractor, and I was very impressed with his knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology of the body, and his insistence on proper breathing and technique to maximize one’s workout and results. Not only is he a knowledgeable instructor, his passion for what he does is inspiring and motivating. After interviewing several other trainers, I hired Dan to train my teenage daughter, who until working with Dan, had no athletic ability or awareness of her body or what it could do. I was thrilled to see how much her flexibility, strength, posture, and confidence improved. She learned a tremendous amount, and now has knowledge that she will be able to apply throughout her life. You will not find a more conscientious, hard-working, educated trainer anywhere.”

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