Coaching Support OnlineAre You Ready For a Comprehensive Health Coaching Solution To Your Health And Weight Loss Goals Using Customized Laboratory Guided Programs?

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Introducing Lab Guided Health, Fitness and Weight-loss Coaching

Happy Mental:Emotional StateMost health practitioners focus on one aspect of health.

The complexity of your needs are reduced to:

  • a simplistic exercise routine
  • one piece of exercise equipment
  • a super-food
  • a supplement
  • a type of diet
  • a type of cleanse

Such simplistic gain-health-quick or lose-weight-quick schemes may lighten your wallet but they certainly won’t lighten your body or improve your health and fitness.

Our bodies are incredibly complex and in order to be successful in a society that can be incredibly damaging to our health, we need to consider all potential sources of imbalance.

If you are ready for a comprehensive, holistic program that is step-by-step and easy to follow yet contains the complexity and depth your body requires and is completely customized for your needs health coaching with may be the SOLUTION you are looking for!

Doctors Do Not Study HealthWhere can we find reliable health information?

Many of us are left in the cold with few answers from our doctors. Most doctors are not educated in health; they are educated in sickness. You can study disease all day but if you don’t study health, then how will you ever know how to teach health?  Health is NOT simply the absence of disease.

Very few of our medical trained professionals can answer your questions about exercise or nutrition nor do they have the time it takes to teach it to you. In fact, most Medical Schools give a paltry 4 hours Modern Medicine Doesn't Fix Healthon nutrition in the entire 4 years of medical school. Nutrition is the study of what your body is made of, yet our doctors hardly even study the very building blocks of the body they are studying. That’s like a carpenter not knowing what type of wood he uses to build.

Where does this leave you?

How are you going to take the right steps if you don’t know where to start, what to eat, how to exercise, or what supplements to take?

Coaching SupportWhat if you need help with motivation and directing your goals?

What steps can you take to massively improve your success and step outside of the modern failed health paradigm?

BodySynergy Programs are designed to search for the SOURCE of your health problems.

Questions and AnswersMany people believe that simply exercising and eating ‘healthy’ will help them to lose weight, gain health and vitality. However, for a growing number of people we have systemic imbalances that must be corrected BEFORE our body can utilize good nutrition or recover from exercise.

Let’s say you have a bacterial overgrowth, a parasite, a damaged digestive system, a clogged liver or hormone imbalances. You could eat all the best organic food in the world but your digestive system many not be able to assimilate the nutrients in your diet.  Your hormones may be so out of balance they cannot provide the signal your body needs to create your health.  Your liver may not be doing its job of detoxifying your body.

This is why we test!

If there is an imbalance often times just diet and exercise alone won’t help. You may need the targeted nutrition provided by supplements.

Key to ChangeWhen you correct your health problems at their SOURCE you give your body the OPPORTUNITY to do what it is designed to do. This is when you start to see the pounds drop away, you feel better, you have more energy and you GAIN CONTROL over this KEY area of your life.

Imagine how good it will feel to finally know exactly what inputs your body needs to self-correct?

Health and HappyHow good will it feel to look better and feel better while learning about what you need to do to maintain your health for life?

The best part is once you correct your systems and learn what you need to do it’s not nearly as difficult as it may seem! In fact, healthier habits can be built into even the most stringent schedules. You don’t have to starve yourself or eat bland boring foods.

Enjoying ExerciseExercise, when you’re doing it right, is fun and exciting, not dreary and dreadful! You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or eat twigs and pine cones.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m sure you’ve heard these promises before. If you “had a dime for every time you’ve heard this right”?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different resultAlbert Einstein

EinsteinThat’s why the Body Synergy 5 Pillars of Vitality is completely different than any other program you’ve ever heard of.

Let me show you why the 5pV High Quality Supplementsprogram is different.

We cover all aspects of your health needs. The total health and vitality program includes:

  • One-on-One Health Coaching with me, Daniel Rold, author of the 5 Pillars of Vitality Program
  • 5 Pillars of Vitality Program Health Education Plan
  • Mental/Emotional Exercises and Planning to Guide Your Goals and Keep You On Target
  • Guidance on Numerous Exercise Plans – You Choose What Works for Your Lifestyle and Your GoalsChance vs Change
  • Customized Nutrition Plan Based on Your Metabolic Type
  • Metabolic Me Video Series to Guide You Through the Metabolic Typing Program
  • Laboratory Assessments of Your Body’s Foundational Systems (Hormonal, Digestion, Immune, and Detoxification Systems)
  • Laboratory Guided Specific Supplements Routines to Give Your Body the Materials its Needs to Correct Imbalances at Their Source
  • Comprehensive Year Long Detoxification Plan (Colon, Liver, Skin, Blood, Kidneys, General Cells)

Components of the BodySynergy program Explained:

1. One-On-One Consultations

How Can I Help You?I’m here to help you every step of the way.

One-on-one consultations are the foundation of our program.  During our consultations we will review your weekly progress, create new goals as you progress, and advise solutions for any situations that arise.  Together we will keep you on the right track.  You will know what steps to take and how to take them.  I will ensure that you are never overwhelmed and all goals accommodate your life schedule.

Health and weight loss are easy when you do it correctly!

You shouldn’t struggle and feel like you are fighting against your body.  In fact, this is a sign that you are doing it wrong!

No longer will you be left on your own to figure out this extremely important area of your life!


In the first month we will have 4 consultations which include two 90 minute Consultations and two 30 minute Coaching Sessions.

Program Coaching / Consultations Overview
  • 1st Month – 2 x 90 min Consultations – BodySynergy Initial Program Overview / Initial Laboratory Results
  • 1st Month – 2 additional 30 min Coaching Sessions
  • Remainder of the Program – 30 min Coaching Sessions every other week

Once you make a commitment to yourself by investing in our program I will send you a series of questionnaires.  These questionnaires will help me to guide your Initial Consultation and will give me lots of information about you and your current life habits.  We will talk in more detail about these questionnaires below.

90 Minute Initial Consultation

After I receive your questionnaires we will set a date for our first 90-minute Initial Consultation. During our 90 Minute Initial Consultation we will go over your BodySynergy program in detail covering the 5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV) Educational system.  We will make your initial set of goals both long and short term.  Additionally, we will order any labs kits to be delivered directly to your door as well as talk about how to complete them.Health Coaching

5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV)

  1. Education
  2. Emotion
  3. Nutrition
  4. Movement
  5. Rest

While we wait for your tests to return we will continue to meet for one or two additional half hour sessions to work on learning your Metabolic Typing Program as well as make any needed adjustments to the 5 Pillars as you utilize your program.

Once you have completed your tests and the results come back we will plan an additional 90 minute results consultation.

90 Minute Results Consultation

Success Starts HereThis is totally different from what most people experience with a doctor’s visit in which they rarely spend more than 15 minutes with their doctor.  This is one of the main ways what we do is different.  During our sessions you have my time and undivided attention to assure that you understand the results and how to make real changes in your life.

We will review what your results mean.  This is your time to learn.  I will answer any questions that you have.  We will talk about how these results influence our program as well as specific life actions you can take.

After all, the first Pillar of our 5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV) system is Education!  At the end of this session together we will order any supplements you need based on lab test results.

Supplements Help Your Body to Meet Complex Nutrition NeedsNo longer are you buying supplements without a clear need.

Supplements are the fastest ways to recover your body systems and to get targeted nutrition into your cells! 

Your cells already know what to do, they just need the building and repair materials to do their job so they can correct improve imbalances and run smoothly and efficiently! 

For the remaining of our program we will continue to meet for a half an hour every other week to review your progress, make any changes we need, make weekly goals, order any additional tests and to keep you on track.

You didn’t get here overnight; we won’t fix you overnight!

This is why our Health Coaching and Comprehensive Programs lasts a minimum of 6 up to 12 months.  This is a real solution to your problems. This is not a lose weight quick scheme. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels on programs that don’t work or running away from this area of your life.  Solutions to ProblemsWhen you show commitment to this program, the little steps we will take will inspire you to  discover how much better your life can be.

This is one of the most important decisions of your life, and may well become the most important investment you will ever make.  Your Body is Your Vehicle of LifeNothing else will pay such dividends that you will receive daily from a healthy, functioning, sexy 😉 and vibrant body. Indeed, your body is the vehicle through which you experience the world!  This is your Ferrari.  It is the only one you get in this lifetime.  Keep it well maintained and well fueled for OPTIMAL performance!


2. Mental/Emotional Strategies

Goal Setting, Relaxation/Meditation Techniques, Energy Building, Sleep, and Lifestyle Modifications

Quite often it is the mental/emotional aspect that holds us back from reaching the success we desire.  Together, we will use a powerful mind influencing technique known as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  NLP techniques allows you to harness the very function and structure of thought in your brain.  We can use this structure to influence your day-to-day self-talk and vastly enhance your focus on what you really want from life.Conflicting Desires

Overcome Conflicting Desires

Often we hold simultaneous conflicting desires.  It is easy to give up our most valuable dreams for more immediate indulgences.  For instance, let’s say you just got off of work, so watching your favorite television show may, after a long day, seem much more satisfying than going to the gym.  Yet your body and health are far more important to you in the long run than that television show.  Using NLP, we can change how you value competing goals.  NLP makes focusing

on your goals easy and natural and helps to make it much more likely you will make the right choices.  Your mental/emotional state is an essential ingredient in your success!

World renowned Motivational Speaker and Self-Change Expert Tony Robbins uses NLP in his practice!

Even if you knew the perfect program for you, yet, if you’re not happy, you are not likely to be consistent with your program.   We all have day to day fluctuations and our goal is not perfection, fluctuations in our mood and energy is a normal and expected part of our program.  It is your overall mental outlook and day-to-day self-talk that will ultimately determine your success in with this program and in fact everything else in your life.How to Effect Change

How do we effect change if you are unhealthy and have doubts about your self-control, self-esteem and happiness?

In order to take care of your body, you need to feel good.  In order to feel good you have to take care of your body.  This is where my guidance can help keep you on track.  As we are improving your body we will also work towards improving your mind.

Solutions to Your Health ProblemsYou are here for a reason.

I believe everything happens for a reason.  You are here reading this right now for a reason.  You found this webpage, you have a desire for a specific positive outcome for your life or you wouldn’t even have read this far.

The client I’m looking for is one who is ready for a change, ready to roll up their sleeves and take that critical next step.  You don’t have to be perfect.  In fact, perfection cannot be maintained.  We all have ups and downs. But when you take action you create a new potential for change in your mind.  You are watering the seeds that will grow into the change you desire.  Planting Seeds to Grow

Using these powerful techniques, I will teach you how change can become exciting, fun and much easier then you ever thought possible.

In fact, change is as difficult as a thought, in fact that’s all it really is.  A thought of desire moves you to action.  Action creates change.  Change creates results.  Results feed more action.  Nourish the seeds of desire to grow within and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Imagine finishing your workout feeling energetic, happy and fulfilled.  Compare that to the feeling you had when you wanted to work out, but instead watched a TV show you won’t remember next week.  Which one really makes you feel good?  Which one pays the best dividends over time?  The answer is clear.

Space Shuttle LiftoffIt literally takes BOTH the emotional component AND the physical components of nutrition and exercise to make lasting powerful changes in your life.

When you improve both, your success SKYROCKETS!  Today is the time to take ACTION!  Don’t wait to have the life that is waiting for you.

Ask yourself if you are not ready for action today: If not BodySynergy, who?  If not now, when?

3. Body Synergy Education

Health Education Turns On Your is founded on the old adage that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a meal but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.  Our goal is to work one-on-one with you at your own pace following your needs, goals and desires while teaching you the 5pV program.

This is why EDUCATION is the first of the 5 Pillars of Vitality! 

Our desire is to create independence not dependence.  We don’t want you to just lose weight for a temporary amount of time, we want you to stay toned and in-shape for life.

What you don't know can hurt youThis is information that if you don’t know it, it WILL HURT YOU!  This is information that IF YOU DON’T KNOW you will have a decrease in your quality of life and your life experiences.  The false choice of enjoyment of life vs. health is just not true!  Everything you have done to this point, everything you have eaten, how you have lived, how you have moved directly influences your quality of emotions and quality of life you are experiencing TODAY!

Lack of health causes tremendous pain when the systems of your body start to break down and chronic disease slowly sets in.  One of the most naive statements is “I’m gonna die anyways, might as well enjoy life.”  You won’t enjoy life if you don’t take care of the very vehicle through which you experience life!  The typical modern lifestyle is not how we were designed to live!  Chronic disease and pain are sadly the end result of much modern living.  BUT it doesn’t have to be this way!

Happy and healthyThe BodySynergy 5pV education is one that will empower you. When you take care of your body everything else in your life will become easier and more enjoyable.  You will have more energy for whatever use you want to put it towards.  Happiness is easy and natural with a healthy body.  It is truly something that will change your life for the better every day for the rest of your now longer and happier life!

Not only is this information important for you it’s also important to all of your loved ones!

Please be my ambassadors to the world!

Be an example for your friends and family.  Be ready for their questions because they will want to know what you are doing differently.  You will be able to improve others’ lives simply by being a living example.

4. Full Access to Functional Lab Work at Practitioner Cost (lab fees paid at wholesale cost directly to the lab)

biohealth labs

Laboratory Testing

Don’t Guess – Test

During our initial consultation we will order your first lab kits and have them shipped directly to your house.  All you have to do is follow the easy instructions and return to the labs with the prepaid envelopes provided.  Once the lab is completed I will get your results and we will plan out your Initial Results Consultation mentioned above!

A Few Of The Laboratory Tests We Offer:

  1. Metabolic Typing Test (Genetic Based Nutrition)Health Check with Laboratory Results
  2. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  3. Food Sensitivities Test
  4. Adrenal/Hormone Stress Test
  5. Liver/Digestion/Free Radical Damage Test
  6. Intestinal Infections Test – Parasites, Bacterial Overgrowth, Yeast
  7. Functional Analysis of Blood Tests (This can be ordered through your family physician)
  8. Many more tests depending on your needs…

Wholesale prices:

Since I have developed a relationship with the labs I’m able to offer all testing at wholesale lab fees.  The same price an ordering physician pays for a lab is the fee you will pay.  Save Money Wholesale PricesThis means a 40-60% discount and sometimes even more compared to what you would pay at a doctor’s office for the same tests!  Fees are paid directly to the lab on most labs.

*A few of the labs require the review of a licensed physician on our team.  This fee is only $75 and once again is less than the cost of a visit to a physician.  You are basically getting the overview of a physician at wholesale prices as well.  I will inform you ahead of time of any such additional charges.

5. Free Email Support for the Entirety of the Program

If you have a question, I’m only an email away.  I will give you a special email that ONLY my one-on-one clients get.  This way you have direct access to me.Email Support

I will respond to your questions either with email, by phone and in some cases by video.  I will provide answers to your questions, usually within one business days.  Please email as often as you need and ask any questions you have!  I’m here for YOUR SUCCESS!

6. Metabolic Typing Full Program Including Lifetime Access to the Metabolic Me Online Video Series Plus BONUSES ($395 Value)

Metabolic Typing is the foundational principle of the 3rd Pillar of 5pV Health Program, Nutrition.

Metabolic Typing is important for a few reasons:

Your food is literally your future body.  Without high quality nutrients to build and constantly rebuild your body, your health will suffer.

Paul Chek says, “If you get one thing right, get metabolic typing right.”

We all have different AND...different biochemisty!

  • Metabolic Typing We are Unique
  • Metabolic Typing We are Unique
  • Metabolic Typing We are Unique
  • Metabolic Typing We are Unique

You have the opportunity to change the very structure of your body 3-5 times a day.  You get out of your body what you put in it.  Nutrition is one of the most influential health principles in your life.  This is a KEY area for your success in health and weight loss.

DNA Molecule Metabolic TypingMetabolic Typing is the science of figuring out your unique dietary requirements based on your genetics. 

Blood Sugar Check Diabetes

Glucometer Testing Blood Sugar

Your unique metabolism controls the energy systems of your body and is therefore the control system of the single most important nutritional consideration of health and weight loss, blood sugar.  If your blood sugar is out of balance, so are your energy levels, so are your hormones and so is every metabolic process in your body.  Improper regulation of blood sugar is responsible for diabetes and numerous other problems including weight gain and hormonal imbalances.  For this reason alone, Metabolic Typing is a key pillar of your program.

Metabolic Typing is the easiest nutrition program you will ever do.  There is no calorie counting, no portion sizes and no fighting with cravings.

Beef Delicious MealEating correctly for your body’s unique genetic based needs stabilizes blood sugar levels creating energy efficiency so your body can provide the necessary energy to each and every one of your over one trillion cells.  This also means your body will more efficiently access and utilize your fat storage which applies directly to fat loss, if that is your goal.

When your energy is efficient and your body is given the nutrients it requires your cravings will be satisfied and your hormones will efficiently communicate with your body.

Satisfied BugThis will tell the hunger centers of your brain that your needs are satisfied.  You will not feel hungry and you will not have to fight the natural survival mechanisms of your body.  You are finally working with your body, not against it.

Imagine losing weight effortlessly.

Hypothalamus Controls Appetite and Creates Cravings During Nutritional Deficiencies

Hypothalamus Highlighted in Red
Controls Appetite and Cravings

No more cravings!

No more fighting against your natural desires!

You will NEVER win fighting your own body!

Find out what is supposed to be like to be YOU!

Metabolic Me Video Series

The Metabolic Me Video Series is an online video course that will take you step by step through the Metabolic Typing Program.  Often courses like this will cost upwards of $600!  You will have access to this course for life.

Metabolic Me Logo

Lifetime Access to the MetabolicMe Video Series

The Metabolic Me Video Series helps you to understand your Metabolic Typing results.  You will understand the incredible science behind Metabolic Typing and why it is so successful for so

many people.  The Metabolic Me Video Series will take you step by step through the process of Fine Tunning which helps you to

MetabolicMe Screenshot

Inside Screenshot

determine the right proportions of proteins, carbs and fats for your unique genetics. Of course I will be available to answer any questions you may have.

These videos will help make learning and implementing Metabolic Typing in your life a breeze.  You will be surprised how simple the answers are.  The Metabolic Me videos are purposely made to be around 15 minutes for each lesson.  This way those with busy lives can get the information they need in an easy to follow video series.

Metabolic Type Cookbook for Your Type ($75 Value)

Metabolic Typing CookbooksKnowing your ratios and types of foods to eat is a huge value.  Getting some good recipes that keep your taste buds happy is just as critical.  These cookbooks were put together by long-time super-talented chef and Metabolic Typing Advisor, Nance Dale.  Wait until you find out how delicious healthy can be!

One of the most surprising things I hear from people going through our program is that they are pleased to find that the most amazing, satisfying, healthy foods are actually delicious!  Imagine eating the last leaf of your salad only to be sad that the plate is gone!  Check out the plate licking salad video and report (see BONUSES below!) to learn how to make delicious salads that would make the best chef in Paris insanely jealous!

Delicious Salads Don’t like salads?  Don’t fret.  For most of you, I can easily change your mind by having you try how a real salad is supposed to taste.   However, remember, this is about YOU!  If salads are not your thing I can share amazingly delicious and highly nutritious shakes that help you to get down those important greens while loving the taste at the same time.  Just wait, till you can’t wait, for a highly nutritious, yet delicious shake!  See below in our amazing bonuses.Tasty Smoothies and Shakes

One client of mine who struggled with the texture of vegetables his whole life used these shakes to lose over 80 pounds and has kept the weight off for over 8 years!

Whatever your needs or concerns we will find a compromise that works for your needs and your body!

7) Movement Planning

We will develop a complete movement plan based on your needs, goals and history.  I will monitor your activity level each week to ensure you are getting the amount you need as well as to keep you on target and accountable.

If you have noticed the number four Pillar is Movement and not exercise.  This wording is on purpose.  Many see exercise as a chore, however movement is more encompassing to include all potential movement.  Movement is a joyful, fulfilling experience while exercise is often viewed as painful and exhausting.

Couple Doing YogaBilly Blanks KickboxingExercise does not have to be some drudgery you must force yourself to painfully navigate through.  If it’s not something you enjoy you simply won’t do it.  We are designed to avoid pain.

Now while this may seem like I’m against hard work, I’m not.  I love hard exercise but that is because I’m in excellent shape.  After having shoulder surgery recently due to a car accident, I didn’t start off where I left off.  I built slowly allowing my muscles and ligaments to rebuild and repair.  This is the same for anyone who is starting off a new exercise program.

As your body gets stronger you will adapt and you can mentally and physically handle more work.  But it won’t seem like work.  That is because you enjoy it when you do it right.Building a Snowman

Exercise should be like building a snow man, it starts off very small and takes time to build.  Eventually it takes on a life of its own.  If you start slow and build you will find you will want to push it a little more each time.  It won’t be drudgery, it will be fun and challenging.

Running in NatureThis is because you are ready for it.  In fact, if you follow in this manner you will soon find that instead of hating exercise and suffering through it, you will love how you feel!  It feels good to have energy circulating throughout your body, invigorating your cells, giving them the nutrition and energy they need while enhancing their ability to remove wastes and byproducts.

Movement includes more than traditional definitions of exercise.  For instance, you may go hike in nature, you may play with your child or grandchild, or you can join a dance group. Swimming in Pool The variety of activities are endless.  You can do yoga, Pilates, aerobics classes, aqua classes, swimming, martial arts, or even take up a sport.  And of course you can lift weights and do your cardiovascular workouts.  I want you to incorporate all the options that appeal to you.

Together we will make an movement plan specific for your needs.  We may start small and build depending on your experience and history with exercise.  Like everything we plan it must fit into your current life without demanding so much time that you cannot complete it.

BodySynergy is anti-perfectionistic.  Wisdom vs PerfectionismPerfection is not a feasible goal.  I know that can be hard for many of you, but from one perfectionist to another, balance and consistency are far more effective goals than perfection.

In some cases, our goal may be just getting 5 minutes of walking with some light stretching.  Believe it or not, if you haven’t been doing any much movement recently just five minutes can make a world of difference.  You are also creating healthy habits and not overwhelming yourself.  If, however, you are an advanced athlete we may plan out three a day hour long workouts to prepare you for your next competition.  Everyone is different and everyone has their own exercise needs.

Woman LIfting WeightsWe can change our societal based perception of exercise.  This is about YOU not someone else.  We can be free to enjoy the feelings that movement gives our bodies and make our movement/exercise sessions something we enjoy and look forward to.

THIS is HOW you find success with your exercise plan.  I will guide you to change your expectations and expand your horizons with your chosen movement plan!

Imagine looking forward to your next exercise session not being able to wait to feel a release of your stress.  Imagine feeling great after your workout, feeling energized, and happily satisfied with your work towards your goals.  When you take the time out from your day to take such good care of yourself you are telling yourself you are worth the effort.  It’s a feeling you will want more and more!

8) Detailed Questionnaires

Your body is extremely complicated.  There could be many different things causing your body to be out of balance.

My mentor Paul Chek says, “The human body makes the space shuttle look like a tin can.”

Detailed Health Questionnaires

Our questionnaires cover your body systems in detail.  We leave no stone un-turned.  We need to know about your lifestyle and current habits.  We have to understand YOU.  In fact, the questionnaires will be the first thing we do!

The questionnaires will ask about fundamental systems such as Adrenal and Thyroid function as well as many other aspects of health.  They will also alert me to potential future problems.  We must analyze your current habits and your history to create a completely individualized program.  We need to know what symptoms you are having.  The symptoms, as we mentioned before, don’t dictate treatment but they will help us know where to look and help us to closely monitor your progress.

The best thing is going back and redoing the questionnaires at a later date to find out how much your numbers are improving!  Often because of the slow process of change, improvements are not as obvious to us.  But just like a friend who hasn’t seen you in a while can see your changes more profoundly, the questionnaires will help you to see how far you have come!

9) Quick Start Guide with Check Lists

The Quick Start Guide is a quick overview of your entire program.  It tells you where to start and what to do next as well as keeping you on target.  This is the backbone of the 5pV system and following the checklists found inside can keep you on track and make your program easy to follow with simple step-by-step checklists.

Checklists Checklists Included in Your Quick Start Guide:

  1. Quick Start Guide Checklist (Start HERE)
  2. Goal Setting Checklist
  3. Metabolic Typing Checklist
  4. Functional Lab Testing Checklist
  5. Exercise Checklist
  6. Removing Toxins Checklist
  7. Lifestyle Enhancement Checklist
  8. Supplement Planning Checklist


Last but not least:

10) Referrals to Other Health Care Professionals

The moment you hear a health care professional tell you they have all the answers to your health needs, run the other direction.

Your body is extremely complex; there is no such thing as one method of therapy that will correct all potential health problems.  Often times to improve your successes you may need additional therapies and specialists.

While I may help you with exercise, stretching and mobilizing your body, you may need some hands on massage work to relieve tight knots in your muscles.  Often times these tight muscles can be stretched and exercised but until a highly qualified masseuse actively breaks up the adhesions in your muscles you may not see as much relief or a reduction in tightness as you could.  A good massage therapist can vastly speed the success of your program and take tremendous stress off your body plus make you feel wonderful!

wellness_therapyYou may need a chiropractic adjustment or help from a physical therapist.  If you have a spinal misalignment a nerve that is feeding your body important information can be inhibited.  These nerves can influence organs and muscles of your body.  We can try to exercise the muscle but if the nerves supplying the muscles are ineffective, exercise may not improve until a spinal adjustment is made and pressure is removed from the nerve.  These nerves may also communicate with your internal organs like your kidney, your liver, or your digestive system creating numerous problems you may not associate with a spinal subluxation.  By correcting these imbalances, a good chiropractor can make tremendous improvements to your body and your health.

Warning Not All Therapists Are EqualWarning!!!

Not all Massage Therapists and Chiropractors are made the same!  Just like people run the risk of being ripped off when they randomly go to an auto mechanic, so too can a random masseuse or random chiropractor be a VERY bad idea.

While a car mechanic is working on your car, therapists are working on something far more important…your body!  If your car breaks down and you get bad service, you can always take your car somewhere else or even in the worst case scenario buy a new car.  You can never buy a new knee to replace the one you have.  You can have replacement surgery but very rarely is the joint ever the same.  It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you know anyone who is working on your body is highly qualified!

For instance, very few people are aware of the chiropractic specialists known as NUCCA or SOT.  If you have an upper neck (cervical spine) misalignment a NUCCA chiropractor may be best (Orthogonal Atlas Technique and BLAIR are also amazing cervical chiropractors).  Massage TherapyHowever, if you have a hip or pelvis problem an SOT chiropractor may be better.  For others they may benefit from both if these options are available.  A therapist is not your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife.  I know you may develop a relationship with your therapist, and I hope you do, however, you are not cheating on your therapist to see other therapists, lol.

These specialists help adjust the spine in ways that are far less aggressive then traditional chiropractors.  There are numerous therapies options available and I can help you assess your options.

Avoiding bad therapists can save you wasted money but more important can save your body!

Fire Cupping Therapy

Fire Cupping Therapy

During our training I will research and personally interview ANY therapists you work with in your local area.  Of course if you already have a highly qualified therapist working with you, very likely I could use their advice and learn from their experience with you.  I will communicate with them and help integrate their specialties in your total health program.

I will act as your health guide and together we will find the best solution to your problems so that you can finally move and feel the way you were designed to move and feel!

You May Be Thinking, Wow that is a Lot!

How much is this going to cost?

Partnership in Health SuccessOther similar programs easily cost in excess of $2200 a month without the same level of quality and with much less of a total package.  However, if you act before our current offer closes, you can start a one-on-one customized program with us for as little as $70 a week!  This is less than the cost of a dinner and movie for a couple! 

If even these low prices don’t fit into your budget, please don’t feel excluded.  You can have access to our blog for FREE and you can always shoot me an email with your questions!  In fact, your questions may become a future blog posts.

Am I worth itThe Most Important Question is: Am I Worth It?

There is no more important investment you will consider in your lifetime.

The return on investment in health will serve you far better than any other investment you will make in your life.  In fact, you are directly investing in your quality of life.

When you decide to make a commitment to yourself something changes inside you.  You are telling yourself you are worth the investment!  In fact, every time you take a bite of delicious healthy foods you make from our top chef produced Metabolic Typing cookbook, you are telling yourself you are worth it.  Every time you start your exerPossiblecise program rather than veg out with a television show, you are communicating to yourself that you are worth the effort, the work, and the sacrifice.

That’s right you are sacrificing for yourself!  Invest in yourself and you will have a reward that can’t be measured in monetary value!

Once it touches your lips, just one taste is all it takes!  Once you get the health bug your life will be improved every day for the rest of your life.  

Make Health Your Drug of Choice!

Gain Confidence in your Body and Your lifeNo drug can come close to the minute to minute vitality and the quiet confidence you will gain.  The “side effects” of this health “drug” include such repercussions as slimmer waist, an efficient energy producing system, a better sex life, better relationships, and longer life.

Believe me I have no reservations about selling my product.  There is no doubt in my mind that every client I reach only strengthened my life’s goal which is to leave a lasting improvement in the world.  That world improvement comes through your life.

Maybe the most important question is: How much is this going to cost if you DON’T take this limited chance to change your life?

How much fun is a depressed, out of shape body?  Your quality of life is reduced.  Your energy levels are reduced.  Your mental emotional state is reduced.  Even your personal relationships and your productivity at work are reduced.

How much does letting your body go cost financially?  What are the costs of fighting cancer, dealing with diabetes and increased illnesses and sick days?  What about the costs of expensive drugs you must depend on for life?

Don't become addicted to toxic pharmaceutical drugsAccording to the Mayo Clinic 7 out of 10 Americans are on prescription drugs.* 1 in every 4 seniors are on 5 or more drugs.*

Did you know that some essential modern cancer drugs cost as much as $10,000 for ONLY a month’s supply?

Health care expenditures in the US are higher than $2 trillion per year.  This is astronomical when you consider that the entire federal budget is $3 trillion dollars. *

We are told that the high costs of pharmaceuticals are due to the cost of research and Drugs are badthe difficulties of bringing a new drug to market.  Yet, these same companies spend more money on marketing to doctors and advertisements then they do on developing new drugs!  They also often get help from outside charities and government subsidies.  In fact, the drug industry is the most profitable of all businesses in the US according to the annual Fortune 500 survey with a return on revenue of 17%. *

Does that mean we have better health care?

Well after reading this far I hope you see that spinning your wheels and taking drugs does very little to reverse, cure, or prevent most diseases.

Upset and UnhealthyThe best part is they even admit it, if only partly.  According to the congressional budget office 1/3 of all health care expenditures in 2006 did not even help to improve health outcomes.  This amounted to $700 billion or nearly 5% of GDP.  This is a staggering waste of energy and money!

Don’t get stuck in BIG PHARMA’s spider web!

Do you really want to rely on a for profit business for your health?  We all know there is no profit in the cure.

Don't Get Stuck In Big Pharma's Spider WebWhy get sick in the first place?  Why not look and feel amazing and know, once and for all, how to take care of your body and health for life?

We all know the old adage; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Why not take that ounce right now?  Why wait till you need a POUND of cure?

Once you get on the drug merry-go-round it becomes harder and harder to get off.  Some people have to take new drugs just to handle the side effects of other drugs.  It becomes a never ending cycle.

This is no doubt one of, if not the, most important consideration you will make in your life time!

If not now, when?

Time For ChangeIf I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, ‘I’m going to start eating right and exercising, but I have to wait for such and such to happen.’ I would be rich.  The truth is there is never going to be a perfect time.  There is never going to be a better time when fewer things are on your plate.  There is never going to be a time when the deep space solar systems align and you no longer have the normal difficulties of life.  Let’s be real, what has held you back from already being where you want to be right now?

There will always a next time.  This is a wakeup call.  Listen to what life is telling you.

2016 Time Moving Fast

Don’t let time pass you by! Live today!

You’re reading this for a reason.  Listen to your intuition.

I’ve heard it said that there is not going to be a time when possibility will expand.  Possibility opens a wedge that you must push open or something else will close it.

But I just don’t have the time!

That is the best part about the 5pV program, we can match you on any level you need.  If you have only 15 minutes three times a week to workout, guess what?  You will benefit tremendously.  In the 5pV Workbook you will learn how 7-15 minute HIIT programs or High Intensity Interval Training can give you similar and sometimes even better results than a moderate 30 minute workout.  For others of you just committing to getting out and walking around the block for 15 minutes will give you tremendous benefits.  You don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym to make huge gains in your health.

If you need I can help you with hiring a chef who can prepare your meals.  Every consideration will be made.

Time Running AwayThere is literally NO good reason NOT to take care of your body and a million reasons to improve this area of your life.  The results are instant improvements in your life that enhance EVERYTHING you do!

This is your golden opportunity!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.  This is obviously important to you.  As such you’re the type of client I’m looking for!

I’m Currently Taking New Clients for a Limited Time ONLY!

As my client base rapidly fills up, you have visited this site at a very special time.  Once my time fills up I won’t be able to take on new clients.  I typically open up to new clients only once or twice a year depending on time availability.  Currently I’m looking to fill 3 more time slots.  Usually this will fill in less than a week’s time.

Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our program you can cancel at any time within the first 30 days!

If you decide that this program is not for you, you can cancel your program at any time within the first 30 days.  We realize that all kinds of things come up in life and we can only help you when you are ready.  You will always be more then welcomed back at a later date.  However, due to the out of pocket expenses I make to purchase your Metabolic Me lifetime video series license, Metabolic Typing test, Metabolic Typing Cookbook and the time I will spend on setting up and writing your initial program my initial set up fee and the initial payment is non-refundable.

We want you to know that your satisfaction is our highest priority!  If at any time you’re not 100% satisfied immediately let me know and we will do everything in our power to fix any problems.

BONUS #1 Video and Pamphlet: The Original Plate Licking Salad Video and Pamphlet!

Plate Licking Salad VideoPlease don’t shoot the messenger!  I’m sorry that up to this point in your life you had no idea how mouthwatering and simple healthy can be.  This video will teach you how to make a salad that will leave you licking the plate and begging for more!  I will demonstrate how to make a base which will last from one to two weeks.  Your base will set it up so making delicious salads during the week will become a breeze and save you time!  I will teach you about top ingredients with exquisite flavors that dance on your tongue making each bite a guilty pleasure.  But it’s not guilty!  I LOVE THAT PART!  You will also learn how to avoid unhealthy salad dressings and how you can make your own which taste WAY BETTER than anything you could buy anyways!  I know this doesn’t make sense now.  Please, try this at home J! Even the kids will be asking for seconds.  You will never look at salads the same way!

BONUS #2 Video: The Essentials of Breathing – The First Step in Body Mastery

You can go three months without food, three days without water, but only three minutes without what?  Oxygen!  By learning these simple techniques you will instantly increase your energy levels, improve you stress response, improve your physical strength and endurance, and burn fat faster and more efficiently.  Since the diaphragm directly influences internal pressure you will stabilize your body helping you to reduce low back pain and prevent future injuries!

This is the one thing that is sadly forgotten in most exercise routines.  Breathing’s influence on your life and body cannot be overstated.  This is one of the top things you could learn about your body and the sad part is 96% of people do this incorrectly and they don’t even know it!

Anatomy of LungsIf you need to be convinced how important it is to breathe correctly, try this one thing.  Hold your breath for one minute.  By the end of that minute if you’re not thoroughly convinced that breathing is the most important physical action in your life, hold for another minute.

Let me show you how quickly you can correct your breathing patterns.  Often times with only a few sessions you will get quick and long-lasting results!

Breathing Improves:

  • Energy Production
  • Detoxification
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Power
  • Stability of the Core
  • Recovery from Exercise
  • Acid/Base Balance
  • Activation of the Inter-abdominal Pressure Mechanism
  • Circulates Cerebral Spinal Fluid Nourishing the Spinal Cord and Brain
  • Fat BurningYour body CANNOT burn fat without Oxygen
  • Stimulates the Autonomic Nervous System (Fight or Flight/Rest and Digest)

BONUS #3 Video: How to make your own Homemade Healthy NONTOXIC Deodorant with your choice of Fragrance!

Avoid Unnecessary Toxins

Avoid Unnecessary Toxins

Did you know with cheap everyday healthy ingredients you can make your own inexpensive deodorant without all the toxins of commercial deodorants?  In commercial deodorants you’re likely to find numerous toxic chemicals you can’t even pronounce like aluminum chlorohydrate, propylene glycol, triclosan, parabens, etc.  Do you know that your easily skin absorbs these toxins easier than something you eat?  It would be better to eat toxins then lather them on your skin.  When you eat something in order for it to get into your body it must first get through your digestive lining then it must be filtered through your liver before it goes into your blood stream.  However, your skin is extremely porous and toxins can get directly into your body bypassing your liver.  Many holistic practitioners even blame deodorant for increases in breast cancer.  Do you want these chemicals anywhere near your body?

In this video we show you an incredible easy recipe that you can make at home in minutes with low cost ingredients that are healthy for your body.  You’re going to have a much higher quality, longer lasting, and far less expensive deodorant that your significant other will love.  This is called a win, win, win, win.  Lol.

BONUS #4 Audio: Quiet your Mind Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation Audio

Meditation RelaxationMeditation Relaxation Our guided mediation audio is a quick and easy way to influence the most powerful tool you have in your tool box, your mind.  Your mind is just like a muscle.  It needs to be worked but it also needs rest.  This is where so many people go wrong.  In this high pace world, we have a million things to accomplish and it seems like we can never get it all done.

The way our minds work is that a million things are competing for our attention at any one time. 

In the brain you have an area known as the reticular activating system.  Your reticular activating system filters out unneeded information.  For instance, the sock on your foot is activating nerves.  But since it’s not usually important for your brain to pay attention to the signals coming from these nerves your brain filters them out.  Now if someone is lighting a fire under your foot those same nerves will fire much stronger.  This will cause your reticular activating system to pay full attention to those nerves so you can remove your foot from the danger.

Meditation RelaxationThere is a constant competition among thoughts in the brain.  When a thought about what time you have to pick up the kids rushes through your brain it finally boiled to the surface and became part of your awareness.  This is basically the way the subconscious becomes conscious.

When you’re in full swing and a million things are going on many thoughts get jumbled and mixed up and you lose your ability to be efficient.

Meditation is the solution to this problem.  Meditation is a method to relax competing thoughts and to slow the mind.  This allows a better prioritization of thoughts.  It’s funny but sitting and doing nothing and thinking nothing makes you tremendously more effective.  It allows your brain to relax which will teach your mind to focus on the tasks at hand and help you to become far more efficient in your day-to-day life.

These guided meditations will take you through a relaxing 5, 10, or 15 minute meditations depending on how much time you have.

Bonus #5 Video: The Secrets of Making Delicious Mouthwatering and HEALTHY Shakes!

Tasty Smoothies and ShakesThe secrets of making, quick, easy, and of course delicious shakes and juices.  In this video learn the differences between blending and juicing and when to use each.  You will learn fast easy recipes that will provide nutrition in a flash.  These tasty drinks can quickly provide your body with high quality nutrients.  They are not perfect substitutes for a meal, but they work when you have little time and they make a great snack, especially following a workout.  Beware that most protein supplements are made with extremely poor quality proteins.  Find out what to shop for and how to find the top quality ingredients for your shakes to get the value you pay for to build the body you deserve.


P.S.  If you take ACTION you will get RESULTS which will build CONFIDENCE which will lead to more ACTION!

Come claim your BONUS’s and be ready to CHANGE your life!  See you on the inside!

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