Recommended Practitioners

I have found in my 15 years of personal training that the number and types of problems that people can have are varied and complex.

There is not one medical practitioner that has the answer to everyone’s problems. In fact if they tell you that this is a good sign they are being egoistic.

The 5pV program is holistic in the fact that it covers all your basic health needs.

For those of you that need some more specialized hands on work experts I’ve include a number of practitioners in this link section that you can use to find help in your local area.

If you have any question please feel free to email me and I will answer them.

Most of you are here because I already gave you a recommendation in that case just click on the practitioner I recommend to find one in your local area.

If you do meet any other practitioners or if you have one you are currently seeing it is important that you share any information with me.  Remind your doctor that you are working with me and that any information they could share with me to help you would be greatly appreciated.  In difficult cases it may be beneficial to put me in touch with your health care practitioners.


If you have a mal-alignment in your spinal vertebra often a good chiropractor can do amazing things to help you feel better.  Don’t just go to any chiropractor.  I recommend that you find a chiropractor trained in the speciality I recommend or at the least find one by asking trusted friends.  For some of you if you need I will interview potential chiropractors in your area.

These websites linked below will have doctor locators so you can find doctors in your local area.

Upper Cervical Chiropracteurs

One of the major cross roads of the body is the cervical spine.  Upper Cervical Chiropractors are very effective at addressing this issue if this is a primary issue in your body.  Often I will recommend seeing an upper cervical specialist because this area is so influential over the rest of the body.  These chiropractic methods are very gentle and there is no cracking nor movements that some people don’t like from chiropractors.  I will say that like anything, there is not one technique that will correct all the issues of your body.


Blair Technique

Altas Orthogonal Technique

Other Techniques

Petibon Chiropractors

What is unique about Petibon Chiropractors is there reliance on self-care.  Many chiropractors realize that their clients will not do their ‘homework’ so to speak.  With Petibon Chiropractors homework is a must.  There are exercises and movements you will be taught.  This is incredibly powerful to keep the adjustments the chiropractors do which will decrease the need for future treatments.

SOTO Chiropractors

SOTO Chiropractors look strongly at the relationship between the sacrum of the pelvis and the occiput of the base of the skull.  The sacrum is the wedge like bone that sits between the ilium.  The ilium are the big bones of the pelvis that you feel when you put your hands on your hips.  The illim look like Mickey Mouse ears.  The sacrum could be thought of the cheese that sits between the Mickey Mouse ears.  The sacrum and pelvis, like the upper cervical spine, is a very important control point of the body that is highly influential to the surrounding areas.  The occiput is the bone that makes up the bottom of the skull.  SOTO Chiropractors like upper cervical chiropractors use gental techniques.  They are very effective with working with people who’s primary problem is in the hips.  If I think your problem is the pelvis very likely I’ll recommend an SOTO Chiropractor.

These are not the only good chiropractors and there are numerous other methods and techniques!  When I was in a car accident I went to both a NUCCA and a traditional chiropractors because I actually need the more powerful adjustment that traditional chiropractors give in my mid spine area.  Also remember that the chiropractors listed above are specialists and that they may not be the most beneficial to your needs.  Everyone is different.

Massage Therapists

Neuromuscular therapist take massage to a new level.  These practitioner are like the Chiropractors of massage or the Chek Practitioners of exercise.  When I was injured in my car accident I was very lucky to find Beth Maddox who was both a physical therapist and a licensed massage therapist trained by Precision Neuromuscular Therapy.  She was instrumental in my quick recovery from my surgery.  I highly recommend these highly trained therapists.  I have also worked personally with the Paul St. John trained practitioners and can honestly say they are some of the best on the planet at what they do.

Often a highly qualified massage therapist can do amazing things for your body.  Like chiropractors these are not the only massage therapists who can do wonders for reducing pain and improving your health and circulation.  Often times we can work on an exercise program with stretching but with binded fascia (connective tissue that holds the muscles together) you can stretch all day but only a good masseuse can release the tissue.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) (At the top there is a link that says Practitioner Database)

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (included direct link to Find a PNMT Therapist)

Neurosomatic Educators (Paul St. John’s new programs)

Movement Based Therapies

Obviously since I’m both a student of Paul Chek and of Gary Gray these are the fist two on this list.  I’ve included them because if we are working online I may not be able to do the complex assessments nor have the hands on that you may need without being in the same location.  If this is the case where you need some face-to-face help for higher level issues I may recommend that you hire a Chek Practitioner or Gary Gray GIFT Graduate in your local area.  These two different approaches are the best on the market which is why I studied them.  I will only recommend you search them out if I’m unable to provide the level of help you need.

I will definitely say this, just going to a personal trainer can be very dangerous.  Very few of them are educated to postural distortion patterns, faulty movement patterns, nor how to correct imbalances that can lead to pain and injury.  You are more likely to stubble upon an honest and good mechanic then you are a personal trainer.  Be very wary before hiring a trainer and always consult with me first.

Chek Institute (Find Chek Practitioners)

What I like about the Chek Institute is that Paul teaches very detailed full body orthopedic assessments as well as how to work with people with spinal injuries such as disk herniations or spinal stenosis.  Chek Practitioner are given extensive education above and beyond what a typical personal trainer receives up to the point we no longer consider ourselves personal trainers.  Are work is able to help people with a variety of issues, injuries, and  postural distortion patterns.

Gray Institute GIFT Graduates

Dr. Gary Gray is no doubt one of the leading physical therapists in the world and probably of this century.  His common sense breakdown of the actual movements of bones, joints and muscles and their biomechanics literally rewrote understanding of biomechanics.  His techniques will no doubt become the future of physical therapy.  Gray breaks down the full potential of human movement and teaches his trainees to assess the proper motion of the body and to correct any discrepancies in the movement patterns of the body. (Online Based Yoga)

Alexander Technique (Click to Left ‘How can I find a Teacher or Course’)

This is a technique that helps with postural awareness and body control.

Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education

One of the best movement based methods there is.  Feldenkrais is similar to yoga in the fact that it will loosen your body and open up your joints.

Additional Therapies Used by Different Types of Practitioners (Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, etc.)

Active Release Technique

Graston Technique



Some other I recommend are Group Fitness Classes local to your area and gym such as:



Martial Arts

Dance (Zumba, Sh’bam)