My Story

Daniel Rold is a recognized health, weight loss, fitness, wellness, lifestyle and self-motivation expert.Dr. David Moreau

I was an over-fat, out of shape, self-conscious kid!

Most people wouldn’t believe it if I told them today but I used to be an over-fat yet underweight (I was little so I hid it well), insecure, and completely uncoordinated kid. I wouldn’t be caught dead without a shirt.  Sports were even worse, I couldn’t hide from them.  When it came time to pick teams in school Physical Education, PE, I was always the last kid chosen.

Me Climbing Tree in Alabama

‘Monkey Man’ My younger years in Alabama

I wasn’t like this in my early youth.  As a younger child I was very active. My Mom used to call me ‘Monkey Man’ because I climbed all over everything and the greatest superhero of all time, Spiderman, was my mentor.  As a 2nd grader no one in my school could beat me in a sprint.  I always won every race.  As always happens with military families my father reached the end of his tour in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and it was time to move.

Just prior to my 3rd grade year we moved from hot and sunny Alabama across the Atlantic to overcast and dreary Germany. Needless to say this was culture shock to an 8 year old who loved the outdoors and lived next to a farm in the country side of Alabama.

Germany, as opposed to sun drenched southern Alabama, was a darker time in my life.  There were no interesting frogs, snakes, or turtles and the only fish you could fish for was carp.  I was completely out of my element.  My mood often matched the over-cloudy days of Europe. I became inactive, depressed, and self-conscious about a growing gut. In the small town we lived in the German kids my age wanted nothing to do with me.

I was an American.  I was spit on and laughed at.  Kids would run away from me when I tried to play with them.  I struggled with making friends and was an outcast. This exacerbated my inactivity and had a profound influence all the way up through my high school years.

My shape, outlook on life, and life experience carried over when our family returned to the states. We moved back to the U.S. prior to my seventh grade year. For our PE test of 7th grade we had to run a mile in under 10 minutes. I couldn’t even make the generous time of 10 minutes coming in at 10:50.  By the end of the four laps to complete a mile I was doubled over in pain and felt like I could pass out. Exercise was painful, I hated every moment of it and I avoided it at all costs.  I was a far cry from the fastest kid in 2nd grade, but I didn’t know what to do about it.

It wasn’t until I joined the Wrestling team in my 9th grade year that I started to somewhat recover from my inactive lifestyle in Germany. I weighed 98 pounds soaking wet and wrestled at 103, the lightest weight class.  My first year I was in such bad shape I was on the third string known as ‘C’ team.  The first week of practice I was so sore I could hardly get out of bed.   As the season progressed my gut receded and I grew stronger.

Wrestling and martial arts literally changed my life. I was tired of being picked on by bigger kids. I learned how to protect myself and grew in confidence. I grew in size and muscle and by my senior year weighed in at 185 with 6% bodyfat. I had almost doubled my weight since my freshmen year (98 lbs.).

I found out that exercise was no longer a death sentence for me that I had to struggle and push myself through.  In fact, I started to strangely…like it.  It felt awesome releasing energy and getting good circulation and flexibility throughout my body.  The more energy I released the more energy would build.  I often ask my clients if they have every heard the term, “it takes money to make money”?  Well it takes energy to make energy.  Finally, I was making energy.

Pararescue Indoc Graduation

Me after Pararescue Indoctrination Graduation with my Class Proctor, Sgt. Sowles

After High School at the age of 19 I joined the Air Force knowing that my roughneck friends and my lack of discipline would only lead me to a path of trouble. In the Air Force my horizons broadened and I became more mature.

I completed some of the most difficult training in the military for a job known as Pararescue.  Pararescue in the Air Force had a higher washout rate then the more well known Army Special Forces or the Navy SEALs. Pararescuemen are the highest trained search and rescue medics in the world.  The main mission of Pararescue is to recover downed pilots in dangerous combat zones.

It is a difficult job and as such the training is designed to be rigorous to ensure that graduates are physically fit and mentally tough enough to handle potentially life threatening situations where the lives of others depend on them.

Pararescue training begins at the infamous Indoctrination program at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Our class started with 95 preselected guys from a pool of over a thousand who tried out.  Of those 95 we would graduate 14. We even had a larger graduation class then usual. In those days, it was harder of course ;), average graduation was 5 to 8 guys with a typical starting class of between 80 to 100.

Team Pic Special Forces Combat Dive SchoolAfter Pararescue Indoc the strain and pain were not over.  The very next class in the Pararescue pipeline was Special Forces Combat Dive School in Key West, Florida.  Combat Dive School was known as one of the hardest schools in the Army and our class was run by an unforgiving, crusty old Navy SEAL known as Chief Schmitt.

It was at Special Forces Combat Dive School where I would reach my biggest accomplishment in my military experience and no doubt one of the biggest in my life.  I would earn the top ranking of my class and was awarded the Distinguished Honor Graduate. This was a huge accomplishment to me as I was in class with some of the toughest men in the military: Army Special Forces Green Berets, Army Rangers (Hooah! My Dad was a Ranger! Eh em…Winter Ranger, right Dad?), Delt Force Commandos, Air Force Combat Controllers, and my fellow Air Force Pararescue trainees.

This was a massive change from being the last kid picked to play a sport in PE and not being able to run a mile in under 10:50.

My Last Underwater Pararescue Indoc

My Last Underwater for Final Evaluation Pararescue Indoc

My experiences in training for Pararescue taught me a lot. It taught me to persevere even when I had self-doubt. I realized my mind is a source of tremendous strength and that I could accomplish anything if I was determined and just stuck with it.  It also taught me to take things day-by-day.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Drown Proofing 5th Group Special Forces Pre Scuba

Drown Proofing with Hands and Feet Tied, 5th Group Special Forces Pre-Scuba

Each and every day was a struggle.  If I thought at the end of week 3, when I was broken and exhausted, that I have 7 more weeks left of this I would have been overwhelmed.  My goals became to make it one more week, one more day, one more workout, one more set of whatever grueling exercise they were torturing us with at the moment.  The turtle truly beats the hare.

There were many difficult training days where I just wished the pain would end. It would have been so easy to go the red line and announce shamefully that I wanted to remove myself from training and settle for an easier path. I could have had a nice relaxing meal, a comfortable bed, and the feeling of dread lifted from my mind.

About to Get 'Sharked' Special Forces Combat Dive School Key West Florida

About to Get ‘Sharked’ During Ditch and Don Exercise Special Forces Combat Dive School

The familiar knot in my stomach before each pool session would be gone, the stress of my body breaking down from intense over-training would be mercifully over. But I pressed on, day-after-day. Each day was an accomplishment as our class got smaller and smaller until I proudly graduated, with 14 of my teammates, from Pararescue Indoctrination.

What I Learned

We all have our own struggles and difficulties in life.  My military training taught me valuable life lessons.  I was able to learn to break through my previous mental blocks and succeed where no one would have expected.  Many people have come to me through the years that tell me they have tried so hard to lose the weight or to become more healthy but so far have been unsuccessful.

Everyone has succeeded in multiple areas of their life.  If you can get an college degree, run a company, work 40 hours a week every month of the year, raise a child, or all the other things you do in your life that challenge you every day you CAN succeed in health.  No matter who you are you have already demonstrated your ability in certain areas of your life!

There is no reason whatsoever that you cannot use the same drive to find success in your health and fitness or other areas of your life for that matter.  The real problem is NOT YOU it’s because no one is teaching you how to do it right!

This is the essential key to the focus of my career.  Only truth will give you success which is why I’m on a never ending search for knowledge.

It didn’t happen overnight but I Changed My Mindset and My Belief Systems to Benefit Me Rather then Hinder Me!

I was the small kid everyone would make fun of, the kid that tripped over his left foot and couldn’t kick a kickball without being laughed at and made fun of.  I was the little guy that the jocks would push around to feel better about their own insecurities. Now those jocks who tormented me through the years were quitting and sobbing at the red line and I was graduated from two of the hardest schools in the entire military, Pararescue Indoctrination and Special Forces Combat Dive School.

Impossible Becomes PossibleThe truth is we all have the ability to rise up from our past and make powerful positive changes that can influence the rest of our lives.  When I was a small stature, overweight, out-of-shape outcast I had no idea that I would be able to graduate the top of my class in one of the most physically demanding schools in the military.  I couldn’t even stand exercise.  Every PE class I felt that pain of insecurity and peer rejection.  The more insecure I became the more I wanted to avoid those situations.  My mind associated exercise with pain.

In the culmination of my life experiences I have gone through a progression of growth, development and education. It took me many years before I was able to overcome my inactivity during those key developmental years of my life as a child in Germany.  Through martial arts and the military I changed my body and my entire perspective and in fact, it became my passion.  When I was younger I did not know how to exercise, how to eat right, how to be confident. But I struggled, I failed, and I tried again.  I kept going and no matter what I didn’t give up.  If I can do it, I know I can teach you how to do it!

Building New SkillsAfter the military I took another leap that I never thought would happen.  I decided to make health and fitness my career.  I thought if I can teach other people to overcome the aversion I had to exercise I could teach them how amazing life can be when living in a highly functional body!

The lesson are two fold.  One is that you already have the mind you need to accomplish your goals.  While no one is perfect you can train your mind just as you can train your body.  The second lesson is that many of us have been given the wrong information concerning health, exercise and nutrition.  No matter how strong your mind is, if you are using the wrong protocol you will not get the right results.

No matter how deep I’ve gone down the rabbit hole I’ve learned there is so much deeper to go.  I’ve been on a continuous search since I started my career.

Human Girl Anatomy

The Most Complex Structure in the Known Universe: Your Body

Introducing the Most Complicated Machine in the Known Universe: The Human Body

The human body is extremely complex.  There is no way to know it all.  Even the most educated genius who studies the body for a lifetime is only scratching the surface of the complexity of the human body.  The more I learned, the more I knew how little I knew.  The text books for personal training certifications, even though I had studied one of the most well-known and well-respected certifications on the market, NSCA, was not to the depth I needed to give my many complex clients the help they really needed.

I really didn’t feel like I knew enough.  I kept searching and devouring everything I could on the human body.  I read books, took correspondence courses, listened to pod casts, and followed who ever I could find who share any value in the subjects of the human body.  However, I always remained a skeptic, careful about what I would teach my clients, constantly questioning what I thought to be true.  I attended courses on physical exercise, health and nutrition, mental and emotional psychology as well as attended courses in alternative therapies such as cupping.

Fire Cupping Therapy

Fire Cupping Therapy

I’m on a Vision Quest to for the Truth of Our Minds and Bodies

This process really kicked off early in my career when one client of mine developed pain in her back while doing a squat.  I had done everything right according to the book.  Her form was impeccable and I was closely monitoring her technique.  One of the more experienced trainers in the gym who also had completed school as a physical therapist looked at her posture, watched her do a squat and quickly did a stretch on her left hip for a muscle called the piriformis releasing her sciatic nerve.  Her improvement was instant and her pain went away.  There was nothing about this in my certification book.

I realized then that the human body is a very complicated system.  If I was unable to see that her tight piriformis was causing lower back pain and I’m not fully aware of what I’m doing, I can injure someone.  Its not just some Hoo-Rah lift some weight, eat protein, look good in mirror type of responsibility.  I was responsible for providing exercise programs for my diverse clients that has a direct influence on the very structure of their body.  If I give the wrong program, for instance a program downloaded of the net or out of some bodybuilding magazine, I could create or exacerbate an injury in my clients.

Lower Back PainPersonal training is the only field where a person can work on the most complicated structural system in the known universe with the equivalent of a mail order certification.  It is far worse then say for instance, the automotive industry.  A mechanic has to go through intensive education to work on cars.  A hair stylist has to go through far more qualifications to cut hair then I did to work on the human body.  Yet a person working on the structure of YOUR body can get a cheesy $400 certification, pass a multiple choice test and work one-on-one with you.

I know in the industry some will say, I specialize in sports performance, or I specialize in fat loss, etc.

The truth is every exercise I give a client will create very specific reactions by the body and if I don’t know how to fix a hip imbalance or a forward head posture or any number of other potentially injury causing misalignment of the body I could be doing more harm then good.

The sad fact is most injuries that are a direct result of a bad trainer come years after the trainer stopped working with the client.  Very few people will be able to connect their bulging disk or their ACL tear in their 40’s with an exercise program they learned in their 30’s or even 20’s.

I knew I needed to learn more and I started on a long journey to learn about the human body.  I wanted to know how to not only assess for a tight hip but every part of the body so I could prevent and surmount any potential problems my clients may experience.  Looking online I came across the Chek Institute run by the world famous Paul Chek.  Paul Chek is a pure genius and his courses went into depth on all areas of health.  I read every single word on his website.  I immediately knew this was something different.  But when I saw the cost of their certifications it was beyond my current finances as the first class in the series was $2300.

Milestone: I Became a Chek Practitioner

While attending a local fitness show in Las Vegas where I lived I ran into Carolyn Vanslow who just happened to be the only Chek Practitioner in Vegas.  Since she was not at the time listed on the Chek website our meeting was by chance.  I ended up spending three hours with her asking her every question I could think of.  She was a tremendous help and I was blown away by her level of knowledge. Because of her influence, I made up my mind.  The cost wasn’t going to stop me and I saved enough money to start my training at the Chek Institute.

Spinal Position Assessment

Chek Based Assessment of Forward Head Posture

Finally I had answers to so many questions.  Paul’s level of education is the best in the world.  My clients appreciated the new level of knowledge I could bring to their programs.  I even started taking clients with severe challenges such as bulging disks and knee and hip surgeries.  I also used techniques I learned at the Chek Institute working with some advanced athletes and making them even better by correcting their imbalances.  The more I learned the more I was able to help my clients.

My Mentor Dr. Gary Gray

My Mentor Dr. Gary Gray
Gray Institute

During my studies at the Chek Institute I also found out about a physical therapist name Gary Gray.   Gary Gray was groundbreaking with his understanding of how the body actually moves in function.  Previously exercise was a leg curl, squat, or a push-up.  Gary Gray opened up the world of 360° spherical human motion.  I was no longer confined to repetitive simple body building type exercises.

I explain this to my clients by asking them, “What is exercise?”

Then I answer for them, “Exercise is a means is a movement with a goal of creating adaptation in the body.  Maybe the goal is purely asthetic, but even if this is your goal function in life and sports is also a huge benefit.  So the question becomes, if your goal is function, and even a body builder needs function or they won’t be competing for long, than how much of the total potential of human motion do typical exercise routines address?”

It is a very, very small proportion.  When you understand the SAID principle of exercise which stands fro Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands.  This means your exercise only improve very specifically.  So if your goal is function then why would you limit your training to a very small proportion of your potential function?

The real answer?  Because that’s how everyone does it.  It’s almost as if there is a book of accepted exercises you must follow (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Body Building Digest).

Why would you exercise over and over using a very small portion of potential human motion?  Why would you limit yourself to the pictures you see in a magazine?  That is NOT how your body REALLY moves.  Look at a wide receiver reaching up and behind himself for a pass.  What about a tennis player running, reaching forward and hitting a backhand shot right into the corner.  What about leaning forward, rotating to one side and picking up a toddler from inside a vehicle.

My next question is this, “Are you more likely to injury yourself in a range of motion that you have exercised, strengthened and developed coordination for or one you have not exercised?”

The answer is simple.

The best part about the methods of training I will teach you is that it enhances postural balance, strengthens the important stabilizing muscles preventing injuries, strengthens the core, improves coordination and enhances the overall wellness and feeling a person gets from working out while burning a ton of calories.  There is really no good reason to limit your exercise to traditional exercise routines.  Besides, they are boring.  Our exercise routines have endless variations and they are FUN!  Truly the exercise box has been exploded!

Milestone: I Became a Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC)

With these breakthroughs I started to put a bigger picture of human health together.  Paul Chek’s knowledge runs deep and to this day I have yet to reach the bottom of his well.  I went back to the Chek Institute and became certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC).  I learned about how our modern food was produced and how destructive factory farming really is to our environment and our health.  I learned just how important food is to the quality of our health and in fact our entire experience of life.  I also learned about the completely common sense idea of Metabolic Typing.

I knew that exercise was only a part of my clients reaching their goals.  Nutrition was 80% of my clients success.  Previous I had read book after book on nutrition.  I researched and read every book I could get my hands on.  Each book claimed to have the right diet all humans need.  Each had impressive science and logical reasoning.  Each one was saying a completely different thing.  Finally someone said, ‘NO we are all different.’  It was like a truth bomb exploding over my head.

We all have different genetics, eye colors, hair colors, skin colors, sizes, shapes, and personalities.  The foundation of genetics and the very foundation of biology depend on this variety to create adaptations to environments.  Finally here was the answer to the truth of human nutrition.  These books were all right, and all wrong, all at the same time.  For some people they worked wonderfully.  Their pictures were on the cover of their books and on their websites.  But they were missing the idea that what worked for some won’t work for others, and this is the very reason none of them worked for everyone.  This is why your friend could go on a diet and see massive changes yet when you tried it, you didn’t get the same results.  There is no such thing as a diet that works for everyone.

Milestone: I Became an Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser (CMTA)

Following the HLC course I would become certified as a Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser (CMTA).  Metabolic Typing and William Wolcott, author of the Metabolic Typing Diet, exposed me to a large community of extremely knowledgeable practitioners who were making impressive changes in people’s lives.  The successes I reached with my clients vastly improved.  Diet as I always knew was so elemental to success in health and fitness.  Finally I could give customized diet plans specific to the genetics of my clients.  Every person I put on a metabolic typing diet, if they followed it, saw great success.  Here it was, finally the simple answer to the long contested diet debate.

There is no logical or scientific refutation of the basic idea that we are all different and all have different diet needs!  I would challenge anyone of any education to refute that last statement.  To overturn variation in human diet needs one would have to literally debunk genetics, the foundation of modern biological science.  When your food matches your genetic needs literally the world of health opens up to you.  If you do not match your genetic needs for nutrition, you can do everything else right and see very little success.

Milestone: I Became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)

From my Metabolic Typing Yahoo group I heard about a course known as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P).  One of my clients, Alicia, who was only 32 years hold had some severe problems with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis.  I had sent in hundreds of metabolic typing tests over the years and for the first time in my career I got back a list of laboratory testing she would have done.  I called the developer of Metabolic Typing® he told me to hire an FDN practitioner.

Functional Nutrition Laboratory Testing Kit

Example of Functional Lab Testing Kit

Excited that I may have some answers to her complex problems because she had already run the gamete of doctors and alternative therapists, I told her about these new tests.  She told me she had already spent a huge amount of money on her health and she paid me up front for 6 months, she couldn’t afford to hire both an FDN-P as well as me.  I decided to look deeper into the FDN-P Program.  I called and talked directly to the founder of FDN-P, Reed Davis.  He told me I could test the fundamental systems of the body to know exactly what is going on with key hormones, digestion, immunity and detoxification.  Here was the main remaining missing link in my understanding.  I took a big part of the money Alicia payed me and paid for the FDN course.

I can give a client the perfect Chek and Gray based exercise program.  I could fine tune their diet like a radio dial into the right nutrition to match a client’s genetics. BUT…what if they have an imbalance that is the result of years of stress?  If their hormones are out of balance I could do my job perfect and they could follow my program to a ‘T’ and STILL not see the results they deserved.  This was the missing piece of the puzzle that put it all together.  Now I had a concrete understanding of why some of my previous clients did everything right and still struggled.  It was NOT their fault.

I studied and completed the FDN-P course.  During the training we ran tests for Alicia and with the help of an adviser we developed a protocol for Alicia.  We found out her hormones were out of balance, she had a sensitivity to gluten, apples, eggs and dairy and she had a parasite infection.  Guess what she was eating EVERY single day?  Gluten, apples, eggs and dairy.  Her foods were making her sick.  We did a supplement protocol, gave her some herbs to combat the parasite, fined tuned her metabolic typing diet, got her off the inflammatory foods and did a Chek/Gray based workout routine.  Her results were astounding.  She lost 32 lbs. Her fatigue disappeared she no longer had the full body ache that is characteristic of fibromyalgia and her arthritis subsided to a much more manageable level.

5 Pillars of Vitality WorkbookAlicia changed everything for me.  I was on top of the world.  My job is pure satisfaction when I can make such a positive influence on someone’s life.  I became hooked and new I was on the right path.

5 Pillars of Vitality is Born!

Over the 15 years of experience and education learning from the best-of-the-best I’ve developed a method of teaching health that I think encompasses all I’ve learned into one simple system that each and every client I have can follow while retaining the ability to fully customize each and every part.

Your body is complicated.  The solutions to your problems may be quite complicated.  But implementation of those solutions in you life cannot be.  You have a full and busy life.  If I were to add too much complication, no matter how well it was designed, it won’t help if you can’t follow it.  After much deliberation I decided on organizing my program into the 5 Pillars of Vitality.  Learn more about the 5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV) system here.

The 5 pillars are:

  • Education
  • Emotional
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Rest


My Purpose 

What is your Legacy?

What is your Legacy?
Kevin Dooley/CC BY 2.0

At the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Course the first question they asked our class what is your legacy?  What is your life purpose? Take a moment to answer that question for yourself.  You may need to take some time to think about this question but it is essential to the type of life you want to live and what you value in your life.

This is actually the first step to developing goals for your life and your health.

Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
Sciophobik/CC BY-SA 3.0

When your goals of health and fitness match your goals of life and you can see the direct connection your much more likely to stick with your goals.

I knew my life purpose is simple.  I want to leave the world a better place then I found it.  I wanted to be the change I want to see in the world.  Ultimately I want to make a difference in the world by making a difference in your life.  I want to help you to be the change you would like to see in the world.

The first time I had a client tell me how our work positively influenced their life, I was hooked.  Alicia’s improvements sealed the deal.  There is no better feeling in the world for me than to make a difference in someone’s life.  This is my purpose and my legacy.  I want to make real changes in people’s lives.  I leave my legacy through each and every one of you.  Please read about a few of my testimonies here: [Testimonials]

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story!

If I can help you in any way, please let me know!



Daniel L. Rold
Chek Practitioner
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Advanced Metabolic Typing Adviser
Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer