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For a more detailed explanation of Metabolic Typing® please visit our About Metabolic Typing® Page under our About Tab on the links above or simply CLICK HERE.

Easy Steps to Your Metabolic Type®

  1. Sign up for one of our two Metabolic Typing® Programs
  2. Receive Your BONUSES and link to Online Metabolic Typing® Questionnaire
  3. Complete the Online Metabolic Typing® Questionnaire
    Online Metabolic Typing Test

    Online Metabolic Typing® Test

  4. Within a few days you will receive your Food List and Access to Metabolic Me Online Video Course
  5. Watch the Quick and Easy 10-15 minute Metabolic Me Videos (See 1st Video Above)
  6. Complete Fine Tunning (An Easy Process Explained in the Video Course)

That’s it!  The best thing is it is easy and FUN!  Quit struggling with your Diet.  Your Diet does all the hard work when you match your genetic based requirements for food!

All Programs Include:

Using Your Diet Plan

Using Your Diet Plan Booklet

  • Metabolic Typing® Online Questionnaire
  • Lifetime Membership to Metabolic Me Video Online Series (Preview 1st Video Above)
  • Using Your Diet Plan Booklet to Guide you through your Program
  • 1 or 2 Months of Email Support (You are NOT on your own!  You can ask me any question you have!)


We have two types of programs to work with the various needs you may have.

Metabolic Typing® Lite

Metabolic Typing® Lite is perfect for the budget minded self starter who does not need additional one-on-one help.  However, if you need any help for the first month email questions are included.  This package includes both the Metabolic Type® Online Questionnaire and a lifetime membership to the Metabolic Me Video Online Series as well as access to all the BONUSES highlighted below!


Metabolic Typing® with Coaching

If you would like some additional one-on-one help in addition to the video series, Metabolic Typing® with Coaching is your best choice.  Metabolic Typing® with Coaching includes 4 weekly 30 minute sessions for 1 month to guide you through your Metabolic Typing Program.  You will have my personal help to answer all your questions and help keep you on track with access to email and text support as well as access to all the BONUSES below.  In addition I will personally monitor your progress as you fine tune your macronutrient ratio (This is how you pin point your proper food intake and is essential to your Metabolic Typing Success!).

See Our Awesome Bonuses Below!

BONUSES:Reducing Blocking Factors and Toxic Load

Blocking Factor Checklist
Toxins can overload your liver and reduce your ability to lose weight and many have been shown to cause cancer and obesity.  In fact your body uses fat to store toxins it cannot remove through metabolism. Use this easy to follow checklist to eliminate stressors and toxins that inhibit your success and make it difficult or even impossible to lose pounds and reach the health you deserve.  It is these exact areas of your life that can destroy your health no matter how much good food and exercise you do.

Program EnhancersProgram Enhancers Checklist

This checklist is a list of lifestyle factors that can greatly enhance your results.  These simple steps will build your energy reserves and help you to feel on top of the worlShopping Guidlinesd.  Program Enhancers Checklist along with the Blocking Factor Checklist can make a HUGE difference in your health!

Shopping Guidelines

The majority of people’s refrigerators and pantries are FULL of junk, toxic, nutritionally void food.  No wonder losing weight is impossible.  In this Guideline learn what to buy and how to shop. What should you look for when shopping?  An apple is not just an apple. Proper Food SelectionWhere your apple came from and how it was grown is incredibly important.

Proper Food Selection

This booklet contains detailed information within various categories of foods. What type of milk should you buy? What type of oils are good for you? This article destroys the popular diet fad that have permeated our culture.

Proper Food PrepProper Food Prep

In this article learn about how food should be handled and prepared.  Learn about how over cooking can be detrimental to your health.  Additionally learn two tasty recipes full of life giving enzymes that can help your body to digest and assimilate the high quality nutrition you consume.

General Cooking GuildelinesCooking Guidelines

In this article learn how to cook eggs properly to maximize their nutrition and reduce oxidation. Learn about what foods to avoid cooking and what products have potential cancer causing toxins when cooking.

Cooking Whole GrainsCooking Grains

Learn the secrets our ancestors knew about cooking grains and how to maximize their nutritional value. Cooking times with sizes and yields are included.

Cooking with Fats and Oils and SmoCooking with Fats and Oilske Points of Oils

Learn how to cook properly with oils to avoid free radical filled rancid oils. Learn which oils can handle higher heats and learn some oils you wish you knew a long time ago. This is an essential resource to increase the flavor of your meals while getting essential fatty acids that can increase your body’s ability to digest and assimilate the essential fat soluble vitamins.  Dr. Weston Price showed fat soluble vitamins were Key to the health of our ancestors.

Glycemic IndexGlycemic Index What You Should Know

Glycemic Index is the rate of which the carbohydrates in your diet is turned into blood sugar.  Control of blood sugar is essential to health and weight loss.  In fact Metabolic Typing is the ultimate blood sugar control system based off of your genetics.  With this paper learn how digestion of sugars effects different metabolic types and how this knowledge is essential to controlling your energy and what gets stored as fat.  Additionally you will get a glycemic index list of various foods to help guide your carbohydrate consumption.  Remember blood sugar is one of the most important considerations, if not the most important, for your health and successful weight loss.

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  • Metabolic Typing Online Questionnaire
  • Life Time Access to Metabolic Me Video Series
  • Using Your Diet Plan Booklet
  • 1 Month Email Support
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