Weight Loss SuccessAs a Health Coach I help my clients with all aspects of their health and life so they can reach the potential they each have inside. I teach my clients how to gain energy, reverse chronic health conditions and lose weight while feeling amazing utilizing the most advanced non-biased health science available today!

Based off consultations, questionnaires and laboratory tests I will develop recommendations and comprehensive programs for you. Together we set both longer term and weekly goals. We will monitor your progress to keep you motivated and on track. You will know what steps to take and how to take them. You will know what food to eat, what supplements to take, and which exercise routine is best for you.

With laboratory testing and my guidance health, weight loss, and fitness success becomes much easier!

Laboratory TestingTo develop and customize our protocols, we will use laboratory testing to peek inside your body’s systems so we can address imbalances that are inhibiting your success. The tests are essential for us to know exactly what type of nutrition and supplementation you need and even what type of exercise is best for you.

We often uncover hidden imbalances that go unaddressed with both traditional and alternative medicine. When these imbalances are left to fester no amount of good nutrition and exercise can fix them.

For instance, if your hormones are out of balance your body won’t be able to get the signal to recover and repair itself from exercise. If your digestive system is compromised, you won’t be able to digest and utilize your nutrition even if you start eating all the right foods today. This is why someone can do everything right and STILL not see results they expect. This is why we test!

Test, don’t guess! Reed Davis, Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Our Program is Unique!

Coaching AccountabilityWe are different than going to see a doctor. A naturopathic doctor may give you an herbal supplement but they don’t often have the time to monitor your progress week to week, coach you on diet, exercise, rest and keep you accountable while they guide you through your program.

This doesn’t mean a good alternative medicine doctor can’t be a tremendous help for our program. We are all unique and all different and our needs vary from person to person. No doubt some of you will have complex problems that need the help of a specific set of skills that a doctor will have.

If fact many of the lab tests and protocols we are going to use were developed by the top naturopathic physicians!

Personal Training Forward Ball Roll ExerciseHealth Coaching is very different than hiring a personal trainer. While I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years I knew it was very hard to get my clients the education and know-how to follow through with all aspects of your health.  This is the very reason I moved away form one-on-one personal training towards becoming a holistic, comprehensive lab guided Health Coach using the system I developed known as the 5 Pillars of Vitality or 5pV (Click here for more info on the 5pV).

A typical personal trainer will spend most of their time monitoring your exercise sessions. While this is a tremendous benefit to your health it’s not the total package. Very rarely will a personal trainer use lab testing nor are they able to help you with finding out your individual nutritional requirements as well as monitoring every other aspect of your health.

This doesn’t mean I don’t offer personal training.  In fact for many of my clients this remains and option.  Despite being in different locations we can use technology such as wide angle web cams to do video training online (Click here to order a wide angle lens web cam)!

However, no matter what health concern you may have, without addressing the foundation of your health and taking a comprehensive approach it will be very hard to correct any aspect of your health.

Health CoachingMost health imbalances are intertwined. There is very rarely a single correction that is the answer. We must address your whole body and this is why our unique style of Health Coaching is such a tremendously powerful agent of change!

As a Health Coach I can help you in ways that traditional models of health care can not.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you please sign up for one of our free 20 minute consultations!

We will talk about your two biggest health concerns as well as ways I can help you!

How long have you been thinking about this?  It’s time to find the new you!  Don’t wait another day!

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Throughout our work together you will learn the truth behind health, nutrition, and exercise finally giving you the information you need to reach your goals AND be successful with your body for LIFE!  You will learn why so many well intentioned people fail no matter how many times they try, what guru they listen to, what new fad they try or how many New Years resolutions they make. For many of you this process will be full of ‘AH HA’ moments where you finally understand your past behavior and how you can make real lasting changes.5 Pillars of Vitality Workbook

For too long we have been propagandized with slick marketing, unscrupulous lose weight quick schemes, government edicts funded by big business and false hopes such as the popular infomercials that tell us if we buy this ab machine and we will lose 40 lbs. over night, look exactly like this model. It’s my job to cut through the noise and show you the hidden health truth using a combination of logic and science.

The Body Synergy Program follows the revolutionary 5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV) Health Education System! The 5pV system is a unique system I’ve developed for educating my clients and encompasses a conglomeration of 15 years of education including top-level certifications and the experience I have gained working with numerous successful clients. [See my testimonials!]

5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV):



Our program is centered around the 5 Pillars of Vitality.  The first Pillar is Education.  In order to Educate you we will use the 5 Pillars of Vitality Online Workbook.  This online workbook is designed to cut to the chase as well as give you an understanding of what bass steps you need to take.  We know there are many different needs and interests.  The workbook is structured to have three main sections.Knowledge is Power

The first is the quick reference part.  This part is for the people on short time schedules that just want to know what to do.

The second part is the deep dish portion where we get into the reasons behind the action.  Many people need to know more in depth about why they are doing something before they will follow through with it.

The third section has the links to more information.  This is for those who are interested in the subject and want to do their own research and chase the rabbit deeper down the hole.  I will have additional articles, blogs, studies, videos, and more.

Even our Education is customizable for your needs!

Emotional Pillar:

Behavior change can be very difficult if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Many people are literally addicted to emotions and incorrect ideas that don’t support their goals. I will teach you techniques to uncover these hidden addictions and reduce or even eradicate them from your life. We will practice exercises that will bring your goals to the forefront of your mind with a system that you can easily follow.  We will help you to change your self talk so that your powerful mind is working to help you rather than hinder you.  Health and behavioral change is easy when they are done right and you know what specific steps to take.

Nutritional Pillar:

Imagine knowing exactly what to eat for your genetic type. Did you know that most diet programs fail because they focus on one-size-fits-all diet plans? There are endless books in every book store in the country that say you should eat someone else’s good idea. The truth is we are all unique. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, so too you are a unique and amazing person who deserves your know what is right for YOU, not someone else. Your DNA does not change. You were born with it. Just walk down the streets of Anywhere, America and you will see many different sizes, shapes, colors and personalities in the melting pot of the world. Could all these characteristics be so different on the outside and yet our biochemistry is exactly the same on the inside? Of course not! There isn’t a credible scientist in the world that can deny biochemical individuality yet we are constantly inundated with one-size-fits-all diets. Wouldn’t you like to know once and for all the right diet for you and your genetics?

P.S. Giving your body is genetic based nutrition will stop cravings in their tracks!  This is what I meant in the Emotional section about how behavioral change is easy when done right and you know what specific steps to take.

Movement Pillar:

Did you know downloading a ‘cool’ exercise program off the web or reading about someone else’s exercise plan in a magazine and following it can actually lead to bad posture, painful nagging injuries, and increased strain and stress on your body?

Imagine knowing exactly what exercises and stretches are perfect for your body, your needs and your goals. We will take the curtain away from this often allusive and hidden world to show you that its not as difficult or inaccessible as it may seem. In our program you will learn the exact exercises and stretches you need for your unique body.

For instance, you will learn how to activate one key muscle that will instantly make you look like you lost 15 pounds without doing anything else. In fact if you don’t know how to activate this muscle you can lose every fat cell on your body and you will STILL have a pooch belly.

Muscles of the CoreSadly this muscle is often the first to go when we are inactive and if you don’t know the right techniques can be the hardest to get working again. This muscle, the transverse abdominis, is the deepest core muscle and is a key stabilizing muscle of your body. In our programs not only will you learn how to correctly activate your transverse abdominis, I will teach you the proper sequence of exercises to in order to integrate your transverse with your other core muscle to improve your posture, balance and stability.

If you don’t follow the sequence and the right exercises in the specific manor I teach you, you may actually cause the transverse to SHUT OFF! I’ll give you one quick nugget; crunches don’t do anything for this muscle and in fact doing too many crunches may shut it off! The sad part is very few trainers even know this information.

Correct activation of your transverse abdominis will help you to:The Main Stabilizing Muscle of the Body the Transverse Abdominis

  • Flatten your stomach
  • Make you look leaner and taller
  • Stabilize your spine
  • Improve your coordination and athletic performance
  • Improve your posture
  • Enhance your breathing
  • Reduce neck tension and pain
  • Take stress off every other area of your body reducing injury potential

That’s a lot for a muscle most trainers completely ignore. Like I’ve said it is high time this information was taught!

Rest Pillar:

The 5 Pillars are like a house of cards.  If you take out one card the others will fall.  Rest is a perfect example of this.  We need rest to recover both psychologically and physically.

Rest and RecoveryAll the hard work you are doing with getting the right nutrition for your genetics, getting the movement your body needs, working on your mental and emotional state all goes out the window if you are not getting quality rest and recovery.  In fact it is during your rest and recovery that you get the benefit of all your hard work.

Rest influences hormones.  Hormones are essential for your body to tell your muscles to repair and grow stronger as well as metabolize and utilize your fat storage as energy.

There are numerous techniques I can teach you to enhance your sleep.  In addition you can meditate (mental rest), get a nice massage, or soak in a sauna.  All these techniques can help replenish both your mind and your body.

This is a small sample of the things I will teach you.  Not only will you get the most advanced, scientific health and fitness information in the world, I will personally guide you every step of the way. We will meet one-on-one for phone or video consultations were we will plan your program, monitor your program and keep you on track.  Our protocols are lab guided to ensure you know exactly what nutrition and supplementation your body needs.  The major difference between this program and others is that FINALLY you are being recognized as a genetically unique individual with your own needs and goals.  Every aspect of my clients programs are full customized recognizing your uniqueness.


5pV program includes:

Societal Influences
Critical Thinking
Goal Setting
Time Management
Life Purpose/Legacy
Neurolinguistic Programming
Maslow’s Theory of Motivation
Soil Science Lifestyle/Toxic Exposure
Weight Loss
What’s Right For You
Feel Better
Balance Emotions
Sleep Better
Tissue Repair
Nutrition Goes to Work
Where Results Materialize


More more information on the 5pV Program.  Check out our about page on the 5pV program.  [Click Here]

Because my services cover the fundamentals of human health there is a wide variety of issues and conditions I can help with.

We all need to think right, eat right, and move right to match our genetics and goals. We are the same in this regard. However we absolutely are different in our problems, goals, genetics and solutions each of us need in these areas, which is why all programs are personally customized for your unique needs.

There are two main ways of thinking about problems people can have either physically or nutritionally.

  • One is chronic injuries or nutrition imbalances that occur over a long period of time.
  • The other is acute or immediate injuries or illnesses such as breaking a bone or coming down with a fever.

Acute problems are typically something you would want to see a doctor (MD or DO) or an qualified naturopathic physician (ND) in the immediate time period.

My main focus is on chronic pain, and chronic health conditions that have developed over a period of time but this is not necessarily the case.

I can do a lot to help someone with acute issues as well. There is always the question of what made you likely to become sick or do you have muscle imbalances that led to your acute injury. Someone who tends to get sick a lot may have an underlying chronic condition such as a lowered immune system or a hormone imbalance.


I once heard an analogy about health that made a lot of sense. New Zealand is known for having lots of sheep. Someone could say New Zealand has an infestation of sheep.

Another way of thinking about it is that New Zealand is a perfect environment for sheep. If you tend to get sick a lot it is likely that the environment is good for pathogens and therefore you body is not protecting you.

For physical acute injuries, someone who is always straining an ankle may have muscle imbalances that make this injury more likely. By working with me we may uncover chronic or long-term reasons for your acute or immediate conditions.

I can also help with the recover process.

For instance, if someone broke an arm I could help them with getting around without the use of both arms. There are tips and techniques that could make this much easier. I could also help them exercise their good arm. Studies have shown if you work out your non-injured arm, your body won’t lose as much strength and muscle tone on your injured arm because the body will work to maintain balance.

I could show you exercises for other areas of your body you can do as your injury heals without putting more stress on your injured limb. Once they are healed I can help with the inevitable imbalances that occur once you regains use of your injured limb again. My work can help you get back into the game sooner with less difficulty.

Physical Problems (not an exhaustive list):

  • Shoulder Pain or Injury
    • Rotator cuff
    • Shoulder dislocations
  • Back pain or injury
    • Bulging disk
    • Stenosis
    • Muscular imbalances
  • Knee pain or injury
    • ACL strain
    • MCL strain
    • Meniscus problems
  • Foot, Calve Pain or Injury
    • Collapsed arch
    • Bone spurs
    • Achilles tendonitis
  • Surgery Recovery
  • Pain and Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Rehab from Injuries
  • Post Physical Therapy

Nutritional or Metabolic Problems (not an exhaustive list):

  • Obesity, Overweight, Underweight
  • High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Cholesterol Imbalances
    GastroIntestinal System

    GastroIntestinal System
    Blausen.com staff/CC BY 3.0

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia
  • Digestive Disorders
    • Irritable bowl
    • Crones Disease
    • Food Sensitivities
    • Gluten Sensitivity
    • Indigestion
    • Bloating
    • Gas
  • Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Wasting and AIDs
  • Lime Disease
  • Skin
    • Acne
    • Rosacea
    • Hives
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
  • Allergies, Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Toxins, Heavy MetalsLaboratory Testing Microscope
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Parasite, Immune Imbalances, Bacterial overgrowth, Yeast Infections
  • Hormone imbalances
    • Adrenal Fatigue
    • Hyper/Hypo Thyroid
    • Neurotransmitter Imbalance
  • Lowered Libido, Sexual Function
  • Emotional Imbalances, Depression, Brain Chemistry Imbalances, Mood Disturbances, Foggy thinking, Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders, Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Menopause, Hot Flashes
  • Osteoporosis, Osteopenia

It is important to understand that we do not diagnose or cure any diseases. Information we provide is purely educational and I make no promises other then the fact that I will provide you with the best health building information available to humanity today. I have certifications for my qualifications and have extensively studied health including both mind and body. My focus is not on curing any disease but rather helping you to correct imbalances by giving your body the resources it needs. I believe your body has an innate intelligence and that when given the materials and environment it needs, your body will fix its imbalances thereby creating the health that will help to correct, prevent and reverse diseases.

My client avatar is someone who knows that there is a better way, who is tired of the run around, the gimmicks, and the profit based medical establishment.

Many of my clients have tried everything under the sun from medical doctors to naturopaths but no one took the time to uncover their individual imbalances.

Both conventional and alternative medicine practitioners are most often symptom-based approaches.

We take a different approach. We test rather then guess. We know that two people may have the exact same symptoms but from very different causes while another two people may have the exact same causes but very different symptoms. This is why symptom-based medicine also known as allopathic medicine often never get to the sources of a person’s health problems.

My clients are ready for a new way of investigating that views them as an individual and assesses and tests their body and the systems of their health focusing on building health rather then fighting disease.

My clients are intelligent and often very educated.

They realize that their body is the most important investment they could make. My ideal client is someone who cares about themselves and are ready to make some simple yet powerful changes. Often my clients are hard workers in their specialties and they are ready to work with someone who takes health and nutrition to the same level they do in their own job.The Journey Begins

It is not necessary for a client to be at some place in their life or have completed something before they see me. Often times when they are not ready is the best time.

There will never be a better time when the deep space solar systems align perfectly or when all the requirements of life have gone away.

It is our job together to help you fit your lifestyle with your health goals. We will also work on mental and physical blocking factors that are standing in the way of your success.

We all have them. We all work hard to balance our lives with the limited time we have. Let me show you how to live the life you want to live while being healthy and while being HAPPY!

I work with a wide range of clients from athletes to retired couples to hard working Moms and Dads.

I even have a special joy to work with kids.

We are told that in order to be successful we must specialize. We must target our audience and stick with a specific niche. If I have a niche is the health niche and everyone who wants better health.

I can work with people who have severe problems such as bulging disks or post surgery such as knee replacements or hip replacements. I work with people who have fatigue and diseases and imbalances such as diabetes and high blood pressure. I can also work with people who just want to be optimal or athletes that want to reach their utmost potential.

There is no one who cannot benefit from the special testing I provide. Let me know if I can help you. I offer a free 15-minute consultation to anyone who wants to know more about how I can help them specifically. I look forward to hearing from you today!


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As a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) I’m certified to order certain labs under the supervision of physician. Our training to become a certified FDN Practitioner is extensive; we are required to pass a detailed and complicated testing procedure. In addition we are required to run the basic tests on ourselves and two other people during a supported mentorship. We are taught to practice what we teach.

Becoming certified is just the beginning as there is always so much more to learn. I will continue to learn and grow and expand my ability to help my clients.  I’m constantly researching for my client’s specific needs.  Through my 15 years of experience teaching health and fitness I have a gained a vast body of knowledge and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

‘The complexity of your body makes the space shuttle look like a tin can.’Paul Chek Founder Chek Institute

The best part of being an FDN and Chek Practitioner is that not only do I have the education from the best in my fields, I also have access to the highest quality advice and information from the best and brightest in the world. When you hire me it is not only I, there is an entire team of clinical nutritionists, teachers, mentors, and doctors with a huge body of knowledge I can draw from. If I don’t have an answer for you, as no one person has all the answers, I will find it  for you. There is no big ego here, only a sincere desire to help you to vastly improve your life.

The lab testing we run is very different from that of a typical Medical Doctor.

The labs we run are labs that look at functional systems of the body. Most Medical Doctors (MD) who run labs are looking for an overt disease process. This is very different from our focus. We are testing the functional ability of fundamental systems of your body including your immune, digestion, detoxification and hormonal systems.

Functional Nutrition Laboratory Testing Kit

Example of Functional Lab Testing Kit

As such we do not diagnose or treat disease but rather we test so we can assess your systems functional ability, interpret the results, and then educate you on certain lifestyle changes, exercise routines, nutritional protocols and non-prescription supplements that you can take.

‘Test don’t Guess!’Reed Davis Founder Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

We educate you so you can take charge of and responsibility for your own body and health.

If you have a medical condition it is very important that you contact a qualified doctor who can help you with your condition. However when you want to optimize your body, fix the source of many different types of health complaints, and enhance the quality of your life and longevity you need someone specifically trained to create health. Creating health so that you no longer need doctors is what we do!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.Albert Einstein

In order to get results there will be a certain amount of time commitment each week for education, preparing and cooking meals, time to exercise and well as time for rest and recovery. I recommend blocking out a certain amount of available time each week to work only on your education so you can follow through the tasks we will work on each week. You will quickly become surprised at how much you learn and grow with a small time commitment each week. One side benefit is that as your energy starts to improve and you look leaner, healthier, more vibrant and happy your friends will want to know what your doing. With your new knowledge you will be able to give quality advice and enhance everyone around you including your family, friends, and coworkers. What better way to make a positive influence on the lives and health of your children then becoming a living-breathing example?Step By Step Progress

How much you will need to learn depends on your needs and your time availability.  It is not necessary for you to learn learn every detail. However there will be a minimal amount you will need to understand to know what steps you need to take as well as the fact that many people are more likely to follow through when they understand the reasons behind what they are doing.

I treat each client differently. Some of you will want to know all the details and all the how’s and why’s. Others are so busy in work and life that as long as they are getting results they will just want the cliff notes so they know exactly what to do so they can get on with other areas of their lives. Just like we all have different genetics and biochemistry we also have different goals, needs, and desires.

Recognizing these differences I’ve tailored my approach to give you the necessary information you need to reach your goals without becoming overwhelmed.

5 Pillars of Vitality WorkbookThe 5 Pillars of Vitality Workbook has three sections.  One is for the cliff notes or the overview.  This section has the specific actions you need to take.  The next has a more detailed explanation of why these steps are important.  The final section is links to further information including scientific studies, blog posts, podcasts, videos and articles.  The last section is for those who want to delve deeper into the information and understand it at a deeper level.

Because this is not a superficial treatment I typically only work with a client with a commitment for 6 months or more. This is a life changing process not something you do to loose weight for a certain event then go back to your normal bad habits and gain it all back. This is not a get rich quick or lose weight quick scam. This is real science applied to your life to encourage massive change and improvements. Many will get the most benefit by committing to a year or more working with me.

I want you to know this is not a high pressure situation.  The more you follow what I teach you the EASIER your life will become.  I know many of you are very busy people and you wonder where will you find more time to fit in our program.  For this reason I’ve make the program easy to fit around your lifestyle.  With some clients I have planned 15 minute workouts.  If you don’t have 30 minutes to block out for a workout 15 will be far better then nothing.  If you can do that twice broken up, say once in the morning and once in the evening then you’ve accomplished 30 minutes.  Of course if you have more time then doing an hour will give you results faster.  But like I said I’ve had extremely challenged clients who are business owners or busy on-call doctors and sometimes 15 minutes will make all the difference in the world and the benefits you get are surprisingly robust for such a small time commitment.

I’m here for you to work through whatever challenges life brings you!  We will change your life Step-By-Step!

Depending on your goals and needs I’ll ask you, in time, to purchase certain items for your program.

High Quality Food

Organic Nutrition Number OneThe number one concern when it comes to purchases you may not have thought I would mention here. It is

Crowded Factory Farmed Chickens

Crowded Factory Farmed Chickens

high quality organic, free-range, local (if possible) meats and vegetables. The money you spend on food is the most important money you will spend in your life. You are literally buying your future body every day. If you want to feel good you MUST take in high quality nutrition.  [See LocalHarvest.org for finding farmers markets and local farms in your area]

Eating from the modern grocery store causes your body to have to detoxify and remove countless toxic chemicals sprayed on conventional produce. These toxins can can act as endocrine disrupters and can build up in your system.  When you are exposed to herbicides and fungicides you are literally eating toxic chemicals. Your liver must detoxify and remove these chemicals and the body is forced to store what it can’t detoxify in fat cells.

Price of Organic Foods vs Price of Cancer

Joel Salatin Polyface Farms
Next TwentyEight/CC BY-ND 2.0


Even worse then eating pesticide and fertilizer produced produce is eating toxic meats from factory farms. Animal meat was a high value condenser of nutrition for our ancestors. Without which we would never have survived in Northern environments(sorry vegans but we are genetically omnivorous). Many anthropologists credit the fats from animals meats with allowing us to develop larger fat based brains.  Animals eat large amounts of plant produce and condense the nutrition in the plants in their bodies making important proteins and fats that are the building blocks of our own bodies.

If you’re eating a sick diseased animal fed unnatural foods, pumped full of antibiotics and hormones your not going to be healthy. You can’t be healthy eating sick animals.

Happy Chickens from Joe Salatin Polyface Farms

Happy Chickens from Joe Salatin Polyface Farms
Jessica Reeder/CC BY-ND 2.0


This is why so many in our society say eating meat is bad for you. No! Eating sick factory farmed meat is bad for you.  When you put an animal in a crowded cage and feed it unnatural foods with no exercise and no sunlight while you pump it full of antibiotics imagine the stress and the life it lives.  Imagine how your body would look under similar conditions.  Eating sick diseased animals leads to sick diseased people.

Animals Foods are NECESSARY for Human Health!

If fact if you don’t get the important Vit B12, Vit D, zinc, iron, calcium, EPA and DHA (fats that are a huge part of brain development) as well as the right portion of proteins and healthy fats your genetics require from animal foods you can become nutritionally deficient over time.

You must know where your meats are coming from. The most important investment you will make in this program is the food you put in your mouth!

Besides do you want to send your hard earned money to support a cheap factory farm system that raises animals in torturous inhumane conditions? [click here for a video on the horrors of factory farming] It is also the most powerful political statement you can make. Don’t give you hard earned money to factory farms that are destroying our environment, poisoning our children, paying off our government agencies and making you sick!  Give it to a local farmer who is busting his/her butt in a field all day long to grow your future body from healthy, living soil! The most important health care practitioner you will meet in your life should be your local farmer.  Someone wise once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ (Gandhi). When you purchase high quality foods you will feel better, act better, live better and think better. You are literally becoming the change! Your body becomes is the temple of your spirit. I don’t know about you but I LOVE living in a beautiful temple!

Lab Fees

All lab fees are paid directly to the labs. These fees are separate from my program fees. My fees are for interpretation, guidance and education only! However the lab fees you will pay are wholesale lab fees.

There is no up-sell and you get the BioHealth Laboratory Logosame price an ordering physician would pay without the increase you would typically get when going to a doctors office. This is another huge benefit of working with me.

For instance, the price of the 205, which includes testing of 11 different hormone samples, is only 198 including prepaid shipping (in the U.S.). Normally you would pay around $50 per hormone sample at a typical lab. This would mean a cost of $550.

This does not mean the labs we are running are of any less quality. The main lab we use, BioHealth (we will use others), must adhere to strict standards as all labs are regulated and tested through the FDA. BioHealth is one of the most professional organizations I have ever worked with.

Laboratory Testing VialsTypically 5 basic labs are going to run a little over a thousand dollars. They do not have to be all run upfront although I highly recommend that you do 5 initial tests, if you can, for the best results. There are a select few labs that include a medical director fee. There are only a few that require the additional support of a physician. Because of this I pay a $75 medical director fee to the ordering physician because they monitor each of these tests and will be giving us recommendations based off of your results. I’m required to pay this from my business account so in these unique situations I will pass the fee on to you and you will know in advance.

These tests give me a huge amount of high quality information and will help us to pin point where we need to start. I have not had one client yet who did not have areas of health they could improve on including me!  That was a shock considering I’m eating great and in excellent shape.  But once I found my own imbalances, removed some foods that were creating reactions in my body and did some specific lab guided cleanses I feel EVEN BETTER!

As everyone is different there may be individual tests I recommend you run. Each of these we will discuss in our consultations as we make our future plans.

Follow Up

In addition we will want to monitor your progress by running follow up tests as we go through the program. I like to run follow up tests every 90 days for the labs with issues we are working towards correcting. Often these are the most exciting times because you get to see first hand the results of our work! It also allows us to course correct and make sure we are on the right path!


Items for exercising

I highly recommend you purchase a few items for home, office, and or vacation/travel needs. I have a list of items you can buy which will  completely remove the excuses I hear about not exercising. We all know what excuses are like. LOL. [Visit my recommended equipment page]

For homeExercise Ball Swiss Ball

I usually recommend a few sets of dumbbells for home/office use and a high quality Swiss Ball (exercise ball). That is really all you need for a basic exercise routine. Shocking I know! The entire gym with all its equipment and all you need is some dumbbells and a Swiss Ball? Great news isn’t it. Don’t worry I’ll teach you many different exercises and you will be able to get a full body workout from just these two items.

Dumbbells FreeweightsFor some movements such as standing rotation and for downward pulling motions I recommend the additional purchase of exercise bands.  This is far better then purchasing a cable machine for your home although that is an option.  You have to be careful because many basic exercise home gyms are of poor construction and not as valuable as they would initially seem.


For traveling I recommend exercise bands because there is very little weight to them. Much better then lugging around weights through the airport.

Heart Rate Monitor

I will also highly recommend (also require) for you to purchase a heart rate monitor. Polar Heart Rate MonitorIt doesn’t have to be expensive, as I will give you a cardio program. You can buy expensive heart rate monitor watches that will do everything up to even making a program for you. However these programs will typically be geared towards endurance athletes. And if you are an endurance athlete then I may highly recommend certain heart rate monitors as they can chart important information such as miles run and altitude level changes during a run or bike and can even make cool 3D computer diagrams to monitor your training, your recovery, and help you plan future training. Some smart phone apps can do this as well. Most of you will not need this as too much cardio can actually inhibit fat loss goals in certain people by interfering with muscle building and I will give you the target heart rates I want you working on that may conflict with the ideas of the watch makers.

Additional Options for Home Gyms

Other items for potential purchase include the TRX system, which is a method of suspension training. You may want to purchase a BOSU, which is the half ball with a flat side and a dome side.  The BOSU is incredibly versatile for all sorts of fun exercises.  This may be my second favorite exercise equipment after a Swiss Ball.

In addition: Medicine Balls, Tornado Balls, massage balls, reaction balls, stretching straps, foam rollers. These items are on a case-by-case basis and we will discuss during our consultations. [Click here to for the exercise equipment recommendation page]

Additional home testing items

Glucose Monitor Tests Blood SugarFor inexpensive home testing items I may ask that you purchase inexpensive additional items. One of the most valuable that you purchase a blood glucose or blood sugar testing monitor. These are typically total around $60 including the monitoring system, lancets, and blood glucose testing strips. Most monitoring systems will already come with a few lancets but it’s a good idea to purchase some extras. [See our recommended items]

I also recommend a specific geratherm basal digital thermometer for measuring

temperature because it has info to the hundredth degree. With this thermometer we can gain insight into your thyroid function as well as ovulation information for women and mothers to be. Sorry guy its pink, but you’ll get over it. The cost of the thermometer is 23 dollars. [See our recommended items]

Additional food preparation items

I really enjoy the NutriBullet Nutrtion Extraction System. On amazon the cost is only 107 with free shipping. I think it is better then typical juicing systems that extract just the juice because you get the fiber along with the juice. You can make veggies go down very easy and taste surprisingly delicious at the same time. You may also want a convection oven, which can take the place of nutrient destructive microwaves and cut down baking time by a third.

Whatever you do, do not buy a NuWave oven. They are made of a plastic dome and I could taste the plastic in my food when I cooked with it. Heat and plastic do not go together, ever!

Best Investment You Can Make

I think a very important question you can ask yourself is: ‘What do I truly valuable in life?”Happy Family Water Fight

Is it:

  • Your children?
  • Your spouse?
  • Your family?
  • Your friends?
  • Your happiness?
  • Your work?
  • Your life experience?
  • Your legacy?

What if I told you that the common denominator of every experience in all areas of your life is your body?  

Your emotions are chemicals in your brain that are either positively or negatively influenced by nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  The energy you have to enjoy life, work hard, and love as much as you can is also either positively or negatively influenced by nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  bald-eagle-wings to flyIn fact if your not taking care of your body you can’t experience anything in life without a reduction in the quality of the experience!  This is the one area of your life that can improve all other areas of your life.

I will not say your health is the most important aspect of life.  Love, your children, your spouse are all areas we may sacrifice our bodies for.  However it is the means that gives all the other dreams in your life the wings to truly fly.  In the end, if you do not take care of your body, you may harm what you desire most by not taking care of the very body that allows you to take care of others.  Your other loves, after all, are all the very reasons you need for your health to take top priority in your life.

In all my various studies one thing I’ve been taught is to practice what I teach.

Because I follow the 5 Pillars of Vitality Program every day, I have a tremendous quality of energy, life, emotions, and relationships with those in my life.

If I could bottle this up in a pill and sell you a jar full of the vitality I experience every day I could charge $6-7,000 a bottle and people would pay it.  They would quickly become addicted and never want to change back to the times before their addiction.  However this is not an addiction you have to be worried about.  This is an addiction that gives and creates not destroys.  This is the best kind of addiction!

People often have no problems purchasing expensive material things in life such as bigger houses then they need, cars, jewelry or clothing but when it comes to their most important investment in their lives, their body, they question the value.  happy healthy man baby boomerOur society has a backwards appreciation for what is really valuable in life.  Seriously, this is the one area of your life that is the most important investment you will EVER make.

Once you start to feel the new you, you will know this is the best return on your money you will ever get. I say that with no reservations and have numerous successful clients to back it up [testimonials].

I can guarantee you that your body is at least as valuable as your most expensive car.

In fact I would say it is as valuable as the entire cost of your house, your car, and your education because without your body you can’t experience any of these things.

How much did you spend on your last car? I can almost guarantee that for most of you, our programs won’t cost anywhere near that. Let me ask you this: If you have every materialistic thing you could ever desire, if you had a fully bank account with plenty of zeros, if you had a successful career and family but you didn’t have health, how much would those things, other then your family, matter?

Without health your experience of everything else suffers and your family suffers too .  How good would you be for your family? Would they rather you, or your bank account? Giving up your life for money will never lead to happiness.  That happiness is generated within and depends on what you put in it.  You get out what you put in.

Let Me Be Your Body Mechanic

Let me be your Body Mechanic

When you car isn’t running optimally you take it to a mechanic.  That is because your mechanic has spent many hours learning his skills so that you don’t have to.  He can fix your car when something goes out.  If your a writer, an accountant or a lawyer, you have a specialty that your trained in.  We all can’t be simultaneously mechanics, writers, accountants and lawyers.

My area of speciality is in building human health.  There is no way for many of you to spend the time I have to learn my skills.  Let me take care of that part.  Let me be your Body Mechanic!


Money is a Storage Form of Energy

When you give your hard earned money for something you’re exchanging your energy. Going to work you’re giving your mental and physical energy energy in exchange for a storage form of energy, money. Money, your stored energy, can then be exchanged for needs like food, clothing, and shelter or entertainment such as going to a show or going out to eat with a friend.

When you decide that your body is worth your energy, you are putting your intention towards your goal.  I want you to ask yourself.  Are you ready to make some positive changes?  Are you ready to invest your energy for your goals?  Are YOU worth that investment?

Most of us have tried to make commitments to our health only to fail.  The problem is that many programs are cookie-cutter approaches that follow an idea of how you should eat, exercise or think.

That is what truly makes our approach different.  Every step from workouts to nutrition to mental/emotional strategies are completely adapted to fit your specific needs.

YOU are worth the time, energy, and when you take your energy and invest towards a positive goal you start the process of change.  Your mind starts to imagine possibilities and potential opportunities.

When you commit to the BodySynerg.me Program some amazing things immediately start to happen. It took your energy to make that money and when you give its value in exchange, your going to want something back. When your tired from a hard day of work and you know on your schedule that you have time set aside for exercising that night and you know your hard work that day helped to pay for the program you’re following, well you won’t want to waste that hard earned energy.

You are going to workout.

You are going to want to make your appointment so that all that hard work doesn’t go to waste.

You are invested in yourself.

Your body is the best investment you can possibly make because it will influence EVERYTHING else in your life!

60 Day MoneyBack GuaranteeEducational Products

For all educational products I offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel fully satisfied let me know and I will send you a full refund.

Coaching ProgramsCancellation Policy

For coaching and any one-on-one work I do for you, I offer a 30 day tryout. If for any reason after the first thirty days you decide that our program is not for you let us know by email, phone call, or mail. The initial downpayment as well as the monthly payment will be forfeited because of the work I will have already put into your program as well as purchases I’ve made on your behalf.  Any additional payments will be cancelled. [Contact Us]

I want you to be 100% satisfied.  If at any time you decide anything is not working for you please let me know and we will address your concerns immediately.

Metabolic Typing® is Very Different from the Blood Typing Diet.

Metabolic Typing® looks at 11 different systems of the body including blood type. Your body is extremely complicated and blood type is only a small part of the total influence on your metabolic type and is not nearly as influential on metabolism as the process of energy production in the body.

Autonomic Nervous System Diagram

Autonomic Nervous System Diagram
Photo by OpenStax College /CC BY 3.0

There are two primary systems of the body that have the largest influence on Metabolic Type.


Autonomic Nervous System

I remember the Autonomic Nervous System because it happens automatically.  This part of your nervous system controls functions without conscious control like breathing rate, blood pressure, heart rate and others. Many are familiar with the fight or flight and the rest and digest nervous system. These are known as the Sympathetic (fight) and Parasympathetic (rest) Nervous Systems respectively.  On the right you can see a schematic of the nerves dedicated to these two systems.  These are the two opposite yet complimentary systems of your Autonomic Nervous System.  One increases energy availability, the fight or flight, and the other decreases energy availability and increases digestion, the rest and digest.

The Autonomic Nervous System obviously has a huge effect on metabolism.  When you start increasing your energy such as working out it is the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for your heart rate increasing as well as decreasing when you are recovering.  People tend to have genetic variation between these systems.  For instance one can be more sympathetic while another person is more parasympathetic.  Food has a strong influence on the balance of your Autonomic Nervous System.


Oxidative Rate

The Oxidative Rate, is the rate at which each cell produces its own energy supply. You may remember from biology class that each cell has a mitochondrial, which is an organelle that provides energy to the cell.

On the right you see a picture of what the inside of a cell looks like.  You can see the mitochondrial which is the part of cell in the picture on the left side of the picture that looks like a bean with a squirmy line through it.  This is where the Oxidative System does its work. The rate of cellular Oxidation like the Autonomic Nervous System also has a huge influence on metabolism.

It is the balance of these two primary systems that controls and influences the ultimate expression of your metabolism and these systems are highly influenced by your unique DNA.

This is exactly what makes Metabolic Typing® so powerful. Through our Advanced Metabolic Typing Test® we can accurately zero in on which system is dominant.  Your dominant system and the strength of each of your systems lets us know what foods you need and at what balance you require them to allow your body to express your genetic potential fully and completely!

Confused About What Supplements will work for you?

If you walk into a supplement store today you will see rows of supplements with shiny pretty packaging, each item screaming, ‘Pick me. Pick me!’ When you stroll down the isle in complete confusion you pick up a bottle and read that this item may be good for you kidneys. Well who doesn’t want good kidneys?   This item goes into the shopping cart. You continue and pick up the next bottle you see. It says this is for your eyesight.  You want to have good eyesight so this bottle goes in the bag.  The next bottle is good for sleep. Well you know how important sleep is and you’ve been struggling lately with sleep so this item goes in the bag. Keep shopping like this in a big supplement store and your stomach will be so full of pills you won’t have any room for real food.

Paul Chek likens vitamins and supplements to high-quality nails. If you are building a ship and you have crappy wood to build your ship nice shiny nails will do little to keep it together. The primary concern is ALWAYS high quality food. You will never find success in nutrition and health by eating crappy foods and trying to compensate by buying supplements to make up for it. Food is your primary concern and the reason Metabolic Typing® is so important.

Yet, even with the best organic free-range meats and veggies you can still be lacking in your nutrients. Your body is complicated and requires complex nutrition. Today with intensified farming so much of the quality nutrients that were once common in our soil are depleted even in the best organic farms.

Sailing ShipIt is my firm belief that you can’t get the quality of nutrients our bodies require without some form of supplementation. Once you’ve purchased strong wood (high quality foods), strong nails (good supplements) can help keep your beautiful ship ready for years of exciting voyages and adventures of life.

So which supplements should you buy?

Just like everyone has a unique requirement for food, you also have a unique requirement for supplements!

There is an popular idea that if you take a multivitamin your body will use what it needs and discard the rest. This far from true. Every nutrient you take in can have inhibiting or excitation influences on the various systems of the body. That’s why eating the wrong nutrients or the wrong amount of proteins, carbs, and fats for you type is so detrimental to your body. The same thing occurs if your taking the wrong supplements. Using the Metabolic Typing ® system we will have a very specific idea of what types of supplement will be good for your type. As such each dominant Metabolic Type has unique supplements for each type. There will be some supplements that will be good for all Metabolic Types such as fish oil and this will be recommened for all types but even our enzymes (almost everyone should take enzymes) are unique for each type.

We NEVER Recommend Supplements Without Testing

Some systems of your body may be so out of balance even all the right food for your metabolic type may not help. For instance if your digestion is not working properly, you may not be properly breaking down and assimilating the nutrients from your foods.  You can eat organic top quality foods, exercise and do everything perfect but because of past reductions in the systems of your body, your body is unable to return to balance.

Plant Based SupplementsThis happens a lot where people are exposed to certain stresses for so long eventually their stress hormones become dominant and the body continues to make them even once the stress is removed.

This is the very reason why we test. We need to get to the bottom of what is out of balance in your body so we can use high quality supplements to help correct your imbalance. In the case of a compromised digestive system we will use a target supplement protocol to help rebuild your gut.

We will remove potentially offending food sensitivities as well as take supplements that can help to repair your gut.  We may also do cleanses to remove toxins.

NOW all that high quality food you’re taking in can finally do its job. Many of the supplement recommendations are for a period of 90 days till we can retest and validate your improvements. This part is so fundamental to your success and a large part of what makes the BodySynergy.me program so effective.

I don’t randomly recommend supplements (besides fish oil and only from a very specific source) to just anyone. I must test and I must have the right information from our testing that lets me know exactly what types of supplements you need!

“Test don’t Guess!”Reed Davis Founder Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
I know your kids are your love and your life. I deeply appreciate the love a mother/father has for her/his children. In fact your love of your children gives you all the BEST reasons to follow and adhere to our program!Happy healthy family

Let me be a little selfish just for a second.  My life’s purpose to to leave this world a better place then how I came into it.  I do this through my clients.  I change their lives!  The first time someone sat me down and told me how positive my influence was on their whole life, not just how they look in the mirror, but everything, I was hooked. However my legacy won’t last unless my clients pass this knowledge on to their children or their friends, peers, or neighbors.  I’m trying to awaken as many people to the truth of health and vitality as possible!  I hope to make this change through YOU and I hope you pass the torch by teaching your children as well!

The most important job you have as a parent is your example to your children. There will be no more powerful influence on your child’s life and future then YOU. Their eyes are constantly watching your every move. If you take care of your self you’re creating a powerful, perpetuating example that will greatly influence your child’s future. You will be able to teach them the value of quality eating, happy thinking, fun exercise and living life to its potential.  The most influential aspect of a child’s future is the quality and type of nutrition consumed.  After all nutrition is what builds the structure of the muscles, bones, and organs.  Your nutrition gives you the very structure of your brains neurons and also gives you the neurotransmitters your brain requires for good thinking!  Good thinking is impossible with a deficient brain.  Its just like having a computer that doesn’t have enough RAM to run complex software.  The hardware and the software depend on each other.

The Most Important Nutrition Book Your Doctor Has NEVER Read

Weston A Price Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Book CoverWeston A Price DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) proved how important food is in our growth and development beyond a shadow of a doubt in his book, Nutritional and Physical Degeneration.  Price was a dentist in the 1930’s who started to notice an epidemic of tooth decay and the need for orthodontistry (braces) in the youth coming to his clinic.  At the time there were numerous cultures across the globe that still lived as humans had for hundreds of thousands of years since the beginning of mankind.  Price realized that diets had changed so he wanted to compare how humans ate traditionally to modern diets.  You can read a fascinating book of his studies and travels in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration [Free Version Online]. Price’s research shows us that our food creates our bodies and without high quality nutrition we become deficient in our growth, bone structure, health, and even our mental/emotional states.

Price found that indigenous populations when eating their traditional foods demonstrated superior physical and mental development. As a mother or father this is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you will ever teach your child. Nutrition is the foundation of a happy, healthy life. Give the gift of good nutrition to your child and you will greatly enhance the quality of your child’s life, as well as your own life!

In the pictures below you see two sets of Swiss children Price studied.  The Swiss children on the left lived in remote areas without so much as a road.  They ate traditional foods and while they had no access to toothbrushes or toothpaste they had no cavities and perfect teeth.  If you look at their bone structure you see perfect teeth, large development of the pallet and wide proportionate faces.  The Swiss children on the right ate ‘modern foods of commerce’ as Price called modern foods.  You see their faces and nostrils are not as developed.  Their teeth are crowed and they have multiple cavities.  At the time of Price’s visit there was an epidemic of tuberculosis in Swiss children.  Price noted that the Swiss kids eating traditional foods had no known cases of tuberculosis.

Swiss Children Traditional Foods

Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All rights reserved worldwide. www.ppnf.org

Swiss Children Modern Foods

Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All rights reserved worldwide. www.ppnf.org













In the pictures below on the left you see African men who ate traditional foods.    These men ate what nature provided.  They were perfectly developed.  If you look below on the right you see a group of Africans who worked on a plantation and were fed modern foods such as white rice and white bread.  Their teeth were the result of eating modern nutrient deficient foods while at the same time not having access to modern dentistry nor toothbrushes or toothpaste.  I think its important enough to mention again that the Africans on the left had no access to modern dentistry nor modern toothbrushes or toothpaste yet their teeth were perfect.  Imagine how most of America today would look without modern toothbrushes and toothpaste.  We would look like the unfortunate men on the right.  It would be a bad Austin Powers movie all day every day.

Weston A Price Nutritional and Physical Degeneration Africans Traditional Foods

Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All rights reserved worldwide. www.ppnf.org

Weston A Price Nutritional and Physical Degeneration Africans Modern Foods

Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All rights reserved worldwide. www.ppnf.org













Price’s studies and travels were extensive and there are thousands of photographs to back up his scientific studies. Nutritional and Physical Degeneration is not a hard read and I highly encourage anyone interested to read his book.  If your going to read a single nutritional book in your life this should be it!  Buy these books on Amazon and give them to your doctors if you can.

Transition from Traditional Foods to Modern Foods

Dr. Price visited outposts where native people’s were exposed to modern foods.  Price noticed that as soon as modern foods began replacing the traditional foods poor development resulted.  In the picture below on the left you see a picture of a couple of brothers and a couple of sisters.  The first born children on the far left were raised on traditional foods.  Their siblings to their immediate right were the first to be introduced to modern foods.  The effects were instant and can easily be seen without medical education.  On the right you see two fathers next to their sons.  Many believe that development of crowded teeth is genetic.  However you can see the fathers have perfect teeth but once they transitioned to modern foods their children suffered.  This is the very thing that perplexed Price.  The grandparents who were bringing kids into his clinic had no need for braces, lived before toothbrushes were ever known and had no cavities, yet their grandchildren had many dental problems.  This is far deeper then just eating sugar.  This is about nutritional deficiency and its effects on the entire body.  His studies around the world confirmed what is already intuitive.  Our food literally becomes our bodies and our development depends on that food!

Weston A Price Nutritional and Physical Degeneration 1st Born Traditional Siblings Modern

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Weston A Price Nutritional and Physical Degeneration Men Traditional Children Modern

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Delinquents Poor Development

Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All rights reserved worldwide. www.ppnf.org

Whats further alarming is the mental and emotional repercussions of degeneration.  If you affect the body you affect the mind.

To determine affects on behavior Price visited delinquent schools for kids with behavior problems.  Price found 90% of the children who were in these schools showed deficiencies of growth and development.

(This is also collaborated by Russell Blaylock, MD a neuroscientist in his talk ‘Behaviour and your Mind’ [click here to watch this lecture free on Youtube])

Price further noted that mental disorders and criminal behavior was rare with the natives and in some communities relatively unheard of.  He noted that the healthy natives he studied were extremely happy and that their family structure and social structures were supportive.

If you look at the pictures to the left, the top two men have deficient development in the lower third of the face while the bottom man and had deficient development of the middle third of the face.  Price said that these men showed deficiencies of the germ cell.  Price traced development back to the mothers womb.  He considered the mother and father’s nutrition to be just as influential on the child as the child’s nutrition in life.

I hope you can see that I have a passion to share this valuable information.  I think this information is even more important for families raising children as children are our future!

You cannot give what you don’t have. – Paul Chek

Just for a quick second imagine you undertake this program and the success you will reach following through with it. You will demonstrate to your child the value of making sacrifices and the value of setting goals and perseverance in the undertaking of reaching those goals. Wow! Imagine how influential you can be in your child’s life just by being a good example!

I know so many amazing mothers and fathers who make the noble mistake of sacrificing their own health and vitality for others. They sacrifice for work, they sacrifice for their spouse, and they sacrifice for their children.

If you fly on any passenger airplane you’ve no doubt heard the preflight safety message for deployment of oxygen in the case of cabin depressurization. In the military as part of our training we did rapid depressurization in altitude chambers. Preflight Safety DemoIt literally sucks the air from your lungs!  Even worse the low pressure at high altitude actually causes oxygen to flow out of your body rather then into it. In such a case you have very little time before you become hypoxic (low oxygen) and pass out. This is the reason the emergency procedures say you are to place your oxygen mask on first! Even before your child.

How selfish could one be? A helpless child is exposed to a potentially passing out, a life threatening situation, while a selfish mother puts on her own mask first? Actually this is the best thing a mother could do.  You MUST put your mask on first because if you pass out before your child, your child may not be able to maintain the mask and continue without your help. If you pass out before you can help your child you both are at risk.  If you learn to take care of yourself FIRST you’re going to be much better at taking care of another precious life.

You cannot give what you don’t have. This is NOT selfish. You’re providing an example and your vastly improving your own temperament, patients, attitude and emotional balance and stability, which a child can no doubt test the limits of. You will literally become a happier person and a better parent.


Happy Healthy Grandparents Teenage Grandkid

Happy Healthy Grandparents with Teenage Grandkid
moodboard/CC BY 2.0

Last but not least, don’t you want to be around to watch your child’s successes and see them graduate from college and grow to have children of their own? Don’t you want the chance to be an amazing, energetic, and healthy grandparent? Don’t you want the energy to take your grandchildren to the park and to play with them?

I’ve heard many sad stories about amazing people that failed to take care of this area of their lives. Usually from the people they left behind.  ‘I loved so and so so much but they didn’t take care of themselves and they died way too early.’  It is a sad story that can be changed if you make a decision to make a change today.

After reading this do you think sacrificing your quality of life for your child is the best you can give your child? We’ve all heard about amazing parents that toiled in a factory 70 hours a week to give their children the opportunity to go to college to reach a better life. I’m not talking about that. If you’re in a dire situation and spending the money on this program will take opportunity away from your child, by all means do your best for your child. You have my admiration and appreciation for your sacrifice. However, if you have the means and opportunity, please take good care of yourself, whether you do this program or not, for you first but for your child more importantly.


I work completely online.

Most of what we do can be handled by phone and/or online. For video we can use Skype or use other forms of video chat such as yahoo messenger and Facetime.

My Skype name is bodysynergy.me
You can also search for me using my name Daniel Rold

Please send me a request!

Wide Angle Lens Webcam for Online Video Personal Training

Genius 1080p Wide Angle Lens Webcam

Webcam Included as Part of Your Start Up Costs

As part of initial start up fees for all packages which include one-on-one video personal training include a Genius 1080p wide angle lens USB webcam with a 120 degree field of view.  The wide angle as you can see below is important for me to be able to help you with your exercise program.  Both pictures were taken the same distance from the camera.


Typical Field of View iMac Webcam

Typical Field of View iMac Webcam


Wide Angle Lens Webcam Genius Full HD 1080p

Wide Angle Lens Webcam Genius Full HD 1080p


One-on-One Weekend Intensive in Your House

I may travel for in-home personal visits, which you can request, and we can discuss the details on a case-by-case basis. I offer one-on-one intense weekend consultations over three days. During those three days we cover the entire 5 Pillars of Vitality Health System as well as do a full body orthopedic assessments and complete lab testing prior to my arrival. Feel free to ask about these opportunities. [Contact me]

First I want to mention that I’m not at all against doctors. I have tremendous respect for the years of dedication and long hours of study a doctor must endure. Many doctors are tremendous people who want to help and make a difference in other’s lives. There of course are the few who do it for the money, but I don’t think most doctors go through as much training as they must endure just simply for money. There are easier ways to become wealthy.

My brother in law, for instance, is a radiologist who looks for cancer in its early stages.  He helps drastically increase the effectiveness of treatment by catching problems early and is no doubt responsible for saving countless lives and greatly enhancing the lives of the families who would lose them.  He is also the father of my two gorgeous nieces and my nephew and an amazing husband to my awesome sister.

Doctors SurgeryOne of my closest friends is an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgeon. I remember one day during his residency he called me, which wasn’t often cause he was so busy, to tell me about how he had saved someone’s life that day in the Emergency Room. I could hear in his voice the emotion and the sense of making a positive difference in people’s lives. He routinely fixes people who have been disfigured in car accidents and enhances lives.

As you can tell these doctors are two people that I love and respect.

Modern medicine can do some amazing things. If you are involved in a life threatening trauma, emergency medicine can save your life. I was involved in a car accident and needed shoulder surgery. I’ve had clients with congenital (something you are born with) hip problems who had to go through hip replacement surgery. I’ve had clients with bulging disks and other injuries that needed surgical correction to vastly improve their lives and stop debilitating pain. In all these cases we tried to avoid surgery the best we could. However once all other options had been exhausted, surgery was the best option and the best case scenario. We are lucky to live in an age where this is possible as well as have access to highly educated doctors who can do things with modern science that was never before an option in human history.

Medicine is a BusinessBig Money in Big Pharma

Now that that being said, I want to say I’m not a complete believer in the medical system as a whole. I find that the system is geared more for selling patented drugs and expensive surgeries than it is for prevention of disease or building health. Modern medicine is horribly ineffective at preventing and correcting chronic diseases (diseases that occur over a long period of time). I think the system could use far better natural products like herbs and nutrition much more often to achieve better results without the negative side effects of chemical based drugs.  Sadly the system itself is based on profit NOT helping sick people.

Over the past 35 years, patients have suffered from a largely hidden epidemic of side effects from drugs that usually have few offsetting benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the practice of medicine through its influence over what drugs are developed, how they are tested, and how medical knowledge is created. [1]Donald Light of Harvard University

[x_blockquote class=“my-blockquote” cite=“Donald Light of Harvard University” type=“left”]Over the past 35 years, patients have suffered from a largely hidden epidemic of side effects from drugs that usually have few offsetting benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the practice of medicine through its influence over what drugs are developed, how they are tested, and how medical knowledge is created. [1][/x_blockquote]

Luxury Yacht Big PharmaBig Pharma is in the business of making BIGGER money.  According the Pfizer financial statement Pfizer netted 45.5 billion dollars after taxes from 2012-2014 and had a profit margin of 29.3%.  That is the highest profit margin of any fortune 500 company.  This means the cost we pay for drugs went to share holder’s hands and executive’s 4 story yachts NOT research and development (R&D).  In fact in all three years R&D was a paltry 14.5% of income.  Not only that 28% of profits went to selling, informational and administrative expenses [2].  That’s a lot of money to convince your doctor to prescribe more of their toxic drugs.  Why would salespeople to a doctor be a method of increasing drugs sales?  Why wouldn’t doctors prescribe drugs based off of need of patients and quality of drugs rather then then paid vacations and dinners with salespersons?  There is the almighty dollar doing its work.

No Money in Building Health

Drugs Dollar SignIf you do research on a plant or plant extracts and you find out there is a positive effect then anyone can grow the plant and you make NO MONEY from it.  You can’t recoup your losses from paying for expensive research.  Why do you think that plants and animal foods, the very thing your body is made of, is passed over for a patentable toxic chemicals that have multiple negative effects?  Our ancestors made bone broth and used other medicines from the natural environment and we’ve discounted, disregarded and lost most of their wisdom.

There is no way to patent a plant, there is no way to make money off of it. Unless of course you alter its gene code (GMOs), then you can patent a plant. I digress. The conventional Medical establishment relies mainly on drugs which are chemicals refined in a chemistry lab. Yet YOU are built by nature.  Modern medicine has yet to reproduce anywhere near the complexity of nature.

How can a simple concentrated chemical correct a problem most likely caused by a complex nutritional deficiency?  We are  made of food.  Your skin, hair, nails, bone, muscle, kidneys, liver, hormones, blood, brain and no doubt every other part of your body came from something you ate, digested, assimilated and then used in the construction of your body.  I’m pretty sure its not too illogical to assume that the substance we are made of is important in the correction of the problems in the substance we are made of.  Especially considering we have a direct choice in the food we eat, which means we can have a direct effect on the substance we are made of at every single meal!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Benjamin Franklin

Killer PharamceuticalsThese chemicals have numerous side effects including death.  In fact in a meticulous META study published in the Journal of the American Medicine Association said in 1994 iatrogenic (illness cause by medical treatment or examination) deaths directly related to prescribe drugs was approximately 108,000 people in the U.S. [3]!  According to the Authors, “We excluded errors in drug administration, noncompliance, overdose, drug abuse, therapeutic failures, and possible ADRs (Adverse Drug Reactions).” If you account not only for adverse drug reactions but add in medical error, bedsores, infection, malnutrition, outpatients, unnecessary procedures and surgery-related iatrogenic deaths the shocking number is 783,936 people died in 1994 alone [4]!  Thats a lot of people considering the U.S. population is 319 million people.

I was so shocked when I heard these figures I had to double check the reference despite the fact I read this in an article from a writer I trust.  Believe me this is real and reported in a highly respected medical journal (JAMA).  You can view the link by clicking the [2] above or here and the reference is cited below.  Thats more people who died from using correctly prescribed and administered drugs in ONE YEAR then all the soldiers who died in Vietnam!  There is NO DOUBT something is very wrong with our medical system.  You go to your doctor to feel better NOT to DIE!


Allergic Reactions
Physical Debilitation
Joint and Muscle Pain
Skin Reactions

Heart Conditions
Heart Attacks
Congestive Heart Failure
Lifelong Heart Damage
Leaky Gut
Mal Nutrition
Severe Nausea and Vomiting
Mental Conditions
Suicidal Thoughts

Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.Hippocrates (Founder of Modern Medicine - He might have something to say about the modern version)

Natural Herbs and SupplementsValuable herbs our forefathers used and plain old eating good nutrition and exercising are all but ignored in modern medicine beyond a doctor paying lip service to better nutrition and exercise.

It is not only drugs that are a problem there are often other options besides surgery. For instance, I’ve prevented 3 surgeries with clients who had bulging lumbar disks. In each of these cases doctors recommended that these people have disk fusions with surgery.

They came to me wanting to see if they could prevent the surgery.  Through a specific exercise programs geared toward rehabilitation of their injuries I was able to prevent each of them from lifelong function reducing and painful surgeries. Spinal fusions can cause a tremendous reduction in quality of life as well as limit natural motion and can lead to further problems down the road as motion reduced in one area will require increased motion in other areas. Surgery or drugs should only be considered once other options such as exercise or nutrition can no longer help.

Spinal Fusion Harrington Rods

Spinal Fusion with Harrington Rods
Blausen.com staff/CC BY 3.0

According to an article in USA today about 10% of all spinal fusions paid for by Medicare in 2001 were completely unnecessary [5].  My opinion is that if a patient were to start a therapeutic exercise program like the programs I developed for my clients I mentioned in the preceding paragraph that number would be much, much higher.  Again in medicine’s defense, how many people would actually going follow through with their exercise program?  This of course is the big question.

There is nothing that makes me happier then to prevent a surgery that will reduce someone’s function for life or to have someone come of toxic drugs because their health has improved to the point they now longer need them. I’ve had clients come of cholesterol drugs and diabetes drugs.SOS Toxic Drugs These drugs over time can potentially damage our livers where the drugs are detoxified. Some drugs are so toxic that you may need another drug to overcome the symptoms the first drug creates. Often times since these drugs ‘fix’ NOTHING you must take them for life! When you can fix and repair the body naturally you restore the potential of the body rather then leading to potential worse problems later on.

My focus is on improving your quality of life and improving your body at the source of most health problems. When you give the body the repair materials it needs to correct it’s function, often times symptoms can be reversed. Everyone is unique and there is no way I can make a promises or guarantee that your symptoms will go away but we can work together on restoring the function of the fundamental life giving systems of your body.

Happy Couple Preparing MealIn the 5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV) program we work on making simple healthy habits that you can fit into your daily routine that will make all the difference in your quality of your life now and for the rest of your life.  We will work on lifestyle factors such as reducing your exposure to toxins and getting enough sleep.  We will make sure you know where to shop, what to buy and how to make simple mouth watering recipes.  I will teach you the basics of your body that will help you to flatten your abs, and activate your core correctly.  Stretching Over Swiss BallI will teach you flexibility, cardiovascular workouts as well as strength and body weight training that you can do anywhere.

We will run fundamental laboratory tests so we know exactly how well your digestion, hormone, immune, and detoxification systems are operating.  Each lab I will personally explain what your results mean and how we can correct your imbalances.  I spend time with you explaining concepts, making plans and monitoring your progress.

When you go to a doctor the doctor typically has at the most 15-20 minutes of time with you if that. A doctor will not have the time that I will spend with you when you hire me. And to be fair to many doctors, they ARE telling you to eat better, they ARE telling you to workout. They often may not be able to tell you how, but at least they are making the effort.  But really how many of their patients will listen to that advice? Sadly, not many will. So a doctor is often doing the best she/he can by writing a prescription and sending you on your way.

Hand-N-HandThe difference in the way I approach your training is that I will give you the resources to take responsibility for your OWN health and I will teach you how to live better and healthier for LIFE!

I will take you by the hand and guide you and coach you.  When you fall down?  I’ll pick you up and dust your knees off and get you back in the game.  No one is perfect and I don’t expect you to be perfect.  However I will be honest with you and let you know when you need to realign and get back on target.  My job is honesty.

I get you out of modern medicine’s lucrative trap!  I help you to prevent disease and to get to the source of your health concerns rather then chase symptoms with toxic potentially deadly drugs.  I’m the ounce of prevention Ben Franklin warned you about.



[1]  Light, Donald W., Joel Lexchin, and Jonathan J. Darrow. “Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs.” Social Science Research Network. Social Science Electronic Publishing, Inc., 1 June 2013. Web. 1 July 2015. <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2282014>.

[2]  “Appendix A, 2014 Financial Report (Pfizer Inc.).” Pfizer.com. Web. 1 July 2015. <https://www.pfizer.com/system/files/presentation/2014_Pfizer_Financial_Report.pdf>.
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[4]  Null PhD, Gary, Carolyn Dean MD, ND, and Martin Feldman MD. “Death by Medicine.” Webdc.com. Web. 20 July 2015. <http://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf>.

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Registered Dietitians (RDs) have gone through a minimal of an undergraduate degree following the conventional model.  RDs must take chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology.  The classes they take go deep into the chemistry of vitamins and minerals. Registered Dietitians have very impressive education when it comes to the chemical understanding of nutrition knowledge.

Common school lunch

Common school lunch
Ben W/ CC BY-SA 3.0

Dietitians are given strict guidelines by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND, previously named the ADA, the American Dietetic Association). Dieticians are often employed in hospital settings to oversee the hospital nutrition programs as well as at state run schools for children. Neither of these places are known for their high quality food. Sadly, if only two places in the world should be known for high quality food, it should be those two places.

Looking Through a MicroscopeUnfortunately despite RDs impressive chemical based understanding of nutrition there are a couple basic key flaws that are the main reason RDs find little success in the population and as a whole have been relatively unable to slow or reverse the obesity trends in modern societies.  The main reason is that two very necessary sciences are ignored or at the very least undervalued.  You cannot understand human nutrition from only looking through it at the end of a microscope.  You must see the whole picture!

Genetic Based Biochemical Individuality Guarantees Metabolic Type!

A biome is a major community of plants and animals, classified according to its predominant vegetation and characterized by the adaptations of its organisms to that particular environment. Wikipedia
One science simply misunderstood or completely under valued by RDs is genetics.  The study of genetics and the influence of natural selection strongly allude to a tremendous amount of variation in human populations.  This variance is guaranteed if genetics, which is the foundation of modern biology, is at all correct. Humans, due to adaptation to a wide diversity of environments, are all biochemically and genetically different!

Different environments = different adaptations.  

Biomes of the World

Plant Biomes of the World
By Ville Koistinen/ GFDL / CC BY-SA 3.0

You can see in the plant biomes graphic above there is a wide diversity of plant biomes in the world.

Humans, just like the plants and animals, also adapt to the environments they live in over tens of thousands of years.

This leads to the logical conclusion that we all have unique requirements for the types and amounts of nutrients in order to reach our maximal health. Just like a fingerprint you are uniqueMetabolic Typing Advisers recognize this key fundamental of nutrition. You, just like every other human no the planet have your own unique fingerprints.  You also have your own Metabolic Type.  The human genetic code is simply too diverse to require one type of diet for everyone.

Yet dietitians with PhDs still treat every client with similar symptoms the exact same.  If you are a diabetic you get the same diet as everyone with your condition.  If you have high blood pressure you get the same diet as others with high blood pressure.  This makes absolutely no sense when considering the foundational principles of genetics and adaptation.  This is the very reason one person can have the same disease or symptoms as another person but have completely different reasons for the problems.girl-Facepalm  Another two people could have the exact same problem but very different symptoms.  Treating everyone the same is like a calculous professor starting every equation with 2+2=5.  It does not matter how complicated the rest of the equation is at the end he’s going to come to the wrong conclusion.  It’s so illogical it deserves a facepalm.

Sadly this is exactly how the majority of nutritional studies are done today.  No one thinks to test the Metabolic Type of the subjects in these nutritional (and drug) studies.  The emperor has no clothes.  This is a major reason why one week you have a study that comes out that says one thing.  The very next week you have a study that completely contradicts the first study.  No one is controlling the most important and most obvious variable, YOU!

What is YOUR Metabolic Type?

Eskimo from Noatak Alaska

Inupiat Eskimo Family Noatak, Alaska, by Edward Sheriff Curtis circa 1929.

For instance an Eskimo lives in the tundra and taiga areas of the world.  mother-and daugther Muslim FaithThere are not a lot of plants growing in the cold snow covered tundra/taiga.  You don’t see strawberries growing out of icicles.  Eskimos must rely mostly on animal sources of foods.  Therefore people from colder areas of the earth must genetically adapt to eating high amounts of fats and proteins and comparably fewer amounts of carbohydrates.

Yanomami Brazil Jungle 1997

Yanomami Woman and Child from the Brazil Jungle
by Cmacauley/ CC BY-SA 3.0

In a rainforest you’re going to have the opposite happen.  If you can imagine a Yanomami Indian living in the jungle of the Brazilian Rainforest there are obviously lots of plants. Yanomami still hunt for smaller animals and fish but there are no big game animals like bears and caribou in the jungle.  The jungle is too thick for such animals to move around.  The tribesman therefore have also adapted over many thousands of years to eating much more plant sources of foods compared to an Eskimo.

So now the question becomes: Are you an Eskimo or a Yanomami?  What if your a mix?

San Tribesman, Namibia hunter-gatherers

San Tribesman, Namibia hunter-gatherers
Ian Beatty/CC BY-ND 2.0

Metabolic Typing is how you discover your individual requirements!

There is NO such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet that will work for everyone!

Most people when they hear this understand it intuitively.  You may have a friend who saw progress on a diet but when you tried it nothing happened.  You may have heard a drugs long list of potential side effects during commercials on television that some people suffer while others do not when using the exact same drug.  These differences are all because of biochemical individuality.

We can see it easily on the outside.  We all have different sizes, shapes, heights, skin color, hair color, eye color, and personality types.  This diversity is essential to humanity.  The world would be very boring if everyone was the exact same.  In fact for organisms in an environment it is extremely beneficial to have a wide diversity of genetic traits.  By having a diversity of genetic codes a species can adapt better to changes in environments.  Biochemical individuality is literally the force that nature works on to create favorable adaptations to ever changing environments.

Would it make sense that we look different on the outside, we have adapted to many different environments each with their own quantities and types of foods available yet we all have the exact same biochemistry on the inside?  The idea is not only short sighted it completely misunderstands the basic science of genetics and biology itself.

Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams, PhDJust Like a Snowflake You Are UniqueIn fact an under appreciated book about the idea of human genetic diversity, Biochemical Individuality, published in 1956 was written by a highly respected biochemist, Roger Williams, PhD.  Williams was known for his brilliance as well as naming folic acid and discovering pantothenic acid (Vit B5), two essential nutrients for health.  Dr. Williams research lab was critical in discovering DNA Molecule Metabolic Typingnumerous additional vitamins and minerals and making leaps and bounds in modern science.

In Dr. William’s book he posits that people have wide diversity in biochemistry with some biological chemicals in our bodies varying as much as a 1000x in healthy populations.  He understood that we are all as unique as snowflakes and recommended individualized diets.  Today we have the advance science of Metabolic Typing® to help us determine unique genetic requirements to high rate of accuracy.


When you match your genetic requirements for food you give your genes the optimum ability to express your health!  The further away from your genetic requirements for food the more chronic disease you will experience.

Soil Science

What Healthy Soil Looks Like

What Healthy Soil Looks Like

The next science to be painfully absence in the RDs repertoire of understanding nutrition is soil science. Soil is the foundation of our bodies. We are animated, living, walking, breathing, organic based organisms that come from the life in the soil. Even in the bible Adam is made from soil.  The name Adam drives from the Hebrew word ‘ha adamah’ which means of the earth or of the ground. When we die we return to soil. Soil is the first stage in the cycle of life.

When you study soil science you see that living, breathing, natural soil is teeming with life.  In gram of soil there are far more organisms then there are people on the planet.

Soil is more than dirt. It is the source and sink of nutrients, wastes, pharmaceuticals, and energy required to make Earth supportive of life—it is Earth’s most vital organ.Patrick D Schloss PhD, Cornell University 1
Scanning electron micrograph of Actinomyces israelii an Actinobacteria

Scanning electron micrograph of Actinobacteria
by GrahmaColm/CC BY 3.0

The genetic diversity of the Viruses, Bacteria, Actinomycetes, Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, and Nematodes is astounding.  We truly are barely scratching the surface when trying to understand soil science.  We are the equivalent of a five year old playing with matches.  Don’t take my word for it take it from a PhD who’s main study is soil science.

Although we know a considerable amount about the physical structure and chemistry of soil, there is a glaring paucity of knowledge regarding the microbial component responsible for its many functions.Patrick D Schloss PhD, Cornell University 1

What is for sure is that spraying our life giving soil with toxic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides destroys not only the pests but the microorganism populations as well.  We are literally killing nature.  We are poisoning the future bodies of our children and grandchildren.

Some will say that increased microorganism populations will grow to break down the chemicals. This is actually true in a sense. But let me tell you WHY that’s not at all desirable. You are creating a growth in a mono culture.  This means you have caused a few species that decay the pesticide to grow wildly out of proportion.  These chemicals disrupt the balance of the microorganisms in the soil.

You are killing the diversity. Who knows what beneficial bacteria are being killed off. What did they do in the soil? Did they contribute some critical function?  Were they essential to the life of the plants that grow into the soil?  We just don’t know and anyone who says science has this knowledge has a selfish reason for telling you so.

In the future, as science develops, there will no doubt become a time when we look back on the primitive methods of toxic chemical based farming the same way we look back at the world is flat mentality or the Salen witch trials. Do not let his occur at your expense.

Nitrogen Cycle

The Nitrogen Cycle is Fueled by Microorganisms
EPA derivative work by Raeky/CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the difficulties in growing plants is nitrogen fixing.

General Amino Acid Structure

General Amino Acid Structure

Despite the fact that nitrogen is 78% of air it is difficult to chemically ‘fix’ or bring into the soil and into the cycle of life.  In fact one of the properties of the amino acids that make all the proteins of our bodies is that they all contain nitrogen as well as oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.  To the right you can see the N for Nitrogen in a general Amino Acid Structure.  Amino actually means Nitrogen based.

Soil Food WebMicroorganisms are the very organisms that help to fix nitrogen and bring it into the organic cycle among MANY other beneficial things science has yet to fully appreciate. You can see the Nitrogen Cycle in the graphic above.  Plants depend on this nitrogen for photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is how a plant converts CO2 and H2O using the energy from sunlight into sugars.  This sugar is what the plant uses for the energy to run their cells and what gives you that sweet taste when you eat them as well as provide the fuel your body needs.

Natural organic farming is more difficult because farmers must protect their crops by walking their field, picking weeds and preventing insects from eating their plants through crop rotation, spraying diatomaceous earth (read more about it here)  or by encouraging predatory insects.  These are just a few examples of organic farming practices that avoid using toxics that kill the microorganisms so important to your health.  They can also use some organic approved pesticides that decompose quickly and have far less toxic effects on microorganism and people who eat them.

Yes you may buy cheap television, electronics, etc.  Please don’t buy cheap eye balls, kidneys, skin, hair, liver, and brain cells.  Not only are you destroying your own future but the future of the planet as well!

Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on food crops.

Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on food crops.

It is far easier to spray chemical based fertilizers to grow the plants and spray toxic chemicals to kill the weeds and bugs. It is also far less expensive. Since food is produced cheaply and toxically small family farms cannot compete. Slowly but surly the small farms that built our modern existence have gone under while we buy cheap nutrient deficient ‘foods’ from larger and larger corporations.  We have given our food supply, we have given production of our very bodies, to huge corporations trying to make a profit at every turn.

When you spray pesticides, herbicide, fungicides, and rodenticides you destroy the microorganism population and ruin the cycle by which the microorganisms fix nitrogen.  Remember nitrogen fixing is only a small part of what they do.

No-Till Farming

I’m also a big believer in No-till farming.  Tilling the soil kills 50-60% of the microorganism population.If you see in the picture below the ground has not been tilled and the natural soil maintains it’s integrity.  This is extremely beneficial to the microorganism population and is thankfully having a huge revolution among farmers.  It is actually easier, less labor intensive and increases yields.

No till farming

No till farming

My conversation at the farmers market goes like this, “I’m looking for no-till, no-pesticide.”  The very next things I say is, “Can I come to your farm and do a walk through?”  While you may not have the time to visit your farmer but at the very least you should know your farmer’s name.  However it would be an amazing way to get your kids involved to have them visit the farm you shop from.  It’s a great way to get them to eat yucky vegetables.  Get them excited about the process.  Then make them delicious meals from the foods you buy and get them excited to eat the food their farmer helped grow.  This is a great way to get them excited about eating health foods as well as checking out my killer plate licking salad and showing them how tasty a salad can be!

Just a quick heads up no till must depend on the type of soil as well as the type of produce so some farmers may not be able to always use these techniques.


Some people at the farmers market buy produce in bulk from the same place the conventional grocery stores shop and resell it at farmer’s markets taking advantage of unsuspecting shoppers for profit.  If you shop at farmers markets you have to be very aware about this.  This is why it’s important to ask how they make their foods and actually visit their farm if you can.  Good farmers take tremendous pride in what they do.  Often times they will give you a wealth of information about how they grow their foods.

For a little sniper of practical advice from you taking time to read this, hands the down best website to find local farmers markets and local organic, no-till, no pesticide in the U.S. is localharvest.org.

Microorganism Farmers

Organic farmers are most importantly microorganism farmers.  Organic farmers often create large piles of humus, which is decaying organic matter, which they then return to the soil. You can’t continue to take out nutrient filled plants from the soil without replacing the nutrients and minerals back into them.

Convention farmers make up for destroying the microorganism population by using fertilizer, which is made from Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potasium (NPK). This is a simple trade for a very complex system of thousands of active biological chemicals which are produced by complex microorganism populations.  NPK is like steroids to a plant.  They may grow fast like a bodybuilder on steroids but like the cost of the health of the bodybuilder there is a cost in the quality of the nutrients and the health of the plant.

The result is obviously deficient plants. You cannot escape the cycle of life. And currently the science is not there to completely reproduce what nature does naturally. NPK doesn’t cut it!  The waist line of America proves it.

RDs do not differentiate between food which comes from conventional farms which spray toxic chemicals vs. food grown organically with microorganism friendly farming.

Science is about a continuous growth of knowledge. Currently the more we learn about soil science the more we realize how we maybe know the tip of the iceberg if that.  Remember it wasn’t the ice you could see that took down the titanic.  It was the huge amount of ice below the water. We can not currently reproduce the vast variety of biochemicals produced by microorganisms.  We just do not have the know how.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Mother nature has gotten us here.  We should follow her laws.  Currently the America population is suffering because of our society’s egotistical ideas that we have superior advanced technology.  We do not have to suffer if we go back to the way our great great grandparents ate.  We should respect nature and respect how little we know.  The medicine humanity needs most is a couple drops of humility.

We have more therapists, doctors, nutritionists, and health gurus now than at any other time.  We also have the more chronic disease than at any other time including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer.  Bodysynergy is a realistic method to merge the advances of modern science with the wisdom of the past.

To be fair not all RDs share these same misconceptions but is my understanding that they must follow the guidelines of the diet-dictocrats appointed over them who are massively influenced and funded by the very industries that stand to benefit by keeping this information in the dark.

Often dieticians do not recognize the power of supplementation nor do they believe in the value of organic, naturally raised plants and animals. There is no doubt that even organic soils are typically deficient in the nutrients our ancestors ate in abundance.  Our soils have been so intensively farmed that it is hard to replace all we have removed.  There is no doubt that often today our bodies have become so out of balance we need the concentrated nutrition that only supplementation can give us.  Dietitians are followers of the food guide pyramid and numerous other long since debunked nutrition ideas such as the debunked saturated fat heart disease hypothesis and one-size-fits-all nutrition.

Questionable organizations such as Kraft foods and Coca Cola even have programs where they are certified to award continuing education units that Dieticians can use to maintain their professional license. I can’t make this stuff up, check for yourself by following this link: http://www.beverageinstitute.org/professional_resources/ce-activities/

Getting Back to Our Roots!

What makes Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners and Metabolic Typing Advisors different is that we appreciate all the sciences and use logic and reasoning based of the best sciences available.  We also recognize the limitations of current science. We respect our mother nature and realize we have not surpassed her wisdom.  We recognize biochemical individuality demanded by the study of genetics and adaptations to environments and test every client to determine metabolic type as well as laboratory testing of foundational systems of your health such as your hormonal, digestive immune, and detoxification systems.  We want to get to the root causes of your imbalances and correct them!

We also understand the complexity of soil science and understand that man is not currently competent to reproduce the complexity of the soil ecosystem. We therefore recognize the importance of the cycle of life and how it influences our lives from soil to plants to animals to humans. We do not diagnose or treat any conditions. Nor is that our purpose. We simply provide the best customized diet and nutrition education you can find on anywhere using the only system that recognizes you as a unique and valuable individual.


[1] Schloss, Patrick D, and Jo Handelsman. “Toward a Census of Bacteria in Soil.” PLOS Computational Biology:. 21 July 2006. Web. 27 July 2015. <http://journals.plos.org/ploscompbiol/article?id=10.1371/journal.pcbi.0020092#abstract0>.

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