Personal Training Forward Ball Roll ExerciseDaniel Rold is a holistic health coach, author, educator, personal trainer and health and weight loss expert.


Daniel uses a unique combination of advanced diagnostic techniques to develop targeted, holistic and individualized lifestyle, nutrition and exercise programs.

Diagnostic Assessments:

  • Functional Laboratory Testing (Hormones, Immunity, Digestion, Detox)
  • Metabolic Typing®
  • Orthopedic Physical Assessments
  • Personality and Goal Setting Assessments
  • Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Questionnaires


Because everyone has different genetics, needs and goals you will be treated as a whole, unique and highly valued individual.   One-size-fits-all programs are rejected in favor of fully customized programs.

With a stroll down the nutrition isle at any book store you can find book after book each with different food plant vs. animal food ratios, ideas, super-foods and various scientific studies that purport to have found the answer to the never ending nutrition question.  If everyone just ate such-and-such and followed this newly discovered ideology we would all suddenly have the answers to our nutrition and health quest.

Such one-size-fits all approaches are destined to fail because we are all DIFFERENT!  No reputable scientist or health care practitioner can refute this basic premise.  In fact the entire science of biology is founded on the study of genetics and genetics guarantees every organism on the plant adapts to their environment over time.  If the study of genetics is at all true then we are all unique and therefore all different.

One-size-fits-all is literally the cause of failure of the majority of health and weight loss programs on the market!

Finally someone is putting YOU in the equation and that is what makes this program so DIFFERENT and so SUCCESSFUL!

Your Metabolic Type® + Your Lab Results + Your Body Structure + Your Goals + Your Needs = Your Program and Ultimately Your Success!

Imagine that equation without YOU!  You are the most important part of this equation.  As you can see it is apparent that no matter how good the idea, no matter how good the intentions, without YOU it is very likely that any effort in health is going to fail.  It is no wonder there is such a high failure rate of modern health programs.

While we are all different there are some underlying pillars and fundamental areas of our health.

Introducing the 5 Pillars of Vitality Total Health and Weight Loss Program (5pV)

The 5pV program considers ALL aspects of human health yet maintains the ability to be fully customizable for your unique needs.  Many other programs focus on one aspect of your health such as a particular diet, a type of exercise routine, a cleanse or a supplement.  These one trick ponies promise a simple, easy solution that always falls short.

The 5pV program is unique in the sense that no aspect of your needs are left out.

The 5 Pillars of Vitality:

  1. Educational
  2. Mental/Emotional
  3. Metabolic/Nutritional
  4. Physical/Exercise
  5. Rest/Recovery

Daniel developed the 5pV program over his 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and a constant search for the truth behind why so few people find success with their health and fitness goals.

In many years of training everyone from grandmothers to executives to Olympic level athletes Daniel realized that many of his client’s needs transcended traditional methods and teachings.  Rather then except his limitations to help his clients Daniel spent many hour researching the solutions his clients needs.

This search led him to seek out the best ground breaking mavericks in all aspects of health including nutritional, mental/emotional, lifestyle, and physical arenas.

Daniel has studied the work of geniuses such as Paul Chek, Gary Gray, William Wolcott, and Reed Davis.  Each of these unique educators brought tremendous value and enhanced Daniel’s ability to meet his clients needs.

Over the years of researching and continually searching for better ways and better solutions Daniel started to synthesize the teachings of his mentors as well as develop his own unique contribution to the field of helping YOU feel better and reach the goals that have long seemed out of reach.

The website and the 5 Pillars of Vitality are the culmination of 15 years of the study of the human body!

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“The Experience you Gain from the Path You Travel is Often More Valuable then the Destination.”



Daniel Rold



Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer