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Confused About Health and Nutrition?This is for you if…

  • You feel confused by the mass of contradictory, ineffective health information that permeates our society.
  • You want a comprehensive, easy to implement, fully customizable one-stop-bodyshop that covers all aspects of your health.
  • You have a chronic health condition and you want to correct the problem at it’s source rather then chase symptoms with toxic drugs.
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  • You want a system that fits into your life and your schedule.
  • You are ready for the truth of health and are ready to make some simple changes to drastically improve your life.


Despite more science, doctors and clinicians than at any time in history modern health experts have simply and miserably failed you –


73% of Medical schools don't teach nutrition courses

75% of physicians dont feel they have enough nutrition knowledge to discuss nutrition with their patients
ONLY 15% of medical visits include any nutritional recommendations at all

40% of the top 5 leading causes of death which cause a total of 900,000 early deaths per year are preventable

50% of all adults - 117 million people - have one or more chronic health conditions


The result is evident in the declining health of the American population.

Obese women in America

It DOESN’T have to be this way!

Obesity Trends from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from 1995-2010

Obesity Trends CDC 1985_2010

Citation: Obesity Prevalence Maps. (2015). Retrieved April 23, 2016, from Key to Health

The 5 Pillars of Vitality Total Health and Weight Loss System was specifically designed for those who want to finally break through all the confusion!

We provide the best unbiased health information available so that you have access to the TRUTH about how to achieve success in your health goals!

I’m excited to share these life changing secrets with YOU!

Why Is Our Society So Unhealthy?

Modern medicine is sickness care, not health care.

When your doctor runs blood tests they are looking for an overt disease process.  For instance a blood test may show you have a liver disease.  Unless a blood test shows an overt imbalance they often tell you you are fine and that its, ‘All in your head.’

Doctors are looking for symptoms for which they can sell drugs or surgery.  At the end of their investigation they have a nice profit they can then use to buy their new 700 series super car or their second house on the beach in Florida.Stop Struggling with Weight

Don’t get me wrong, there are many amazing doctors out there.  If you have a life threatening disease or a trauma, by all means go see your doctor.  Modern medical technology has saved many lives.  If you are in a car accident an emergency doctor may save your life.

But when it comes to preventing chronic disease or helping you to lose weight and feel great, modern medicine has very little answers.  Modern medicine cannot help you to correct fundamental imbalances in your body’s systems BEFORE they become full blown diseases nor help you to THRIVE!

In fact fixing health isn’t even taught to doctors.

Doctors are NOT Taught how to Build Health!

Very few of them correctly understand nutrition, exercise, lifestyle or preventing toxic exposure.

There is no profit in a REAL cure.  There is very little profit in teaching you how to eat right, how to exercise, and how to live your lifestyle to maximize your health.  

There is however substantial profit in keeping you just sick enough to keep buying drugs!

Both the doctors and the huge pharmaceutical companies have a profitable interest in the maintaining the status quote.  It is a system that focuses more on profit then on helping people live happier, healthier more fulfilling lives.

Real Health

Health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing

Health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing

Real health is not merely an absence of symptoms, it is a state of maximum vitality. Health means a person lives the full potential of their physical, mental and social well-being.

The goal of the 5pV system is to develop a state of health, a state of maximum vitality, which will allow you to reach what Aristotle calls your highest goal of life…HAPPINESS!

I can promise you, you will never find happiness on the outside without first taking good care of your body on the inside!

There is a Revolution in Alternative Health Care Today.

The Allopathy Mistake

Drugs can have poisonous side effectsMore and more people are realizing that they can often get the same results from herbs and food based supplements that don’t have the same negative side effects they suffer when they consume factory made pharmaceutical drugs.  Medical DoctorUnfortunately, while alternative medicine uses a more natural approach, it is still a symptom-program philosophy.  Treating people based off the symptoms they are exhibiting is known as allopathy.

In allopathic medicine everyone with depression, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases get the same treatment for their various symptoms or diseases.  If you go to a Medical Doctor you get drugs, if you go to an Naturopathic Doctor you get the same herbal and supplemental alternative treatments.

These types of allopathic approaches, while they may temporarily suppress symptoms, BOTH fail to correct the underlying cause.  For instance a depressed person may get Prozac from a medical doctor.  If they go to an alternative medicine doctor they may get the herb, St. John’s Wort.

St John's Wort Flower a Natural Non-Toxic Supplement for Depression

St John’s Wort Flower a Natural Non-Toxic Supplement for Depression

DNA Molecule Metabolic TypingThe problem with using symptoms to guide programs is that we are all different.  We have different biochemistry and different genetics.

Two people can have the exact same malfunction but display vastly different symptoms.  Two people with the exact same symptoms can have a completely different cause.

This is the same reason various people experience different side effects from the same drug.  While the alternative medicine may use of St. John’s Wort without the toxic side effects of drugs such as Prozac, alternative medicine doctors still have not addressed the underlying cause!

This is why many people have tried every approach they could find to fixing their imbalances yet both modern medicine and alternative medicine have failed them.

If you are depressed it is NOT because you have a deficiency in either Prozac or St. John’s Wort.  There is a deeper underlying causal factor.Headache and Pain Symptoms

By working out the foundational level we correct the sources of problems rather then chasing symptoms down a rabbit hole.

Correct Your Health at its Foundation

Correct Your Health at its Foundation

Correcting Problems at their Source Using a Nonspecific Approach

By following the 5pV you are working towards correcting the foundations of your health.  This is known as a non-specific approach.  If you have a specific symptom and you take a drug or a herb for that symptom you are taking a specific treatment.  By following the 5pV program you are building the foundation of health.  Once the foundation of your health is built most health problems will simply disappear.

In the example of depression mentioned above lets imagine that the source of your depression is a deficiency of the amino acid (building block of proteins) tryptophan caused by an inability of the digestive system to properly digest proteins.  Your body uses tryptophan to create the neurotransmitter serotonin which is essential for controlling mood and emotion in the brain.

Fix Your Digestive system health

The Health of Your Digestive System Can Negatively or Positively Influence Any System of Your Body! Correct Your Body at the Source!

Instead of just taking Prozac or St. John’s Wort and calling it a day we need to find the SOURCE and correct all contributing components of your health.  We can use lab testing (See our About Functional Lab Testing Page Here) to help us develop more specific supplement programs such as a gut repair protocol, in addition, for long lasting success we must build a strong health foundation in all essential areas of your health!

This is why the 5 Pillars of Vitality (5pV) is the backbone of your health success!

We work on all potential causal factors improving all aspects of your health.  In the mean time we may temporarily recommend St. John’s Wort to improve your emotional ballance right away, but this approach alone will ultimately fail in the long term.

This is the reason for the dismal success rate with chronic health conditions in both the conventional and alternative systems.

When such problems are corrected at their source the person no longer needs to take Prozac or St. John’s Wort for their depression.  We have given the body the environment it requires to repair itself at the nonspecific foundational level.

Your cells don’t need to be taught what to do.  They simply need to have the environment which allows them to do their job to express your full genetic potential.  By combining a specific approach with a non-specific approach we build health from the inside out!

The 5pV is Holistic

leonardo-da-vinciImbalance in the body often occurs in multiple areas simultaneously. As humans, we tend to want to make things simple. We search for one specific cause as if just doing that one thing can solve all of our problems.

This is a mistake. When your digestive system is inflamed it can negatively influence your hormonal system. When your hormonal system is out of balance it can influence your blood sugar, which can influence your mood. If you are in a bad mood it is not likely that you will stand in good posture. Bad posture influences your physical structure which can lead to pain and physical stress in the body.

Every system in our bodies are interconnected. Remember the old song, “The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone.”? We could say the same thing about the internal physiology of the body. “The digestive system is connected to the immune system. The immune system is connected to nervous system. The nervous system is connected to the musculature system.” And on and on.NetworkTopology-FullyConnected

Somehow, many doctors seem to have forgotten this nursery rhyme.

The doctors of today know more and more about less and less.Paul Chek

Most likely, the imbalances in our health that we experience today are a combined result of eating the wrong diet, exposure to toxins in our environment, lack of movement, lack of sunlight, chronic dehydration, unrelenting stress, a lack of quality sleep and/or many other potential sources of imbalance. It is easy to say take this pill or take this supplement rather than seeing your health as a complicated interconnected group of systems. As actual results in our population show, such approaches are sadly failing all around us.

SDepressed Personources of Health Imbalance
Mental/Emotional Imbalances
  • Unrelenting Stress
  • Relationship Stress
  • Lack of Purpose
Nutrition/Physiological Imbalances
  • Hazardous-pesticidesDiet that doesn’t match your Genetic Requirements
  • Dehydration
  • Toxic Exposure
  • Lack of Sunlight
  • Lack of Sleep
Physical/Structural Imbalance

  • Lack of Movement
  • Bad Posture
  • Spinal Subluxations
  • Faulty Motion Patterns


Imagine the possibilities of improvements in your health when you work to create balance in ALL essential areas of health.

For these reasons, the 5 Pillars of Vitality was created to be holistic, meaning it covers all necessary components of your health and vitality. Holistic HealthFor instance, you may have a complex hormonal imbalance that we can illuminate with a laboratory test that allows us to develop a targeted natural supplement protocol. Unicorn_opt-minYet, if we are not taking care of ALL the foundations of your health, we can give you the perfect supplements protocol for a specific need, but you will still see limited, if any, results. This is the reason so many one-trick-pony approaches fail.  Unicorns DON’T exist and neither do solutions in a simple pill.

The 5 Pillar of Vitality system is a comprehensive, results oriented blueprint to achieve the health of your dreams and in fact the health you were born to experience. It is the missing owner’s manual of your body so to say.

I know you are excited to finally learn the hidden TRUTH of health. Lets dive into the 5 Pillars of Vitality.

The 5 Pillars of Vitality






Health Education Turns On Your Brain


Find Out How Much Animal Based Food Is Right For You

Stretching Over Exercise Ball

Rest and Recovery

Education: the 1st Pillar

Teach a Man How to Fish Feed Him for a Lifetime

The 1st Pillar is Education

What you don’t know certainly CAN kill you!  It can also drastically reduce the quality of the life you are experiencing today!  What you don’t know right now can lead to pain and suffering over your lifetime as well as add stress to your family as your quality of life affects their quality of life.

At we believe in the old adage, ‘If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day.  If you teach a man how to fish you feed him for a lifetime.’

We are going to apply this to thinking.


Always Question Everything!

Always Question Everything

If you teach a person information they can answer a multiple choice question, if you teach a person how to think they will know whether or not you are full of it.


Our goal is not to just teach you how to fish, in addition we want you to be able to tell the difference between bogus fads and valuable health information.

Imagine knowing what actually works so you never waste another dime on ineffective yet slick marketing scams.

Questioning and actively searching for HEALTH TRUTH is how I ultimately developed the 5pV program over 15 years of studying health and fitness.  Something didn’t seem right with modern health systems, so I began a search.  I did not want to be biased toward one opinion or the other.  I wanted pure and simple truth. I know only truth will give my clients the success they DESERVE!

The 5pV Program is ANTI-DOGMA!


A point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds [1]

Sociology’s Influence on Our Belief Systems

Sociology is the study of how humans interact and create the society they live in. Sociology studies the development, organization and function of human groups and how they interact.

Ancient Humans Survived in Groups

Ancient Humans Survived in Groups

One of the biggest influences of our beliefs about the originate from various groups we associate with.  During earlier times this was one of our biggest strengths.  These strong attachments to our groups makes sense when considering that our ancestors were dependent on groups for survival.

It was very hard to survive in the wilderness without the support of other humans. Often banishment was a death sentence. As a result we developed complex ways of interacting that influences our behaviors often to a much greater degree then we would like to admit.

As groups we tend to take on shared beliefs, behaviors and norms for smooth function of the group. One obvious example of a behavior we acquire are regional accents we learn from those around us.

As you can imagine changing an accent can be very difficult as it has been ingrained since childhood. If these behaviors we learn from our social group have negative influences on our health, breaking through these ideas may not be as difficult as changing an accent but it requires an open, and critical mind.Girl Pointing Finger

One of the top hindrances to health success is emotional attachment to false health ideas!

This is why critical questioning of your health belief systems is incredibly important for your health success.  There is a huge amount of misinformation out there.

There Can Be Many Sides to an IssueIf you are attached to an idea that is not supporting your health the most important thing is to look not just for information that supports your ideas but also information that may contradict your ideas.  Are there two sides to the issue or other sides you may not have considered?  What about 3, 12, 100?

When assessing our information we must be wary not to give more value to information we are egotistically attached to.  This is known as conformational bias.  The best description of the definition of confirmation bias I could find come from the website,

Confirmation Bias

A psychological phenomenon that explains why people tend to seek out information that confirms their existing opinions and overlook or ignore information that refutes their beliefs. Confirmation bias occurs when people filter out potentially useful facts and opinions that don’t coincide with their preconceived notions. It affects perceptions and decision making in all aspects of our lives and can cause us to make less-than-optimal choices. Seeking out people and publications with different opinions than our own can help us overcome confirmation bias and make better-informed decisions [4].

Where do our modern health ideas originate?

Were they from your biology teacher in 10th grade?  Was it from the big muscled guy at the gym?  DSC05707-B_optWas it from watching a cool infomercials?  Was it from your doctor who is following conventional wisdom?  Was it from a government agency with numerous conflicts of interest?

These are all important questions.  The next question becomes, where did THEY get their information?  In the case of your doctor you must realize that unless your doctor is a critical thinker, it is very likely that his/her ideas are heavily influenced by very powerful, well-funded pharmaceutical companies who direct medical school curriculum and target doctors with an extremely influential sales force.

Lipid Hypothesis and the Diet-Heart Hypothesis

An example of what I consider science for profit is lipid hypothesis and the diet-heart hypothesis which propose that high cholesterol in the blood causes heart disease and that high saturated fat consumption causes high cholesterol.

To think critically about this one must ask a few important questions.

Money TreeStatin RisksMy #1 inquiry is always: Follow the money.

Is there a profit motive to the information?

In the case of saturated fats the sales of cheaper to make margarine increased drastically after the attack on saturated fats began.  This is further compounded today by the sales of statin drugs based off the same flawed ideas that heart disease is caused by cholesterol.

Statin Drug Profits are Over $19 BILLION A Year in the US Alone

Does it make sense?

Humans have survived eating saturated fats for a majority of our history.  In fact, the majority of anthropologists today believe animal fat consumption was a requirement for larger brain development.

What did early humans eat in northern environments (not a lot of banana trees in the arctic)?  Of course we ate saturated fats.  A wholly mammoth, which we hunted to extinction, has copious amounts of saturated fats as well as deer, caribou and many other animals our ancestors depended on.

Does it match with history?

How could a new disease be caused by an old food? Heart disease was relatively rare prior to the 20th century.  Heart disease has risen quickly to become a number one killer in the U.S.  At this same time saturated fat use has plummeted while vegetable oil consumption has increased.  We have an increase in heart disease while at the same time a decrease in saturated fats in the diet.  Something isn’t adding up here.

US Animal Fat ConsumptionUS Corn Oil Consumption

What science is behind it?

While there are other conflicting studies the one study that could be pointed to as the start of the lipid hypothesis and the diet-heart hypothesis is the ‘Seven Countries Study’ by an American scientist named Ancel Keys.

Ancel Keys on the Cover of Time Magazine

Ancel Keys on the Cover of Time Magazine 1961

Ancel Keys and the Seven Countries Study

In 1953 Ancel Keys published a study he claimed proved saturated fats were responsible for the epidemic of heart disease. You can see in this graph below that of these seven countries those with the highest percentage of saturated fat calories in their diet also had higher levels of heart disease.  This would appear to be strong and compelling evidence that eating a higher saturated fat diet would cause an increase in heart disease.

Cherry Picking

Ancel Keys 7 Countries Studies

Ancel Keys 7 Countries Studies

However when you add in the total information of 22 countries Ancel had access to the association falls apart.  As you can see by looking at countries like France (8) and Norway (17) both had low heart disease while simultaneously higher dietary fat content.  Ancel purposely choose evidence that supported his career while simultaneously ignoring evidence that didn’t support his ideology.  This is known in logic as cherry picking.  Cherry picking is selecting data that supports your position while ignoring evidence that contradicts it.



Ancel Keys 22 Countries That Were Available

If you add in indigenous groups rather then go by modern societies the correlation breaks down even further. The Masai in Africa, Inuit and Eskimos in Alaska and Canada, Rendille people in Kenya, and Tokelau Islands in the Pacific are all groups with over 50% saturated fats while having lower heart disease then the Japanese which were the lowest on the 7 Countries graph.

Correlation vs. Causation

Another concern with this type of study is that correlation does not prove causation.  For instance many other issues could be responsible for heart disease such as smoking, long work hours, stress, or other diet issues such as high sugar consumption.

SAD Standard American DietThis could be further substantiated by the fact that the cultures with both high fat consumption and high heart disease rates also have substantial confounding factors like the one’s just mentioned.  They are cultures moving AWAY from their traditional foods and toward cheaply made, chemically produced foods.  They also are moving towards high stress, long work hours and more sedentary lives.

cigarettesIt is obvious to me that there is not one demon you can point out and say that’s the cause of heart disease.  People always want to reduce the complex into the simple.  Would it make sense to say that we can go on eating our highly processed, chemically produced and chemically infused foods, we can go on leading high stress, low movement lives, we just have to eliminate saturated fat with a chemically produced profitable non-saturated fat?

That is what has happened.  Saturated fat has gone down, Americans still eat chemically made foods with very little exercise and we are dying at ever increasing rates because of it.


Time Magazine 2014 Eat Butter: Scientist Labeled Fat the Enemy, Why They Were Wrong

Time Magazine 2014 Eat Butter: Scientist Labeled Fat the Enemy, Why They Were Wrong

We are talking about the lives of millions of people!  I personally refuse to sit back and let this happen to people I love and to anyone who takes this to ‘heart’ and reads this!

There has been an obvious change in America’s diet.  Our food is produced massively different then just 100 years ago.  The means of production, types of foods and nutrient density has changed dramatically.  However, I can promise one thing: Eating a food we ate before we had the problem, a food that we have eaten since the dawn of our development, is NOT the cause of a NEW problem.

That doesn’t even make sense.

In order to understand health you need to understand the big picture.

This is why EDUCATION is our number 1 pillar and why so many health ideologies simply fail.

We must be able to separate fact from fiction.  Our health future and quality of life depend on it!


There are two major components to the 5 Pillars of Vitality Education Pillar.

  • One part is learning how to think critically about health ideas and if they are helping or hindering our health.
  • The second part are the often ignored sciences that contribute to the full scientific understanding of how to reach true health.

Sadly many important subjects are left conveniently out of our conventional health wisdom.

Our food choices have been largely based on recent cultural norms and this socialization of the most important aspect of our health needs to return to science where these questions are answered correctly.

Learn to ThinkLogical Progression

In the 5 Pillars of Vitality Workbook you will learn what I call a logical progression.  By starting with evidence and facts we know to be true we can progress to deeper level truths that can guide us to reach the full health potential we all have inside us.  Logical progression is the foundation of critical thinking and logic.

By using logic we can get closer and closer to the truth.  Logic is the study of reasoning and how we can judge information to be closer or further from truth.

In the example above we can see the flaws in Ansel Key’s study by realizing that only information that supported Key’s career was included while evidence that didn’t support his hypothesis was discarded. We can recognize two flaws of logic, cherry picking and correlation vs. causation.

At first Ancel’s assertions seemed an open and shut case, yet understanding logic can guide us to seeing through fallacies we might otherwise fall for.

In the 5 Pillars of Vitality Program you will learn logic, philosophy, critical thinking and how to recognize faulty information that is compelling on it’s surface.  My favorite introduction into critical thinking is the story of Socrates and how his questioning of authority led to his death by the Athenian senate.  Socrates’ story is just a pertinent today as it was 2,500 years ago.

I know many of you are surprised to hear this as part of a health education.  In fact this is the most important part and why education is the first of the 5 Pillars.

We all have a sense of logic and what is true or false, however in today’s society a tremendous amount of false logic is presented to us.  Statistics are easily manipulated to support any position and scientific studies are bought and paid for.   Even our governmental agencies entrusted to protect us are a revolving door of industry insiders and cronyism.

Much of this false logic is given by people with impressive credentials and official titles.  Sadly this type of false logic is reinforced with a tremendous amount of money and power.  It’s truly time to see through these profitable manipulations.  Those we have entrusted have failed us.  The failing health of modern society is proof of their inequities.  We must take responsibility for our own health if we want the quality of life we were born to experience.

The truth is the real solutions don’t make executives 7 figures.  The real truth doesn’t tie you into a failing system for its own profit.  It frees you from the spider web of modern medicine.

‘Often Ignored’ Subjects Important for Understanding the Truth of Human Health

Before I get into these I want to avoid worrying you.  You will not need to understand these subjects in depth to understand how they influence critical thinking relating to health.  Most value in these subjects come from very easy to understand foundational concepts that are not even debated by the scientists in these fields.  They are in fact the fundamentals of these sciences.

Strand of DNALets consider some of the subjects that are important to understand the needs of our bodies and talk briefly about why they are important.


The foundation of biology is genetics.  In fact life on earth only makes sense in the context of genetics.  All organisms have genetic REQUIREMENTS for nutrition.  If an organism doesn’t match those genetic requirements the quality of it’s genetic expression and, as a result, it’s quality of life will be reduced.

Genetics also explain how an organism adapts to various environments and therefore why the human diet is too diverse to fit a one-size-fits-all diet.  This is the logical progression which leads to the only conclusion that human genetics guarantees we each have our own metabolic type.

Study of Anthropology Gives Essential Clues to Human Health

Study of Anthropology Gives Essential Clues to Human Health
Nacho Facello/CC BY 2.0

Hadzabe Hunters

Hadzabe Hunters
Woodlouse/ CC BY-SA 2.0


Anthropology is the study of how humanity developed across time.  This is the number one most ignored science when it comes to health and is quite probably the most important.  No one is asking where did we came from?  How did we get here?  What did we eat?  How did we live?  How did we adapt to the environments in which we lived?

These questions are so fundamental to our health their exclusion in the investigation of our health can only be construed as pure fallacy!

These sciences answer the essential questions no one seems to be asking:
  • Where did we come from?
  • How did we get here?
  • What did we eat?
  • How did we live?
  • How did we adapt to the environments in which we lived?

Now you can see why Education is the missing link in so many health programs and how this makes the 5pV Program so unique.  We will cut out the dogma and develop a keen sense of health truth that is so essential for  your success.

Education is the Main Priority of the 5 Pillars of Vitality System and is FOUNDATIONAL to understanding the other Pillars.

Let’s talk about the second Pillar of Vitality.


Emotion the 2nd Pillar


Your Mental/Emotional state is critical for your success and health!

You can’t emotionally feel better than your physical body.

We are a combination of a mental and physical body. You cannot separate the two.

The perfect way to understand emotion and it’s connectedness to the next two pillars of vitality, nutrition and movement, is  the triad of health.

Triad of Health

In the triad of health you can see Mental/Emotional is at the top of the pyramid. When your Mental/Emotional state is not balanced it will immediately affect the other two components.

They in turn directly influence your Mental/Emotional state.

Let’s look at the link between the mental and the physical.  In fact they are one and the same and cannot be separated in physiology.

CandicePert PhD-neuroscience

Candice Pert, Ph.D.

Molecules of EmotionThe book, Molecules of Emotion, highlights the ground breaking research of neuroscientist Candice Pert, Ph.D.  Dr. Candice Pert was the discoverer of the opiate receptor in the brain which proved that neuropeptides, molecules in our brain, are responsible for the emotions we feel.

This means our emotions are actual physical molecules.

To bring this full circle (or full triangle) it is important to understand that our emotions are physical molecules, which come from our nutrition.

These molecules of emotion also have a profound influence on what hormones are released by our brains.

Our mental state in turn directs the molecules our body makes from the food we consume.

You cannot influence one of the triad without influencing the other two.

When these molecules of emotion are released peptide hormones from our emotions cascade throughout your blood streaming influencing every cell in your body. These emotions influence everything from turning genes on and off to controlling energy production as well as influencing the overall function of the cell.

The triad of health demonstrates how our emotions, which are influenced by our nutrition, in turn release hormones, which influence our physical body.

Our emotional state also directly influences our physical body through our posture.

Peanuts Depressed Stance

If you are depressed you don’t stand tall with your shoulders held back, rather, your head drops forward and your shoulders hunch over.

These postural imbalances over time can lead to painful conditions such as thoracic outlet syndrome or strain in the shoulders, head and neck.

The stress created by emotion induced bad posture are one of the main causes of stress headaches and trigger point development in the muscles of the neck and shoulders and even influence lower back pain.

I’ve given clients the perfect exercise plan to improve their posture but if they didn’t feel confident enough to stand tall all the exercise in the world would not overcome their bad posture.

Sometimes it is not until Mental/Emotional improvements are made that a person’s posture improves. This is why Mental/Emotional is the second Pillar and why it’s the top of the pyramid of the triad of health.  Most people think health is all about nutrition and exercise.  You are half way through this webpage and we haven’t even gotten to those Pillars…yet.

Paradoxically have you ever noticed that once you change your posture it immediately influences your mood?

Say, for instance, you’re upset about something. You feel righteous in your upsetness (Is that a word? Lol). But… you have a good reason to feel good about feeling bad. UpsetThen you see something funny. Maybe a close friend falls on his/her face and you can’t help but laugh.

Wait a minute! It felt good to be upset. Besides, you had the right to be upset! You want to go back to your depressed stance that Charlie Brown was talking about.  So you try your best to go back to feeling upset. However by laughing you have changed your posture and physiology and you can no longer feel bad again. The funny part is that now you feel ripped off that you can no longer be upset. What a paradox.

Shouldn’t we choose happiness over upsetness at every opportunity we have? Why would you rather stay upset?  Isn’t it always better to be happy over upset?  Pay quick attention to this because we often don’t ‘CHOOSE’ the best emotions for our lives.

Just like we can become addicted to things that are not good for us like sugar, cigarettes or alcohol our brains can also become addicted to the negative molecules of emotion.  The more we are exposed to these molecules the more the brain will crave them.  Over time we may sabotage our best intentions not even knowing it is our subconscious mind searching for it’s fix.

Lets do a fun quick exercise just to see how influential these ideas can be.

Bad PostureYour posture has a direct influence on your mood. If you change your mood, you will change your physical posture. If you change your physical posture, you will change your mood.

I want you to sit tall, lift both arms above your head, clasp your hands together and stretch back as far as comfortable.  Completely relax all the muscles in your face them take a breath deep into your stomach slowly, then slowly exhale as you imagine yourself completely relaxed and free.  Then relax your arms and sit back.

How different do you feel?  Was the change noticeable?  Was it immediate?  Now this won’t work for everyone as we all have an endless variety but even if this didn’t work right away giving it time and focus will often enhance its effects.  The cool thing is the more you do it the more powerful it becomes and you strengthen neural connections.  You are creating a habit.

With a quick and easy exercise we have influenced your state of mind.  Imagine integrating this simple exercise in your life on a daily basis.  I call this exercise the a ‘Reset’.  When your computer freezes up because there are too many processes going on we hit the reset button.  Now you know how to hit the reset button for YOU at anytime you may need it.

You can hit the reset before a business meeting to clear out mind and sharpen our focus.  You can do this when you are dealing with a conflict with someone in your life, before a sporting event, when you are writing a school paper, or when you have a decision to make such as which meal you are going to order at a restaurant.

It is often the simple things that can make all the difference in our lives.

The Science of Changing Habits

Let’s talk a little about how your brain works so we can understand the science of change.

Repetition is the mother of all learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishmentZig Ziglar

In order to remember a friend’s phone number you repeat it over and over. When you first hear the numbers your brain starts to create connections between various brain cells.  Just like repeating a dance step over and over allows you to get better at the dance step, the brain adapts by strengthening associations between the neurons that connect the memory of your friend to their phone number.

Donald Hebbs Hebbian LearningThis process of learning is known as Hebbian Learning. Donald Hebbs was a Canadian neuropsychologist who was famous for saying, ‘Neurons that fire together wire together.’

This is how memories and behaviors are created. Physically the connections between neurons become stronger and larger when they are repeated. This is basically the same goal of exercise, however instead of adapting your muscles, you are adapting your neurons.

Hebbian learning leads us to understand that we are creatures of habit. Repetition creates physical, structural enhancements in the connection between neurons  As the connections between these neurons becomes stronger, they fire more easily and tend to be repeatedly fired.

This creates patterns.  You brain uses these patterns to allow your brain to be more efficient with its storage. These patterns become models that are repeated when similar situations in our lives present themselves allowing us to repeat certain processes without continually adding to memory storage.

These memories allow you to for instance smile and shake someone’s hand when you meet them. This is a learned social behavior that you will repeat often in your life. By using one memory to repeat the same pattern we make our brains more efficient and save memory space.

These patterns have tremendous influences in our lives.

Some of these reactions we may have picked up in our childhood or learned from a parent or on the school playground. Often times we have never thought why we have these patterns and if they truly benefit our lives.

 If we have negative patterns stored in our brain these patterns may not benefit the quality of our lives.

How do you change limiting, life inhibiting behaviors?

Does it seem that something always seems to get in the way of you working out or joining a dance class or taking a yoga class?

You love the exercise and how it makes you feel afterwards. However when that work bell rings you just want nothing more than to relax in front of your television watching your favorite show. You give up your long term goal, which isn’t immediately available, for your short term more tangible desires.

However, what you REALLY want is the body of your dreams and the energy you get from movement. It is far more important to you than some television show you won’t remember a few days from now.

If you had the choice sitting in immediately in front of you between health and the body of your dreams or a few seasons of a silly TV show, which would you choose?

You know this but often we consistently choose the wrong decisions even when they negatively influencing our lives.

How do you change?

The first step in the twelve step program…I’m kidding.  For real though, just like AA, we must recognizing the patterns that influence our lives and that don’t benefit us in the way we truly desire.

Ekhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, recommends that we ‘step outside of the thinker’.  Take time to recognize the patterns you are repeating in your life. This is how we can truly change these behaviors.

If you judge yourself while doing this you are actually falling into another pattern. Don’t judge yourself and don’t make excuses.  Be kind to yourself. Ask yourself, ‘Why am I repeating this situation in my life? How can I better react to future situations?’

Take a moment and write out the top three patterns that are inhibiting your life.  Don’t skip this step.  These little victories add up.  Knowledge is worthless without action.

Lets ask the next question.  What could be your purpose for these actions?

This exercise is not about making an excuse, this is simply reflecting on why you are doing a certain behavior.  In NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming we recognize that you are always doing your best.  There is always a reason you choose to watch your television show over exercise.  It could have been because you feel like you deserve some rest and relaxation after a hard day at work.

Do this without judgement.  Just take this moment to recognize and to respect your choices that you have made in the past.  They were for a good reason.

Once we see the patterns that influence our lives and we recognize the positive reason behind them, we can start to introduce new ways of reacting. This breaks the pattern and creates a new neural connections. By being non-judgmental we start to objectively understand the patterns and emotions behind our behaviors.

If neurons that fire together wire together then neurons that no longer fire together no longer wire together.

Choosing new models can interrupt destructive habits and change how we interact with the world.

In conclusion there are some powerful methods we can use to enhance our lives and change behaviors that are not supporting our dreams and goals.

With my personal clients we dive deep into understanding what behaviors are limiting our lives and take concrete steps to change behaviors so that we can truly reach the success we all desire to improve our health, our bodies and ultimately our happiness!

Lets take a look at Pillar #3, Nutrition and Metabolism.


The 3rd Pillar: Nutritional/Metabolic

I want to start this off by asking you a question. You can live for about three months without food. You can live on average three days without water. But you can only live three minutes without…what?

Think about it. If you stop doing this right now within three minutes you could pass out. Within five minutes brain cells will start to die and before ten minutes are up you will be dead.

The Most Important Nutrient: Oxygen

If you guessed breathing give yourself a 100 cool points, lol. Oxygen is the number one most important nutrient you consume.  In fact you are consuming it right now.

If you doubt this assertion lets try a quick exercise. I want you to hold your breath for one minute. If you’re extremely stubborn and still not thoroughly convinced, try two minutes. I can guarantee pretty soon you will understand how necessary breathing is for your life.

Why is Oxygen Important?

Breathing is what allows our body to produce a lot of energy effectively and continuously. It also allows us to recover from exercise and to remove metabolic waist from our bodies.

Many of us have heard the term aerobic and anaerobic.

  • Aerobic energy is produced with oxygen
  • Anaerobic energy is produced without oxygen

Your primary source of energy at rest is aerobic and comes primarily from fat. Reading this right now you are likely in a relaxed state and your breathing is at resting levels because you are not burning a lot of energy. Your resting state is known as your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the lowest level of energy required to maintain life at rest.
Without Oxygen our body is unable to burn fat. Carbohydrates can be burned anaerobically and aerobically but fats can only be burned in the presence of oxygen.
As you increase your workload the limiting factor is oxygen. You can only take in so much at a time. Because you can only burn fat in the presence of oxygen and oxygen is in limited supply your body progressively switches from aerobic to anaerobic energy production and changes from progressively from fats to carbohydrates.
You can think of fat as a slow source of energy production. It is like a big log in the fire that burns slow but has lots of energy. This is why your body uses it to store energy. Fat produces 9 Calories per gram, which is more than double the energy of carbohydrates.
You can think of carbohydrates as a faster source of energy production. Carbohydrates are like the tinder that burns easily but doesn’t produce as much heat. Carbohydrates produce 4 Calories per gram.
The byproduct of anaerobic energy (without oxygen) is metabolic waste such as H+ ions and inorganic phosphates which raise the acidity of the cell. This acid interferes with your muscle contraction and is what gives you the painful burn when you’re exercising at high intensity. You can only create so much of this waste before you completely overwhelm the muscle and your ability to contract the muscle stops. This is why you can’t sprint for ten miles.
Breathing allows our body to take in more oxygen allowing you to recover from exercise to buffer the acid as well as remove the byproduct of metabolism, carbon dioxide.
One of the major benefits of aerobic exercise is increased efficiency of your heart to pump vital oxygen filled blood to each of your 37 trillion cells. Your body even becomes more efficient at using oxygen to convert fat to energy.
A major physical improvement of aerobic exercises is an increase in the strength of the heart as well as volume capacity of the chambers of the heart. This increases stroke volume of the heart which is the amount of blood pumped per heart beat.
Increased stroke volume increases the efficiency of your heart rate. You will notice that your resting heart rate drops as your body becomes more efficient aerobically. This is why you can use your resting heart rate as a measure of your cardiovascular efficiency. You will also notice that you can last longer and recover faster from exercise.
The volume capacity of your entire circulatory system improves as well. Increased artery diameter reduces blood pressure and prevents varicose veins. This is why blood pressure is also a good measurement of your cardiovascular efficiency.
Increased capillary density improves your ability to get oxygenated red blood cells close to the cells that need oxygen. Capillaries are the smallest diameter arteries where oxygen is exchanged from the blood to the cells of your body. Capillaries are so small red blood cells can only flow through them one at a time making it easy for oxygen exchange to take place.
This increased efficiency of oxygen consumption means you have an increased ability to burn fat!
Improvements from Aerobic Exercise
• Improved Cardiovascular Efficiency
o Increased Volume of the Heart (Stroke Volume)
o Increased Red Blood Cells (Improved Oxygen carrying capacity)
o Increased Capillary Density
o Decreased Heart Rate
o Decreased Blood Pressure
• Improved Respiratory Efficiency
o Increased Volume of the Lungs
o Increased Strength of the Diaphragm and Accessory Muscles
• Improvements in the Muscular System
o Improvements in the Neurological System (More efficient motor firing)
o Increased in Enzymes that Metabolize Energy
o Improved Ability for Oxygen Uptake of the Cells
o Improved Ability to Convert Proteins, Carbs and Fats to Energy
o Improvements in Body Composition (Lower Body Fat)
o Slight Increases in Muscle Size (In initial stages and not as efficient as resistance exercise)
Breathing is also responsible for your acid/base balance. We’ve probably all heard the latest buzz words like we are all too acidic and it is acidosis or acidity which allows disease to flourish. We are told to drink alkalized water. Yet respiration has far more influence on your blood pH then your diet. Breathing is your body’s direct method for maintaining the tight pH balance necessary for your blood which is slightly alkaline at 7.35-7.45+. Unfortunately, alkalinized water is a misconception of physiology that many people fall for.
Breathing Influences Mental State
Have you ever had someone hide behind a door and scare you or have you ever done this to a friend to amuse yourself? What is the first thing you do when freighted? You *gasp*. Your inhale stimulates your fight and flight nervous system also known as your sympathetic nervous system.
When you realize it’s your annoying friend the next thing you do is sigh in relief. The exhale stimulates your rest and digest or parasympathetic nervous system.
Your body needs a balance of your sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system or your fight or flight vs. rest and digest nervous system.
Anatomy of Breathing
What if I told you that >95% of people do not breathe correctly and that this is a huge hindrance their energy production, lowering their metabolism thereby decreasing their ability to burn fat and recover from exercise? If you look at the diaphragm you can see it is similar to a parachute. When it contracts it pulls downwards. The contraction of the diaphragm causes a displacement of your abdominal organs.
Many people have what is known as an inverted breathing pattern. This means they breathe through their accessory muscles instead of their diaphragm. These accessory muscles cannot bring in near the volume of oxygen that breathing through the diaphragm can.
This lowers energy production, inhibits fat loss and can influence pH.
This is just the iceburg of the potential problems caused by accessory muscle breathing. Not only does it lower energy it also causes the accessory muscles to overwork.
You breathe between 16-20 times a minute. This means that over the course of one day you will take over 20,000 breaths. The accessory muscles are not designed to be primary breathing muscles. This causes them to be overworked which can lead to stress in the upper shoulders and neck area. This can influence posture which we already know can influence your mood.
One might ask why most people do not simply breathe correctly. If you look at how a young child breathes you will see their stomach rise and fall as they breathe. During my anatomy and physiology class, I asked my instructor, Dr. Joe Nicola, why do muscles not work just how they are designed?
I have trained world class wrestlers and mixed martial artists one of which was a world champion and I had to teach them proper breathing and core control. If these muscles are designed this way why don’t they just do what they are supposed to?
His reply struck me as incredibly insightful and still today has a big influence on my understanding of human movement. He said that today we walk around on flat surfaces with flat shoes. We don’t get the same neurological stimulation we used to get from our feet.
When you think about this you would assume that your feet have nothing to do with your diaphragm. They are far removed from each other. How could one influence the other?
Well I can tell you this, everything is interconnected. I have had clients who’s feet problems were causing shoulder pain.
Your feet are the START of what is known as proprioception. Proprioception is body awareness in a three dimensional space. When you reach your arm up and behind your head, you may not see it but you feel it in space. This is because nerves in your muscles send signals to your brain.
Most people do not think about this but there are muscles in your feet. When you put shoes on your feet they interfere with the natural motion that occurs in the feet upon ground contact. Without shoes there are muscles that lengthen and slow your motion down so you can change directions and continue on your way. When these muscles are inhibited with shoes the signal is reduced and delayed.
It’s like trying to listen to someone speak with ear muffs on.
Dr. Nicola believes this is the cause of the majority of muscular imbalance and is why our diaphragms ‘forget’ how to function. This concept will reappear later when we talk more about the feet and proprioception in the exercise section.
How do you test for Improper Breathing?
This test is quite easy and I want you to do this with me right now. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Sit up straight in your chair or stand up. Take a deep breath. Which hand moved more, the hand on your chest or the hand on your stomach?
If the hand on your chest rises instead of the hand on your stomach then you have an inverted breathing pattern.
How do you correct an Inverted Breathing Pattern?
The test is the exercise. Keeping your hands on both your chest and your stomach try to breathe deeply into the stomach. You should feel your hand raise.
If you still have a difficult time doing this and want to see a video on how to do this exercise correctly please copy and paste this link:
We will talk more about how your diaphragm controls your posture and your stabilization in the exercise portion.
Let’s talk about the second most important nutrient in your body, water.
Water is between 60 and 70% of your body’s weight. Water helps your body with lubrication of joint and tissues and helps keep your skin healthy. It is a major component of the cytoplasm of your cell. You are reading this through water filled eyes. Water also helps to detoxify your body and digest food.
Water is the number one ingredient of your blood, lymph, intercellular fluid, and the Cerebral Spinal Fluid that provides nutrition to your central nervous system and brain.
All the metabolic processes in your body occur in a solution of water. If you are dehydrated these metabolic processes slow down.
As you can see the most important nutrient you take in next to Vitamin O is Vitamin H2O.
Any reduction in your hydration can have drastic effects on your health.
Because humans do not have a well developed thirst mechanism a large majority of the population suffers from dehydration. You know when you are hungry. Your stomach will rumble in pain you until you eat. However evolution has not given us a powerful thirst mechanism and many can become dehydrated without noticing. The interesting part of this is that as you start to hydrate, your body’s thirst mechanism will naturally become stronger.
Even a small amount of dehydration can have dramatic influences in your body.
Likely due to bad habits combined with lack of an efficient thirst mechanism, 90% of the population is 2-3% dehydrated. If a person is 2-3% dehydrated their strength will be reduced by 20% and their endurance reduced by 40%.
If you are part of this 90% not only will your workouts be reduced your recovery post workout will be reduced. This means the hormones that are released will not be as effective and the protein repair process will be delayed and therefore your results dampened. Since drinking water is such an easy fix, why would you want to reduce the benefits of the hard work you are putting in?
Chronic Dehydration
Chronic dehydration can also lead to even more severe problems such as kidney stones, organ damage, constipation, and liver, joint and muscle damage. It has been implicated in mental decline such as Alzheimer’s and is suspected in accelerated aging.
Do not drink toxic chemically infused Sport’s Drinks
If you see a florescent sport drink run the opposite direction. These are often loaded with sugar and have chemicals added to them for coloring and preservation. You don’t see bright red, orange, or green florescent fluids in nature. These are chemicals that your liver must detoxify.
Soda and Juices
Both soda and fruit juice contain high amounts of easy to digest simple sugars. Simple sugars can cause drastic rises and falls of your blood sugar levels. This can play havoc on your body and lead to diabetes or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
Soda is another drink with high amounts of simple sugars.
High Fructose Corn Syrup
These drinks are often full of high fructose corn syrup. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a dangerous toxin that should not be consumed in high amounts. The average American consumes 60 pounds per person per year. Since HFCS became such a huge percentage of the American diet obesity rates have skyrocketed [6]. Corn subsidies pay farmers to grow more corn dropping the cost to poison and addict our families.
What you subsidize you get more of. Our government is literally paying farmers to make cheap, low nutrition, fake foods.
For more on this #
Plain ‘Ol Water
The best source of hydration is not surprisingly, water.
@ Quick Recommendation:
If you want to add a little flavor to your water try adding a couple of slices of lemon and/or some mint leaves to your water and store over night in your refrigerator. This is known as infusing and there are numerous recipes that not only add flavor to your water but nutrients as well [7].
Because so much of our water is laced with toxins and chemicals, you want be sure your source of 60-70% of your future body comes from a very good source.
Artesian wells from deep in the ground are often ideal because they are untainted with the onslaught of chemicals we have in our modern environment since the water in many of these wells predates the modern era. If you must purchase water good sources include glass Evian and Voss bottles. These waters also have a good amount of dissolved minerals that are essential for your body.
You can even find a local source of spring water by visiting
Most everything we interact with contaminated on some level
Well water – no fluoride, still may need filtration
Municiple water supply = fluoridated
13 drugs a year – excreted into water supply not removed traditional water filtration system
Pipes – variety
Chlorine – kills gut bacterial – combine with organic material in water and in body to create disinfection byproduct DBP trihelamethane, indolocetic acids – 10,000 time more problematic then chlorine, Filter – any is better then no filter you become the filter
Bottle water not good long term solution
Environmental influence 8 lbs a gallon
EPA regulates water supplies
FDA – bottled water fraud and deception
Filtration – distilled water – devoid of minerals – alkaline water (process applied to water not a filtration)
RO – most fluoride most DBP – removes beneficial minerals, Himalayan sea salt ¼ tsp per gallon – refrig 39degrees restructures water
Carbon System – whole house, on tap, in shower
Look for at least a two stage system
Shower filter – most important – Volatilizing hot shower skin absorbs in shower for 10 mins is equivalent of drinking 1 gallon
90% people use municipal water
If you don’t have a filter, you are the filter
Chlorine in water supply – evaporates into house effecting air quality – another reason to close toilette seat – opening windows even in winter time – cross ventilation 5-10 minutes a day
Well water must be tested and filter custom made
In restaurant let sit for 30 minutes to evaporate chlorine.
Nsf certification – quality of water (filter)
Limitations of science – what if something has small effects that don’t register above the level of the standard deviation
Multiple complex chemicals in a multi-dimensional system
Another source of good water is water filtered with reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis
Bottled water is a Scam
As there are no regulations on bottled

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