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    Uncover the Source of your Health and Weight Loss Problems with Functional Lab Testing

    The essential Lab Tests your Doctor isn’t running and how they can unlock the hidden solutions to your health and weight loss struggles

    • Get to the Underlying Cause of Most Health Conditions
    • Test Your Endocrine (Hormonal), Immune, Digestion, Detox System and Others
    • Balance your Body with Nutrition and High Quality Supplements
    Have you struggled with health and weight loss? Hidden imbalances in hormonal, digestion, immune and detoxification systems are often missed by traditional blood testing doctors order. Using laboratory testing we can uncover hidden imbalances that may hinder your health goals. With this information we can develop lifestyle, nutrition, and high quality supplements protocols to correct your imbalances at their source.

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    The Blue Print of Health: The 5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV)

    The 5pV is a comprehensive health system that covers the 5 pillars of your health helping you to gain control of your body once and for all

    • Education (What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You)
    • Emotion
    • Nutrition
    • Movement
    • Rest
    Take this class if you are ready for a simple one-stop-shop comprehensive health program that is digestible, tasty, easy to execute and yet can get complicated when you need complicated. The 5 Pillars of Vitality is designed to be customizable to fit your needs.
    Socrates Education – In order to fix what’s broken you first need to understand what’s broken. It is true that what you don’t know can hurt you. Unfortunately, there is more misinformation about health than there is health truth. The 5pV Education System is designed to help wade through bad information and search for truth so that you know how to judge the value of any future information you are offered. Your education directly influences every other component of health. When you know how to fix things and you find what works for you, then attaining health becomes natural and easy.
    Socrates Emotion – Emotions influence your health both directly through hormonal release and indirectly through influencing your actions. Your hormones direct the activities your cells, tissues, organs and systems. Many hormones such as cortisol are directly influenced by and themselves influence mental and emotional states. Cortisol has far reaching effects such on energy production, bone growth, muscle grow and fat metabolism. If you are not mentally and emotional in a good place it is not likely you will want to take good care of your body and health. We will learn techniques you can use to change your thought patterns and help refocus your energy to get what you really want out of life.
    Cooking Health Nutrition – The skin of your face, the eyes looking at this screen, the brain understanding what my words mean and the heart beating in your chest were all made from food you put in your mouth. You literally are what you eat. Your quality of life directly depends on your physical structure which comes from food. Furthermore, you have a unique genetic requirement for nutrients to rebuild your body structures and provide energy for your life. You will learn about how to find your own genetic based requirements for food.
    Socrates Movement – Movement can be anything. It can be a walk with the dog, a dance class, stretching, walking to your car, lifting weights or yoga. We all have our different likes, needs and desires. We will talk about some of the benefits of various ways of moving and help you determine what type or types of movement will help you to reach your goals, your needs, and your wants. Movement also directly influences your mental/emotional states as well as hormones.
    Socrates Rest – We briefly mentioned that your mental/emotional states influence your physical body as well as how your physical body directly influences your mental state. Rest recovers both your mental/emotional state as well as your physical body. In fact your hormonal cycles are built up around your wake and sleep cycles. Rest helps you to come back again with more vigor and energy. Rest can include sleeping, meditation (rest for the mind), stretching, getting a massage or sitting in a sauna. We will review some techniques you can use to destress, improve your circulation and enhance your hormonal release.
    As you can see each item depends on the other items. While they are listed in order of focus, when you take out one Pillar away the whole foundation of health comes crumbling down. But when you put them together you will be amazed how successful and how easy health can become.

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    Finally, a Diet that Recognizes Your Unique Genetics: Introducing Metabolic Typing ®

    Learn how Metabolic Typing ® Can Help You to Match Your Diet to your Genetics Based Metabolism and Free You from the Diet Merry-Go-Round

    • Gain Health and Lose Body Fat Naturally and Effortlessly
    • Prevent and Reverse Chronic Health Conditions
    • Eliminate Cravings and Stabilize Your Appetite
    • No More Counting Calories, No More Fighting Your Body
    Diet fads come and go. Do you wonder why there are so many conflicting ideas of the correct diet yet none of them seem to provide the answer? Like every living organism on the planet, we all have genetic based nutritional REQUIRMENTS for optimal health. When your diet does not match your individualized, genetic based diet needs of your cells your metabolism slows, energy production is altered, and your cells cannot produce essential molecules like hormones, enzymes and proteins. Failure to match individualized genetic based diet needs is the number one cause of all degenerative health problems and the reason why there is not one diet program on the market that is successful for everyone. Furthermore, genetic based individuality is guaranteed by modern genetics. What works for one person might not for another. We are all genetically unique. When your diet matches your genetic based nutritional needs you will naturally lose weight, gain energy, feel great and live a longer, happier life. See our About Metabolic Typing Page.

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    Weight Loss the Right Way, Weight Loss the Only Way

    How to lose weight without struggling, without counting calories, and without suffering, while eating delicious mouth-watering foods

    • How Your Survival Brain Controls Your Appetite and How Fighting Your Body Will Never Be Sustainable
    • Learn How Yo-Yo Diets Can Be Damaging to Your Body – How to Get Off the Merry-Go-Round
    • Learn How Becoming Healthy is the ONLY Way to Lose Weight Successfully Long Term
    • Learn How Matching Your Genetic Requirements for Food Will Shut Off Cravings, Normalize Your Appetite and Give You Boundless Energy
    Did you know the majority of food cravings are signals of nutritional deficiencies? When you do not give your body the complex nutrition it requires to operate your deep core brain stem will obliterate your will power and sabotage your best intensions. In addition, low calorie diets are often the worst thing you could do for your health and are rarely if ever successfully. However, when you provide the complex nutrition your genetics require your brain will naturally eliminate cravings, reduce your appetite to a healthy level and you will lose weight naturally. The Key is matching your genetic based requirements for food, getting the right kinds and amounts of exercise, balancing your hormones though rest and recovery, and taking care of your mental and emotional state.

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    Organics vs. Conventional: Just the facts please

    In this class you will learn how modern science proponents often make judgements far exceeding current scientific knowledge and not surprisingly often in a way that is financially beneficial to a few. This hubris may be destroying your health today – what you can do about it now

    • Learn About the Cycle of Life and Where the Complex Molecules of Your Body Come From
    • Soil Microorganisms the Unpaid Work Force Behind Your Future Body
    • Learn the Truth About Organic Farming So You Can Make Informed Decisions Without Needless Dogma
    • What You Eat Becomes Your Future,
    • How to Find Local High Quality Foods and Grocery Stores
    • Learn About No Till Farming and How It Can Vastly Improve Microorganism Population and What this Means For Your Health
    How yet undiscovered science is destroying your health today and what to do about it now. In order to frame the debate, we must have truth without dogma. Many are surprised to learn that organic farmers often use pesticides. The difference is that they are organic pesticides. In this class we will look at common organic pesticides and compare them to conventional pesticides as well as the amounts typically sprayed and how often. We will review the complexity of soil science and consider methods to replenish soil nutrients. You will learn how all the complex molecules of life are produced by microorganisms in the soil and how these small forms of life make all other life possible. We will take a look inside meat produced in modern Factory Farm and how you want to stay far away from this food ethically, environmentally and for your own health. We will take a look at the limitations and pitfalls of modern science and make a case for using logic and the precautionary principle to make important health judgements that step beyond the current science we have today.

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    The Most Important Health Book Your Doctor Has Never Read: Nutritional and Physical Degeneration

    Dr. Price did detailed scientific studies of native populations subsisting as they had for thousands of years and found extremely vibrant healthy people, as soon as they transitioned to modern foods, modern disease and degeneration soon followed.

    • Our Ancestors Ate Seasonal, Organic, High Quality Natural Foods
    • How our Ancestors Produced Vibrant Health Generation After Generation
    • Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure was virtually Unknown by Our Great…Grandparents
    • The Truth About Average Life Expectancy and How This Statistic Is COMPLETELY Misused and Misunderstood
    • You Will Learn About the Wide Diversity of Healthy Diets on the Planet
    • The Essential Contribution of Fat Soluble Vitamins, A, D, E, and K
    • How What We Eat Today Influences the Health of Our Children and Even Our Grandchildren
    We really are what we eat and this book exposes the modern deterioration of our health. In this class we will review the enlightening and alarming work of Dr. Weston A Price, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Dr. Price travelled the world in the 1930’s with a novel idea, to study health instead of disease. If you want health you must study health. What he found in native populations all over the world, which still existed at the time, were high levels of natural health and perfectly developed bones with an almost complete lack of cavities despite no toothbrushes or toothpaste. Price compared natives living on traditional diets to natives exposed to modern ‘foods of commerce’. What he found has profound implications on our modern diets. This book will help you to understand how necessary nutrition is for our health today and the health of our children’s future and our children’s children’s future.

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    Gut Bacteria: The Essential Friendly Flora

    How to garden your little friends to lose weight naturally, improve your immune system, and enhance your digestion

    • How Gut Bacteria are Necessary for Your Health and Vitality
    • How Your Diet Influences your Gut Bacteria
    • How Gut Bacteria can Influence your Behavior
    • Imbalances in Gut Bacteria can Cause Degenerative Diseases
    The bacteria that live in your body are more numerous then then cells in your body. In fact, your own cells are outnumbered 10 to 1. While we may think at first that this is dangerous these essential gut bacteria perform numerous essential services for your health. They train your immune system so your immune system is better and keeping the bad guys out. They help prevent bad bacteria from taking over. Gut bacteria help produce essential nutrition you can’t live without. It is becoming ever more apparent that taking good care of our gut bacteria can produce dramatic improvements in our health.

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    Ergonomics: How your Work Station is MORE Important Than Your Workout

    How to improve your posture and enhance your productivity while preventing chronic injuries and pain. Since ergonomics deals with the body position you are most often in, this is one area where a little bit goes a long way.

    • How Posture Influence Energy and Work Performance
    • How to Set Up Your Work Station to Reduce Strain and Reduce Pain
    • How Taking Mini Breaks Can Enhance Your Work Efficiency and Help You Get MORE Done
    • Work Station Exercises and Stretches You Can Do at Work
    Let’s say you are working out for an hour and doing all the right exercises to improve your posture. If you then go spend 8 hours the next day in a bad position at work, all that exercise in the gym will make little difference in your posture. In addition, when you don’t take both mental and physical breaks for your eyes and your joints you will clutter your mind, reduce circulation thereby negatively influencing your productivity. Over time this could mean the difference in a promotion or company award and even your financial success. Not only work productivity is influenced but strain and pain throughout your entire body. In this class learn simple techniques you can use to set up your work station to match your needs, improve your posture as well as set a timer for micro breaks. You will also learn easy exercises you can do that can greatly benefit your body and make stationary work less stressful.

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    Equal but not the Same: Considerations for Women's Fitness

    Specific considerations for women and fitness: What you need to know that no one is telling you

    • Learn why women are statistically more likely to develop knee and hip problems as well as tension headaches and a number of other potential injuries and what to do about them
    • Learn how proper exercise technique is especially important for women
    • Learn how to properly design an exercise plan to create balance and prevent injury specifically for women
    • Learn how to Turn On Those Glutes to Properly Stabilize Your Hips
    • Learn how Yo-Yo Dieting can be Especially Damaging to Women and How Low Calorie Diets Should Never Be Done
    • Yes weight training can be just as important if not MORE important for you than men
    While women are certainly equal to men there can be no denying that women are generally physically different than men as well as having different physiology. Yet, in most exercise programs differences between men and women are not given the special attention they deserve especially since in past years the gyms have typically been dominated by men. This is changing rapidly as more and more women recognize the value of exercise. This means our exercise programs need to include an understanding of the needs of women exercisers.

    Women tend to have wider hips for child birth. This increases what is known as the Q-angle which is the angle between the hips and the leg. A wider Q-Angle predisposes women to ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and MCT (Medial Collateral Ligament) strain or tears. Simple exercise techniques can be done that prevent these types of injuries. Women also tend to have smaller joint structures and less muscle tightness than men which means stability and coordination of core muscles is extremely important for women. Women also, in general, have different goals and desires than men. Women even react differently to diets then men. In this class learn what exercise consideration all women should know. Learn about what types of exercises will benefit you the most. Also learn better nutrition strategies for women to lose weight.

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    How to Greatly Reduce Your Toxic Exposure by Making Your Own Stuff

    Make your own Nontoxic Cleaning Supplies, Lotions, Deodorants, Candles and other great tips often cheaper then buying Chemical Versions from the Store.

    • Learn About the Toxins that Surround Us
    • Save Money While Reducing Your Toxic Load
    • Cancer Rates Have Exploded: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family
    • How Modern Deodorants Can Be Contributing To Breast Cancer
    • Make Your Own Toxin Free Deodorant In Our Class: Is Far Easier Than You Thought!
    • Tons of Tips such as What Plants can Detoxify the Air In Your Home and More…

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    Detox Your Body to Live Optimally

    Simple techniques and detoxes you can use to reduce energy sapping toxins while enhancing your ability to lose weight and reach high levels of health

    • Learn How to Help your body remove unwanted toxins freeing up your body to create your health
    • Learn a Year Long Full Body Detoxification System
    • There are Many Misconceptions About Detoxification Learn How to Detox Correctly
    • Learn the Correct Detoxification Sequence that Could Cause Big Problems with Your Health if You Don’t Follow This Exact Sequence
    • Learn How to Deal with Detox Hangover
    Are you struggling with health or just want healthier skin or a longer healthier life? Even if you are eating all the best foods, exercising and doing everything else right we are constantly being bombarded with manmade chemicals we were never exposed to only a hundred years ago. Using these detoxification strategies, you can use to reduce energy sapping toxins while enhancing your ability to lose weight and reach the highest levels of health.

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    Sharpening Your Focus and Reaching Your Goals through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

    Find out the hidden secrets of successful thinking and the learn the tools that great minds such as Tony Robbins use to help thousands create permanent, massive successful changes in their lives

    • How to Change Your Perspective
    • We Are Made of Parts – How to Get Your Parts to Agree
    • How to Develop Sharper Focus and Stick to Your Goals Even When You Don’t Feel Like It
    • How to Use the Structure of Thought to Successful Change Habits for Life
    While tapping your wrist to anchor an emotion and behavior may seem strange at first. However, when you learn that Pavlov was about to create an anchor in dogs by ringing a bell when he fed them you start to realize the structure of thought. When two unassociated inputs into your brain are repeated your brain will associate the two together. By anchoring a good feeling from a great workout or a delicious healthy meal that made you feel satisfied you can then drawl on this association when you aren’t feeling up to task. This alone can bring back the feeling you want just like Pavlov can cause his dog to salivate even without having any food nearby just by ringing a bell. In this class you will learn about what NLP is and how to use it to massively change your behavior to reach any goal you want in life. NLP uses the full power of thought and the very structure of the brain.

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    Breathing/Meditation for Life Balance, Success and Happiness

    How to improve your focus and effectiveness while increasing your energy and workout recovery

    • Learn How to Unplug and Destress
    • Learn How 10 or even 5 Minutes of Meditation Will Make a World of Difference in Your Life
    • How Your Unconscious Can Sabotage Your Goals
    • Improve Hormonal Release
    • Enhance Sleep and Recovery
    • Learn How to Meditate Anytime Anywhere Eliminating Excuses
    • Gain Control of Your Life
    How to improve your focus and effectiveness while increasing your energy and workout recovery. Just like a muscle your mind needs rest. If your mind is consistently running a hundred miles an hour you will lose efficiency, add additional mental stress, and even develop negative health consequences. If you are overwhelmed, have too much to do, and are stressed out then this class is for you.

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    Biomovement Fundamentals (3 Hour Class or 3 Day Course)

    How the missing components of modern exercise programs can create imbalance, give you a protruding belly, reduce your strength, increase chances for injury, and reduce your movement potential AND what to do about it.

    • Learn Essential Anatomy and Kinesiology (Study of Movement) of the Core
    • How and Why 95% of People Breath Incorrectly Reducing Energy, Fat Burning, and Recovery from Exercise
    • Simple Exercises You Can Use to Reestablish a Correct Breathing Pattern
    • Learn How Understanding Posture is the Key to Injury Prevention in Sports and Life Performance
    • Basic Self Assessments You Can Use to Help Correct Your Own Posture
    • Strategies to Create Muscular Synergy to Reduce Pain and Injuries, and Enhance Coordination
    • How to Get Rid of the Poochy Belly and How Modern Ab Exercises Fail to Address the Root Cause
    • Key Exercises of the Core and the Correct Sequence to Reestablish Long Lost Motor Patterns
    • Understanding Human Motion so You Can Began Creating Your Own Exercises Using the Full Potential of Your Body
    Modern exercise programs are based more on bodybuilding gym lore than science and the study of human motion (kinesiology). These long entrenched exercise programs can lead to painful imbalances, less coordination, reduced energy and even cause a poochy belly. It’s time we merged what our top physical therapists know and the exercise programs we are using in the gym every day.

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    Shattering the Exercise Box

    How modern exercise is stuck in a Sagittal paradigm and how you can free your movement potential to enhance your coordination, prevent injuries, and eliminate exercise boredom

    • How Break Outside of the Exercise Box While Avoiding Unnecessary Strain Through Joint Structures and Tissues
    • Using the 3 Planes of Motion to Exponentially Increase the Number and Complexity of Your Exercises
    • Moving Outside the position of strength Correctly
    • How You Can Use Oblique Gravity Angles to Improve Stabilization and Proprioceptive Awareness of Joints
    • How to Periodize (Adapt) your Exercise to Prevent Overtraining and Propel You to the Next Level
    • How to Add this Information to Your Current Program to Augment What You Are Already Doing
    Modern exercise is often confined to specific movement patterns that fail to address the full potential of human motion. Exercise is typically used for both aesthetics and functional movement enhancement. Many exercise programs are good at aesthetics but the large majority fail to take advantage of the full potential of functional movement. I often ask my clients, where in a range of motion are you more likely to be injured? In a range of motion you have developed strength and coordination in or in an area you haven’t trained? We cannot deny that life and sports move the body into numerous ranges of motion we do not train in the gym. This leaves these areas open to injury and reduced performance. By learning how to think outside of the exercise box you open up the world of human motion potential, you can prevent injury and you can maximize your athletics and aesthetics.

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    Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise

    How to reverse and prevent chronic injuries and pain through corrective exercise while enhancing your balance and coordination and flattening your abs.

    • How Posture Influences Your Life Including Energy, Pain, and Athletic Performance
    • Understanding the Full Body: Feet, Knees, Hips, Core, Spine, Shoulders and Head
    • Key Exercises No One is Doing That Can Greatly Enhance your Posture and Flatten Your Belly
    In this class you will learn how to do an orthopedic self-assessment and exercises you can use to correct your posture, reduce pain, prevent injuries and improve life and athletic performance. Many of our current exercise programs are based more on bodybuilding gym lore then actual anatomy and physiology. In this class you will learn about common postural distortion patterns caused by modern sedentary living. You will learn how to assess your posture and very specific exercises to correct any imbalances you have. When your core is working better you will move and feel better while reducing pain and injury potential.

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    The #1 Missing Exercise Training Component: Coordination Development

    How training coordination can enhance your ability in ALL sports, reduce sports specific injury’s and help you have more fun while scoring MORE!

    • Learn Essential Anatomy and Kinesiology of Sport Performance
    • Learn how a Balanced Stabilized Core Training Program Can Vastly Enhance Your Sports Performance
    • Often Overlooked Postural Imbalances and Fault Motor Patterns and How These Can Negatively Impact Accuracy, Agility, Balance, and Coordination
    • How Conscious Focus Can Uncover Improper Load Distribution Despite Proper Exercise Form
    • How to Unlock the Entire Movement Potential of Exercise Rather then Follow Limited Value Traditional Exercises
    • Use Both Right and Left Side to Develop Overall Coordination While Having Fun
    • How Multiple Types of Exercises Techniques Such as Yoga, Pilates and Dance Can Enhance Body Awareness and Directly Improve Your Sport
    Coordination is the missing component of conventional sports programs. This is a mistake. Modern sports training often treats athletes as a team and therefore often miss individual faulty motion patters, postural malalignment, and fail to assess muscular load distribution which reduces efficiency and force potential. By working both left and right, using both feet and hands and using the full potential of human motion combined with a strong understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology an athlete can gain an advantage over opponents who fail to balance their training program. This is a huge area for potential improvement for a beginning athlete all the way up to well-trained top athletes.

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    Clinic: Improve Your Running Efficiency

    Learn how to run without strain, pain, or injury while enhancing your speed, power and endurance through increased efficiency. You will even get a personalized video assessment of your gait along with person instruction.

    • Learn the Anatomy and Kinesiology (Study of Motion) to Correct Your Running Form
    • Prevent Common Running Mistakes and Overuse Injuries
    • How Reciprocal Motion Drives Effective Running and How Many Runners Fail to Use This Essential Skill
    • How to Maximize your Forward Propulsion Using Posture and Tempo
    • How your Feet are the Forgotten Link to Running Efficiency
    • A Simple Technique to Run Hills Effortlessly
    • Each Class Attendant Gets a Video Taped Personal Running Evaluation with Tips
    We are taught that running is about struggle, pain and perseverance, however very few of us are ever taught how to correctly run correctly. Past periods of inactivity, improper exercise routines, and repetitive motions can create inefficiencies which reduce athletic performance and over time will lead to chronic injuries that can stop you from running altogether. In this essential running class learn how to use reciprocal motion, proper running posture and even the strengthening exercises for your feet to improve your efficiency, endurance, speed and prevent common running injuries so you can enjoy running for life.

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    Anthropology and your Health Success

    Learn how this ignored science holds the hidden keys to your health success. You will learn where we came from, how we got here and how this knowledge will massively pay off with your health and vitality for the rest of your life

    • Where We Came From, How We Got Here
    • What Our Development Teaches Us About Health Today
    • The Big Fat Misconception: Human Life Expectancy
    • Studies of Our Past Eating Habits
    • The Science of Adaptation and What that Means for your Health
    For some unknown reason modern health care practitioners are often clueless about the science of Anthropology. If you don’t know how we got here, how do you know how our bodies were developed? Any sufficient health understanding requires knowledge of where we came from. In this class you will learn how adaptations to different environments developed our current genetics and what that means for your health and the needs of your body.