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We have advanced scientific equipment that can look deep inside your body.  We can do complex surgery on the heart and brain. Yet, for humans, science STILL has not answered the number one most important question of human health, vitality and weight loss. Which is of course…Nutrition


That is…UNTIL NOW!

Nutrition is ESSENTIAL for:

  • Health and Longevity
  • Body Shape and Self Confidence
  • Energy Production
  • Emotional Balance and Stability
  • Quality of Life Experience
  • Every Single Aspect of Your Life

Your Body is the Vehicle Through Which You Experience Life!

Do You Want to LIVE (Drive) This:

Beautiful Car_opt-min


Do You Want to LIVE (Drive) This:

Ugly Car_opt-min

Your Future Body is Made of What You Eat Today!

We depend on a continual resupply of complex organic molecules to rebuild our hair, nails, skin, organs, blood, bones, etc.

Cell Replacement of the Human Body:

  • Your Small Intestine is New Every 2-4 Days
  • Your White Blood Cells are New Every 2-5 Days
  • Your Lung Alveoli (small sacks where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged) Are New Every 8 Days
  • Your Skin is New Every 10-30 Days
  • Your Bone is New at 10% per Year

These rebuilding molecules come from one place and one place only: from our diet.

Knowing what to eat is incredibly important for your quality of life. Food is what you are literally made of!

Digestive System_opt-min


Animals know exactly what to eat in the wild!

Science has no problem describing the correct diet for various animals. The animals themselves don’t have any difficulty knowing what to eat. You don’t have confused deer trying to eat raccoons. There are no wolves mistakenly munching on grass.

Yet with all our modern science, conventional medicine does not have the answer to the most fundamental aspect of human health…What should we eat?

Elk Metabolic TypeHungry Lion


Who Can Answer this ESSENTIAL Life Question?



Today we have more doctors, clinicians, therapists, practitioners, and nutritionists now than any previous time in history. We have hundreds if not thousands of books on nutrition each expounding their own philosophy and their own ideology.  Each book of course backed is backed up by convincing science and slick marketing.

Yet success rates today with diet and weight loss is dismal at best.

The Fads Come and Go

  • Atkins
  • Vegan / Vegetarian
  • Pritikin
  • Ornish
  • Zone
  • Mediterranean

Yet the Nutrition World is STILL Flat!


The World is Flat

Ship About to Fall Off End of the World
George Grie/GFDL/CC BY-SA 3.0


Today we have the nutritional equivalent of the world is flat! The answer to the question of nutrition can be easily found in the basics of biology: the study of genetics.

Nutritionists Ignore their OWN Science!

The study of genetics tells us that all organisms adapt to their environment.
DNA is a self replication molecule.  But it’s NOT perfect.  When DNA makes a mistake (mutation) while self-replicating in can cause a genetic change in the offspring of an organism.

These changes can either enhance an animal’s survival or decrease its chance for survival.

Over long periods of time vast changes that benefit the organism are reproduced while organisms without the changes are not.

This is the process of Adaptation!

DNA Animation Genetics

Biomes of the World

Plant Biomes of the World
By Ville Koistinen/ GFDL / CC BY-SA 3.0


Wikipedia – A biome /ˈbaɪoʊm/ is a major community of plants and animals, classified according to its predominant vegetation and characterized by the adaptations of its organisms to that particular environment.

Human Adaptation

Humans have Adapted to:

  • Arid desserts
  • Grassy woodlands
  • Wet jungles
  • and even the Frosty Arctic

Eskimo from Noatak Alaska

Inupiat Eskimo Family Noatak, Alaska, by Edward Sheriff Curtis circa 1929.

So…what should YOU eat?

Well that depends on YOUR GENETICS!

You have a UNIQUE genetic code that adapted over many thousands of years to the environment your ancestors lived in. You were born with that genetic code and it won’t change.  You can however influence how it is expressed with diet.

If genetically you are an Eskimo you need to eat how Eskimos have eaten for tens of thousands of years.

If you are a Yanomami Indian from the Jungle of South America you should eat like Quechua Indians have for tens of thousands of years.

Diet is the most powerful Epigenetic Influencer of your Environment!

Epigenetics – The study of how environment switches genes on and off

Eat Right Certain Genes Are Turned On/Off

Eat Wrong and Different Genes Turn On/Off

Epigenetics + Your Genes control YOUR health destiny!

Yanomami Woman and Child

Yanomami Woman and Child from the Brazil Jungle
by Cmacauley/ CC BY-SA 3.0

When your diet matches your genetic needs, you will have the most advantageous expression of your genes.

You were designed to be healthy!

If you’re an Eskimo genetically adapted to eating high portions of meat and you become a Vegan, your diet doesn’t match your genetics and you will not allow your body the nutrients it requires and you will NOT be healthy!

If you’re an Yanomami Indian genetically adapted to eating lots of fruits and plants from the jungle and you go on the Atkins Diet (High Protein), your diet doesn’t match your genetics and you will not allow your body the nutrients it requires and you will NOT be healthy!

No matter how good and how convincing it sounds, NO ONE’S good idea will CHANGE YOUR GENETICS!

The Simple Answer to the Diet Question?

  • Eat Right for Your Genetics
  • Eat High Quality Organic Nutrition


The Study of Genetics Literally Guarantees We Each Have Our Own Metabolic Type®!

We all have different AND...different biochemisty!


Top Researcher Validates Biochemical Individuality!

Roger Williams Ph.D. Author of Biochemical Individuality

Roger Williams Ph.D. Biochemistry

Roger Williams, Ph.D. in biochemistry, was one of the most eminent biochemists of modern times.  He is famous for his discovery of pantothenic acid (Vit B5), a precursor of the steroid hormones and necessary for life.

Williams also founded and directed the most successful laboratory in the world, Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas, Austin.  Under Williams direction the Clayton Foundation laboratories were responsible for discovering more vitamins and nutrients then any other laboratory in the world!

Despite the prestige of Dr. Williams and his discoveries modern science has yet to fully realize the implications of William’s most important contribution to science, his studies into human variability in biochemistry.  His researched showed that not only do we have different eye colors, hair colors, skin colors, body shapes and sizes on the outside but we also have huge differences on the inside!

Dr. Williams called these differences in our bodies internal chemistry Biochemical Individuality!

Biochemical Individuality Roger Williams, Ph.D.

Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams, Ph.D.

While Dr. Williams was recovering from ulcer surgery he was given morphine to fall asleep and alleviate the pain. However Dr. Williams had a very unexpected reaction.  Instead of falling asleep he became more alert as if he had just drunk a cup of coffee. The doctors gave him more morphine assuming the dosage was too low. He now felt like he was on ten cups of coffee.  He had the opposite reaction of what the doctors expected.

If we all had the same internal chemistry we would all have the same reaction to drugs and we would all have the same reaction to food.  Yet we all know that drugs have a long list of potential side effects that some people may experience to a greater or lessor extent as compared to another person taking the same drug.

There is NO DOUBT, we all have different reactions to drugs, food and exercise.

Variety of Anatomy of Human Stomach Roger Williams Biochemical Individuality

19 Different Shapes of the Human Stomach

In his book, Biochemical Individuality, Roger talks about the many variations we have in anatomy.  In an anatomy book he found various sizes and shapes of the human stomach. There are vast differences in nerves, blood vessels and even some muscles found in one person are all but absent in another.

We are no doubt as different on the inside as we are on the outside.  This has vast implications in medicine, nutrition and exercise.

Any biochemical study which fails to take into account the genetic variability of it’s test subjects must be questioned for validity.  Yet this is how the vast majority of studies are still done today.  This means large sums of money are being wasted on research that fails to consider the most important and consistent variable in studies of human biochemistry.

No wonder why one week a new study says one thing and the very next week another study says the exact opposite!  No one is isolating the variables of genetics and metabolic types in their test subjects and this failure calls into question large swaths of medical research being done today.

Biochemical Individuality is finally being recognized in modern science despite the fact that genetic diversity is at the foundation of genetics.  In fact variety in genes is highly beneficial to any organism as it allows an organism to better adapt to changing environments.

Today Biochemical Individuality remains the elephant in the living room of modern medicine

Elephant in the Room

Afterwards Tom and Eric weren’t exactly sure at which point during their discussion the elephant had entered the room
David Blackwell/CC BY-ND 2.0

HOWEVER, we don’t have to wait for medical science to learn to use logic with its own basic tenets.  We have the amazing science of Metabolic Typing today.  In fact some very smart researchers who already understood these basics have been studying this for over 80 years!

The Most Important Nutrition Book You Will EVER Read!

Weston A Price, DDS Nutritional and Physical Degeneration

Dr. Weston A Price
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Dr. Weston Price, a dentist in the the 1930’s, noticed that children coming into his clinic were experiencing an epidemic of cavities and many needed braces to fix their teeth. Yet their grandparents had perfect teeth and many did not even grow up using toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Weston A. Price

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Weston A. Price

He knew that if a child on the African savanna had cavities at such young ages that without modern dental work they would never have survived to adulthood and therefore would have never reproduced. Since we are still on the planet this is not a genetic weakness inherent in our species, something must have changed.

Price wanted to understand why this was happening to modern society so he realized that he could make a control group by study the health of indigenous groups still living the same as they had for thousands and thousands of years.  Luckily in Price’s time there still lived numerous peoples living as our ancestors lived since the beginning of humanity.

Price traveled the globe and found native peoples without cavities, with perfectly aligned teeth, wide palettes and superior overall health and vitality.  In fact cavities were rare among these native groups and he found many exhibited superior health and constitution.

These people ate foods natural to the areas they lived and he found that throughout the world people, when given an environment with abundance (without drought and famine), the natives displayed superior health compared to modern peoples.

Price also noted that from Eskimos to South American jungle the human diet was extremely diverse with different diets depending on the area of the world in which they lived. The natives ate what was available to them.

Natives Peoples Had Superior Bone Growth and Development









Notice the wide arches, perfect teeth and developed nostrils. There was full development of the bone structure. These were people without toothbrushes and toothpaste!

Once Tribes Started Eating Modern Foods Their Teeth and Their Bodies Deteriorated









Notice the teeth loss, cavities, crowding of the teeth, narrow palettes, and reduction of nasal passages. This is not due to heredity, this is deficiency of nutrition! Price used the teeth as a window into further disfunction. It is not just the teeth, the entire body will suffer due to these deficiencies!

Price Noted that the Natives Who Demonstrated Superior Health All Had Very Different Diets. What Was Similar Was They All Ate Local, Natural, Seasonal Foods!

There is NO One-Size-Fits-All Healthy Diet! It Doesn’t Exist!

Natural Food Has Nutrients Sweet Taste is Natural and More Subtle

Natural Food Has Important Nutrients Your Body Needs!
* The Sweet Taste is Natural and More Subtle
* Even Your Taste Buds Will Become More Sensitive
* Foods You Loved Don’t Taste As Good
* Foods You Never Had A Taste For Become Delicious!

Most people don’t realize that cravings are a sign of a nutritional deficiency. Your deep brain stem is responsible for your survival mechanisms. Your brain stem controls your breathing rate, blood pressure, hormones, temperature, appetite, and many other survival functions.  In particular a deep area of your brain known as your hypothalamus controls your appetite.

If you are not taking in the complex nutrition your body genetically requires, your hypothalamus will recognize this and stimulate cravings. This is to keep you alive! Your brain will not crave Vitamin D. It will not crave a mineral you are deficient in. It will crave salt, fat, sugar and/or protein.

Hypothalamus Controls Appetite and Creates Cravings During Nutritional Deficiencies

Hypothalamus Highlighted in Red
Controls Appetite and Cravings

In nature, say 10,000 years ago, if you found something to eat that was sweet like broccoli or a carrot it came with a host of nutrition that likely would have provided the life supporting materials your body needs!

Today for the first time in history we can satisfy that craving with a candy bar. There is no nutrition in a candy bar.

You have only fooled your body for a moment.

Once your brain realizes that nutrition is still lacking the craving WILL come back.

What do you think happens when you ‘cut’ calories to lose weight? Your brain, to protect your life and vitality, will stimulate cravings! You think you are having a moment of weakness but instead your brain is trying to ensure your VERY SURVIVAL!

Candy Bar - Nutritionaly Devoid Causes Cravings

Sweet But Devoid of Nutrients
Causes Cravings to Intensify

You cannot blame yourself when you cannot compete against your natural survival mechanisms. You are trying to overcome the most basic survival forces of your body and brain!

You Don't have to Be a Buddhist Monk to Be Healthy and Lean When You AreEating For Your Genes

You Don’t have to Be a Buddhist Monk to Be Healthy and Lean When You Are Eating For Your Genetic Blueprint!

Your Hypothalamus sends signals to higher areas of your consciousness to make you think about your cravings.  The longer and you hold out the stronger they become.  Eventually, unless you have the mental fortitude of a Buddhist monk, you will capitulate.

This is the main cause of failure of diet plans.

The Most Powerful Epigenetic Influencer is Your DietEpigenetics is the Study Of How Your Genes Are Activated by Your EnvironmentEat for Your Genetic Blueprint!

The Most Powerful Epigenetic Influencer is Your Diet!
Epigenetics is the Study Of How Your Genes Are Activated by Your Environment.
Eat for Your Genetic Blueprint!

You end up defeated over a box of ice cream or whatever your favorite junk food is. You blame yourself. Mary my friend lost weight, why can’t I?

This New Year is going to be the year I overcome my ‘weaknesses’. I know that my last 10 New Year’s resolutions failed but THIS year it’s going to be different.

Then you go on another low calorie diet. You weight and measure every ounce of food. Maybe you use a tracking app on your smart phone.

Why do this over and over?

Why not answer the biggest question in health and success of life, What is your Genetic Based Metabolic Type?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.Albert Einstein

What happens when you eat according you your genetic based Metabolic Type?



No More Counting Calories or Goal Killing Cravings, and Your Taste Buds Will Love You…AND You Will Lose Weight and Gain Health Naturally!


  • Why not work with your body instead of against it?
  • Why do painful low calorie diets that lead to binge eating and Yo-Yo dieting just to gain the weight back?
  • Why not give your body the complex nutrition it requires to function and avoid cravings completely?
  • Why not work with your genes rather then follow someone’s good idea?
  • Why not learn how to eat for your Metabolic Type so you lose weight and feel GOOD for life?

emotional_eating_Junk food_SAD Diet_Standard American Diet

Emotional Eating
Vic/CC BY 2.0

Metabolic Typing is EASY!

Metabolic Typing in 3 SIMPLE Steps

  • Take The Online Questionnaire
  • Purchase Foods From Your Food List
  • Fine Tune By Testing Yourself

#1 Metabolic Typing® Questionnaire

Online Metabolic Typing Test

Online Metabolic Typing Test

The First Step in your Metabolic Typing® Journey is the Metabolic Typing® Online Test.  This online questionnaire can accurately determine your Metabolic Type® by looking into Food Reactions, Physical Characteristics, and Mental Characteristics.

3 Parts of Your Metabolic Typing® Test

  • Food Reactivities
  • Physical Traits
  • Mental Traits

These three areas will give us the ability to know where your metabolism is dominant.

Over many years and comparison between various people as well as genetic based characteristics we can, with a high degree of accuracy, determine your Metabolic Type® using these three areas.

Metabolic Type® Can Not Be Determined By Direct Genetic Testing

Currently there is no genetic test that will tell us your metabolic type®. The genetic codes that combine to create your body’s metabolism are extremely complex and there are far too many genes and far too many variables to take into consideration.  Currently we do not have the know-how to determine Metabolic Type® from genetic testing.

Find Out How Much Plant Based Food Is Right For You

Find Out How Much Plant Based Food Is Right For You

Furthermore, how your genes are expressed is influenced by your past environment so even if we were able to test you genetically you might not be operating at your genetic based metabolism.  When you have imbalances and malfunctions in your system the nutrients you need now may be very different from the nutrients you would genetically do best without these compensations.  Metabolic Typing tests how you are currently.  This can change as we move your body towards balance which is why we retest after 6 months.  It is very common for someone to start Metabolic Typing® to find out that as they balance their body they move towards their genetic based Metabolic Type®.

Metabolic Type® Can Not Be Determined By Blood Type

Additionally, be wary of claims of Metabolic Typing® through blood types.  Again, there is far to much variability within the sum of your metabolism to base your diet off of blood types.  There are limited food reactions that are influenced by blood types but this is only a tiny fraction of the science behind Metabolic Typing®.

How would eating a steak for breakfast make you feel?

How would eating a steak for breakfast make you feel?

For instance, some people feel uplifted and have sustained energy after having nothing but orange juice for breakfast.  Other people might feel a temporary surge of energy followed by a crash.

How Would Nothing But Orange Juice For Breakfast Make You Feel?

How Would Nothing But Orange Juice For Breakfast Make You Feel?

For some people eating nothing but red meat for breakfast help them to feel energized and sustained.  Others might feel tired or sluggish as if they just ate a brick.  Certain metabolic types tend to gain fat in specific areas of the body.  Some people store fat around the hips while others store it around the belly.  Some people tend to be dominant A type personalities while others tend to be more relaxed B type personalities.  Each of these clues give us important insight into how your metabolism is functioning.

The Metabolic Typing Questionnaires are Highly Effective at Determining Metabolic Type


The Metabolic Typing Questionnaire is easy, non-invasive and extremely effective.

The questionnaires have been adjusted over years and years of study with thousands of people since Metabolic Typing was developed.  There is simply no more effective method to know what types of foods will work for you.

Find Out How Much Animal Based Food Is Right For You

Find Out How Much Animal Based Food Is Right For You

After you send in your questionnaire we will get your results fairly quickly.

Results Come In!

Your results will tell us where you fit in on the sliding scale of diet.  Are you a protein type?  A protein type does better eating more proteins and fat based foods.  As such a protein type will eat more meat compared to plant based foods.  Are you a carb type?  A carb type does better with higher carbohydrates and less proteins and fats.  A carb type would eat more plant based foods compared to animal based foods.  Or you could be in the middle.

#2 Purchase Foods From Your Food List

Metabolic Typing Food LIst Example

Metabolic Typing Food LIst Example

This is the first side of the coin with Metabolic Typing.  Once we know your Metabolic Type we can hone in directly on foods your body needs.  Your metabolism is run by certain nutrients and eating the wrong food, even if it’s typically considered as ‘healthy’ can actually throw your system out of balance.  By choosing foods with the right nutrients you bring your body into balance!

This can have a tremendous effect on helping you to feel good instantly.

For example, a protein type needs more calcium in relation to potassium. If a protein type consumes too much potassium without taking in enough calcium it could make him/her unbalanced.

#3 Fine Tuning Your Diet

Once we know your metabolic Type, and we purchase your foods with the right nutrients in them, we then need to make sure your eating your foods in just the right proportion.

Like a Jet Engine Your Body Has Specific Fuel Requirements

Like a Jet Engine Your Body Has Specific Fuel Requirements

Like a jet engine or a diesel engine needs a specific type of fuel to run optimally, your metabolism needs the right ratio of proteins, carbs and fat to turn your food effectively into energy.

When Your Diet is Optimal Your Body Will Sing

With the Right Fuel Mixture Your Body Will Sing to You

Too much of the wrong source of energy can throw off your blood sugar which is extremely important for your energy and health.

By self-testing you will began to understand how your body reacts to foods.  We can test by reducing carbs and eating mainly proteins or reducing proteins and eating mainly carbs. Typically people will notice negative reactions when they are at the extreme ends of either ratio.  Like an old school radio dial we manipulate your ratios until your energy skyrockets and your music comes in crisp and clear.

Dial in Your Diet by Fine Tuning

Dial in Your Diet by Fine Tuning

You are going to gain some very important insight during the Fine Tuning process. Most importantly you’re going to understand how much food really influences you throughout your day.

You will also notice your reactions when you are out of balance, which will help you to know whether or not your eating in the right proportion for your body.  This helps to develop a sense of how your foods affect you so you will get better and better at eating right for your needs.

Metabolic Typing is about YOU! Its not about what I think you should eat, or anyone else.

When you learn to listen to your body you will know everyday if you’re on the right path or not. Your body will tell you!

How Do I Get Started and What is Included With A Metabolic Typing Program?