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Functional Lab TestingAll Individual Labs Are $150 Each

Lab Kits Shipped to Directly Your Home with Instructions

Includes a Private One-on-One Consultation to go over your Results and Give You My Recommendations

*All Labs Come With SEPARATE LAB Fees

DUTCH Test Complete

DutchTestCompleteThe DUTCH test is a urine test of the hormones of the body.  Four or five urine samples are taken over a 24 hour period.  This test tests for the rhythm and metabolites of cortisol as well as DHEA, Progesterone, Testosterone, the Estrogens and Melatonin as well as their metabolites (the molecules they turn into during the breakdown process).

Because Cortisol is the primary stress hormone of the body this test is a great way to look at how much stress you are under as well as how you are reacting to your current stress levels.  Because of this it is usually the FIRST test I recommend for my health coaching clients.

The fee for this test is for my interpretation of the test as well as a consult during which we will meet to discuss your results, what they mean, and recommendations for actions you can take.

*There is an ADDITIONAL lab fee of $250.00 for this test

This test is a great way to get a baseline of your current health status.

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Mediator Release Test by Oxford Labs (LEAP test)

Be Sure to Read this Before Ordering:

Food Sensitivities are often at the Heart of Health Imbalances.

Mediator Release TestMany confuse Food Sensitivities with Food Allergies.  They are NOT the same thing.

Food Allergies such as Peanut, Shellfish, etc. are overt are anaphlaxic reactions that are severe and easily associated with food you have recently eaten.

Food Sensitivities are a different type of reaction.  Just like the military has an Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines the immune system also has many different branches.  Some are easily distinguished like a Food Allergy.  Others are much more difficult to connect to a reaction.

These reactions are inflammatory reactions that can damage the gut and can eventually lead to leaky gut, add stress to the immune system, alter gut bacteria, lead to autoimmune conditions and many other problems in the body.

Mediator Release Test Small ExampleThe MRT test your white blood cells reactions to various foods by measuring volumetric changes in the cells.   When the cells release mediators which are chemicals in reaction to the food the cells change volume.

With highly sensitive instruments we can determine not only if a White Blood Cell is reacting but also the degree to which it is reacting.

Food Sensitivities are much more difficult to associate with certain foods because symptoms can surface as long as 72 hours later.  Even worse you may never even know they are going on.

You may even have reactions to foods we are told are healthy such as apples, spinach, or tomatoes.

The MRT is an amazing way to remove foods that may be causing damage to your health!

If you are doing Metabolic Typing once we receive your results I can create a very specific food list including your Metabolic Type minus foods you are sensitive to.

It is important to understand this lab requires a blood draw.  You can often pay a phlebotomist around $30 to do your blood draw.  Often times where you get your blood drawn will send ship in your lab.  It is important to go to the lab earlier in the week so the blood is shipped on time.

We will send you a test kit in the mail.

*There is an ADDITIONAL lab fee of $295.00 for this test

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